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Wanting Chloe Part 2


Chase sat with the boys drinking rum and coke whilst smoking. It’s what they did most weekends. A whole week had passed since Chase and Chloe fucked each other, kissed each other or even spoke to each other.

Chase wasn’t surprised when Chloe became distant and started to ignore him. She probably thought it was just a one night stand but Chase had actually imagined it to be so much more than that.

“ Ashley’s gone blonde just for you how fucking sweet” Chase grinned at his best friend as they watched Ashley walk through the house in her normal sexy attire.

“ don’t be a cunt, she’s gone blonde because she wants to. You know Ashley doesn’t do shit for the guys it’s for her you know. Female empowerment and everything” he shrugs taking another sip of his drink.

Chase just loved to get him riled up, It was all part of the night.

Josh hadn’t said a word about the elephant in the room. Chloe fucking garland was Chase’s kryptonite and even though most people knew about their hook up they didn’t say a word.

Chase was sensitive and you didn’t want to get on the bad side of him.

But luckily for Josh he didn’t need to do jack shit as Chloe just so happened to walk through the doors inside their flat.

The boys had this pretty new flat that they rented, it was the perfect place for the guys to have big parties or just some girls around.

Chloe knew the place, only last week had she been inside the master bedroom upstairs, getting fucked by Chase.

She came here after being forced by her friend who was here to see one of the guys. She hadn’t thought about Chase actually being here. Mainly because Chase had been ditching school to go to his second home in Leeds.

Walking inside the main part of the house she instantly froze when she saw him. He wasn’t looking in her direction since he was laughing along with the boys.

Chloe grabbed her friends arm. “ you said he wasn’t going to be here, tell me who the fuck is that” she snarled in her friends ear, pissed beyond belief.

“ Oops, don’t get bitchy with me I thought he was away too” she replied shrugging her shoulders. She was instantly surrounded by friends leaving Chloe to stress on her own.

She could leave now. He probably hadn’t even seen her yet so she could easily get away with this.

What Chloe didn’t know was that the minute she walked in, Chase found her. His jaw clenched when he realised what she was wearing.

The fuck is she doing wearing good little girl outfits at school and to come to a boys house on a weekend dressed like that.

“ Are you still hitting that or not man, cause I really wanna “ George said as he stared as well. She looked nervous, scared even.

“ ask me again tomorrow,” Chase said as he slammed his drink down. He was about to settle this once and for all.

The guys hollered again as he started walking in her direction. He looked away for one second for her to have disappeared.

He looked right and left in the hallway. The girl that walked in with Chloe walked up to him. He was ready to pie her off but surprised when she pointed upstairs.

He grinned at her in realisation that she was helping him out but that grin soon disappeared when he thought of her being upstairs with some other guy.

Not on Chase’s fucking property.

“ Tell the boys I want nobody upstairs, go outside if you all have to” I said to her already taking the stairs two at a time.

She seemed surprised at my command but gladly started to round up everyone and make some excuse to get them away from me.

Does she really think she can come into my house after ignoring and then go upstairs without me finding her.

Fuck, she’s too pure for her own good.

Chloe walked around the small library that they had in the house. After she said hello to a few people and asked them where she could possibly hideout they told her about the library. Finley, who lived here too was a book freak and when he wasn’t playing hockey and fucking his girlfriend he was reading books.

Her fingers traced the spine of one book when she heard the screams of people outside. She ran to the window and panicked as she saw a group walk out and get into cars.

Why were they leaving she wondered?

Her questions were soon answered as she heard the lock of the library door.

Her chest tightened with anxiety at the prospect of being left alone in here with some random guy.

She was in a house with horny guys, all who look at her with hunger because of her assets. Chase looked at her like that but he also had another look for her. One of passion and care.

The following hours after Chase pleasured her body and punished her body as well, he calmed down the redness and marks by filling up a bath and smoothing her skin back to its original form.

He talked with her about many things and even asked about her child. Walking away from him was extremely difficult.

The day after she couldn’t stop thinking about him. She went shopping for a brand new necklace to replace the one she snapped off his neck during their wild night together.

Only to find out from a friend of his that he was seeing this other woman who was more experienced than I ever will be.

It hurt her. So she did what she thought would heal her, she sought comfort in another man.

Chase didn’t want to believe the rumours. He had heard from his friends that she had seen another guy after their night.

“ so not only did you start avoiding me but you also let another guy touch you, touch what’s mine” Chase managed to calmly say as he approached Chloe.

Chloe actually released a sigh when she realised that it was Chase and not some weird horny guy.

"I didn’t, I mean we only made out” Chloe breathed out. She started to panic. Chase was actually calm and that scared her. It would make more sense for him to be angry.

“ so you think that’s fine. Do you think I would willingly let some other guy kiss these lips hmm” he said as he stood behind Chloe. He wrapped his fingers around her neck and angled her face up to his.

“ I want to fucking punish your mouth baby, why would you do this to me,” Chase said, a certain pain to his voice.

“ I’m sorry, but they told me you moved on too I just thought” Chloe stammered out.

Chase widened his eyes, hid grip on her neck loosening.

Knowing that it was out of jealousy made it more worth it. Maybe he could let this slide just once.

Chase quickly leaned down and parted her lips with his tongue. “ I haven’t tasted another woman since you baby, don’t believe what anyone else says about me. Everything should come from my own lips okay” Chase told her.

Chloe moaned as he kissed her hungrily.

“ Now get on your fucking knees. I’m going to may sure you know that you are mine” he growled pushing her down onto her knees.

He didn’t even wait for her as he pulled his pants down and released his throbbing cock.

“ tell me what you are Chloe baby” he whispered sliding his thumb down the pad of her tongue.

“ I’m yours, I’m Yours Chase“

Final chapter up next and it will be a steamy one.

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