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The Secret Alpha Part 2

Hello there...just coming out of hiding.

The world has gone insane since the last time i posted on here and honestly i had so much work to do in regards to studying and writing on wattpad. I can’t say how sorry i am for leaving it this long until i came back.

I’m here to bring you part 2 to the Alpha one shot. I really hope it was worth the wait.

So enjoy!

(Also, probably a good idea to refresh your mind on Part 1 before reading this one)

The Secret Alpha Part 2

The feeling of his lips against mine had my eyes rolling.

I was sure that I was in pure ecstasy. The alpha claiming my lips like I was his first glass of water. He drank as much as he could take without even coming up for a single breath.

But what felt like ecstasy was actually my body giving in, the scent of the alpha forced my heart to race, my pussy to drip with desire.

“My love” was the last words to leave that sexy lips as I felt my body fall limp into his strong arms.

The roughness of his hands soon transformed into soft, warming hands against my body.

Alexandre point of view

My beta’s voice was background noise as he gave me every detail about that beautiful woman inside that room. Her beating heart was the only thing I could hear, in rhythm with my throbbing head begging to feel her surrounding me.

“ Her being human is a problem Alex you do know that right” Luke said as he turned to me. My fingers twitched as his words.

I finally removed my eyes from Leila and turned to my beta. The only man I trusted after my father.

“ the only problem we are going to have is if her legs aren’t wrapped around my head” I said as I shoved him away and stalked to the only other man who cared for Leila as much as I already did.

I hadn’t expected her to faint on me, in the middle of our make out session but knowing the effect that I had on her was a boost for my ego and my desire for her.

If she faints at a simple kiss, I wonder what will happen when I’m pressing against her clit as I have fingers deep inside of her.

“ Alpha, it’s a pleasure you sure have grown up” Michael said as he reached out, offering his hand to me.

Michael was the closest man to my father and I vaguely remember meeting him when I was younger.

“ it’s good to see you again, wished it was on better circumstances” I said as I shook his hand.

He smirked as his eyes drifted into the room where she lay peacefully. I didn’t want to wake her, knowing what she was in for as soon as woke up. I wasn’t wasting time before I mark her beautiful neck.

“ agreed, I trust you to not hurt my angel”

I shook my head. “ I could never intentionally hurt her” nothing that she didn’t secretly want anyway.

“ I’m aware she’s human but her scent is “ I barely got to finish as he patted my shoulder.

“ None of my daughters are just human. I purposely lied to them after my wife’s wishes but I want Leila to find out exactly what she is on her own” my chest felt hot at his words.

She wasn’t human?

“ we can talk more tomorrow when I come to your fathers for drinks. I think you should be with her when she finally wakes up” Michael left me instantly.

My wolf was calling out to me. To go to her.

I informed everyone to leave. This part of the house was only for me. I only made the exception today for them to see Leila.

When I could no longer smell any wolves I walked into the room.

I reached the side of the bed. My fingers instantly reached out to brush over those rosy lips.

She was beautiful.

And she was mine.

Leila Point of view

The intoxicating scent travelled back to me, forcing my eyes to open. The second I opened them I could see the charming smile of Alexandre as he looked at me.

Instantly my lips wrapped around his fingertips as they traced my lips.

A deep groan of satisfaction escaped his lips. “ love” he moaned to which I grinned.

Before I could even react, Alex switched places with me. My back met with his chest as he tilted my head back. His lips found my delicate skin on my neck.

“ you were meant for me, kinky little girl” he whispered as his lips slid over my neck, his tongue coming out to lick at my skin.

I moaned as he made out with my neck. Just where I needed him.

My fingers reached behind and gripped his head roughly. “ mark me Alexandre” I moaned as I let his name roll of my tongue.

The feeling of his hips lifting in a thrust made me know how much that affected him.

His hand came down and ripped the blanket away from my legs. “ nothing I want more than to sink into your skin love but we need to know what you are before I even think about that” he said.

His words were like ice cold water being poured over me.

I jumped up and raced to the door, only for his arm to grab me and pin me against the wall. His body covered mine.

He’s not going to want me when he realises I am just human. A human luna, how pathetic.

“ the only thing pathetic is the number of times you’ll faint at the hands of your mate love” he said, although I didn’t hear him actually say it.

What the fuck.

“ would a human be able to mind link with me” he whispered again.

I froze for the next few seconds wondering how this was even possible. My father told me about powers I may have but I researched about mind link and it was impossible. I am sure of it.

“does that mean we can’t” I whispered back. I felt completely lost knowing that I wouldn’t be able to have him not like he promised me earlier in that room.

Alex let out a low chuckle. “ just because I can’t mark you doesn’t mean you wont be falling limp in my arms again love” he said spinning me around.

The second I glanced up to his eyes he let out a growl as he claimed my lips again.

His tongue pushed inside my mouth as his hands gripped my hips and forced my legs around his waist.

I felt his hard member brush over my panties. My dress was hiked up giving Alex access to me.

“ feel that love, soon it will be deep inside of your dripping pussy and I won’t stop until you’re screaming “ he said as he purposely grinded into me.

“ Alex, fuck” I moaned as my panties became even wetter than they were before.

Instantly I found myself laying with my back on the bed. In one swift move Alex pulled me to the edge of the bed and moved my panties to the side.

His hungry eyes feasted on my pussy. “ you’re soaking love” he mumbled against my inner thighs.

I groaned and pushed his head between my legs. At first he traced my pussy with his lips and then finally, like he couldn’t withstand the torture anymore. He sucked.

He slowly licked down my lips before finding my clit and circling it.

My fingers gripped onto his hair, forcing him deeper but Alex slapped my thigh. “ you think it’s that easy. No love, you’re mistaken if you think I am going to let you cum so easily” he tainted me as he kissed up my thighs.

“ please Alex, please Alpha” I said, hoping that by saying Alpha the hungry animal in him would finally give me exactly what I wanted.

But as his eyes locked with mine, I could never have been so wrong.

“ Good girls get rewards not punishments love. You better sort that attitude and maybe I’ll let you cum all over my lips” he whispered as he pressed his finger to my aching clit.

All I could to was seal my lips and nod.

Men were easily manipulated but Alpha Alexandre wasn’t just any man. That was starting to make more sense to me now than ever.

“ good girl” he whispered as he finally brought his mouth down to my soaking pussy.

Part 3 Coming Sunday !!!

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