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The Secret Alpha Part 3

The Secret Alpha Part 3

The next week had been exhausting, and lonely. The morning after I woke up after Alex devoured my pussy I woke up to find out that he had to leave for the next few days.

He left me with my family and wanted me to speak with my father and clear up some facts.

“ so I’m not human, than why haven’t I shifted yet or heard my wolf” I said to my father as I sat in his office. He was finalising some documents for the previous alpha as they prepared for the permanent change in the role of the alpha.

I am sure that’s what Alexandre was sorting out as we speak. I did wish that he came back soon. I enjoy training in combat with the other wolves but I want to do it with Alex. If it turns into sex then that’s a bonus.

“ I don’t have the answer to that. You will have to wait and hopefully your wolf will come out finally” he said as he closed his laptop.

I grumbled as I laid back. I hope that Alex didn’t plan on staying away from my body until I shifted.

“ well I hope its soon. I have to go I have training with Ashton “ I said standing up as I checked the time of my phone.

“ can’t you train with one of the females” dad asked as I reached for the door.

I turned my head. “ why, Ashton is one of the best fighters” I said confused.

I watched dad bring his fingers to pinch between his eyes.

“it’s just that if the Alpha smells another wolf on you I can’t get in between if you if something happens” he says. I start to realise what he meant by that.

I honestly don’t expect him to get in between me and my mate. He wouldn’t hurt me.

“I’ll be fine dad. Maybe someone should tell him so that he comes back sooner” I said as I wrapped my fingers around the handle.

All I could hear was the rumble of his laughter as I left the room.

As I made it to the training field and saw that again there was no sign of Alex I quickly texted my best friend Allie to help me out.

If he wouldn’t come back now, I had to force him to come back.

“ you’re acting weird today Luna” Ashton said as he rolled onto his back after I tackled him in what many people could call a compromising position. I stood up from my knees and pulled my cycling shorts down.

I shrugged my shoulders, feigning like I didn’t know what he was insinuating.

From the corner of my eye I could see Allie holding her phone up to me with her mate behind her. A disapproving look on his face as he watched her.

“ you’re going to get me killed” Ashton suddenly said coming to my side.

I looked up at him with a smile. “ it’s just a little fun, I promise as your Luna I won’t let him touch you” I said sweetly. I guess I could use my power to help a wolf out.

“ if that’s the case, how about we kick it up a notch” he said as he came round behind me and wrapped his arms around me.

Normally I would be affected by this but nothing has ever made me feel slightly turned on. Not since Alex that is.

Allie widened her eyes as she watched us both. Ashton brought his hands down to my inner thighs.” Tense here before you strike” he instructed me. Which technically was good advice but he didn’t need to actually touch me.

As soon as training was over me and Allie went back to have a late night dinner before we went to sleep. Another lonely sleep waiting for me tonight.

“ What makes you think Alex wont visit Ashton before finding you. you really asked for it” she giggled as she sipped from the glass of red wine.

I twirled my pasta around my plate. “ what kind of man just leaves for days after everything we found out. He made me do this” I said as I popped a mouthful into my mouth.

“ well whatever happens, I hope the sex is good” she mumbled with a small smile.

I hoped for that too.

After saying goodbye to Allie and getting to Alex’s house I started to get ready for bed. Maybe being in his room would help cover up the smell of other males. Maybe then he wouldn’t be as angry.

I finally laid down in bed. Smelling his scent all over the pillows. I finally closed my eyes letting sleep take over my body.

Through the night I kept waking up randomly but every time it was for random sounds coming from outside. At one point I had thought I heard Alexandre’s voice but it was just someone leaving the pack house.

But the next time I woke up I flinched as I felt my wrists hurt. I glanced up and saw my hands tied to the back of the bed.

I let out a whimper as I tried to move my legs only se them tied to the corners of the bed.

My eyes finally adjusted to small light in the corner of the king size room. But what made me widen my eyes was the Alpha sitting casually in the chair. His hand rotating as the other traced the edge of the wine glass.

“ I thought I could leave for a few days to handle my responsibilities my love” Alex said as he rose out from the chair. His finger trailing up my legs and around my breasts showing through the silk vest I was wearing.

“ make sure I protect my pack, protect my mate” he whispered slowly.

“ did you” I mumble, already knowing I was in big trouble.

He nodded. “ I did, I thought about buying you flowers to bring home tomorrow only to find you with another mans hands around you” I gasped as he wrapped his fingers around my neck. Forcing me to tilt my head back.

I watched as he slowly tipped the wine glass to my lips. Pouring the red wine down my throat.

I struggled but managed to drink every drop.

“ I just wanted you back, I missed you” I said as I tried to inhale as much of his scent that I possibly could.

“ I know love but next time you want me home don’t let another man touch what’s mine” he growled as he picked up my jaw staring into my eyes.

All I could do was nod. “ Please Alexandre “ I whimpered again when he continued to simply stare at me.

He replied by smirking down at me. Finally putting that wine glass down on the table next to us.

“ I don’t think you want what I plan to do to you tonight love” he whispered into my ear. His fingers on my lips.

I stuck my tongue out to touch his finger tips and instantly he leaned down and claimed my lips. His tongue playing with mine.

I whimpered every time I tugged at the ties on my wrists. I thought that maybe I would be able to break free from them but it seems like he was using something stronger.

“seeing you struggled is bringing a smile to my face love. How bad do you want to touch me” he grinned as he leant back watching me struggle.

I fell back, exhausted from trying.

“ words love”

He wanted words. I’ll give him words.

As he turned to walk away and leave me high and dry I let the one name I knew he would hate, leave my lips.

“ Kalen” I whispered.

Instantly Alex ripped off the ties and forced my back against the wall. My legs instantly wrapping around his waist.

“what the fuck did you just say” he roared, his eyes dark with anger.

“ Kalen would want to please me Alpha, who says I need you to because I hate begging” I said confidently even though I felt anything but confident.

Alex growled as he let me go. Forced me down to the floor. I watched as he closed his eyes and walked away.

As I watched him disappear I realised what I just did.

I shouldn’t have done that. I took one step to follow him only to freeze when I heard a voice.

“ you fucking idiot” I heard a voice in my head.

My hand covered my mouth. “ take a fucking walk before you go see our mate. You hurt our mate” the voice spoke again. I realised it was my wolf speaking to me.

Realising that she would know better I did what she said. I took a walk around the house.

Surprisingly I could feel Alex’s pain. I couldn’t believe what I had done.

When I was able to clear my head I slowly made my way back into the house. I was ready to get on my hands and knees and beg for forgiveness all night if I had to.

As I stepped into the room again I found Alex standing by the bed his fingers tracing the ties that were ripped away.

“ I didn’t mean it Alex, I didn’t mean any of it and I’m sorry” I got down to my knees. I felt tears in my eyes as he refused to acknowledge me.

“ I only want you. you’re mine and I’m yours I don’t want anyone but you” I said staring up at him. I even begged my wolf to reason with his wolf.

As the seconds rolled by I bowed my head. My head in my hands letting the tears roll down and wet the floor.

It seemed like hours until I felt his presence. His fingers lifting my jaw.

“ I’m sorry” I whimpered as I saw the pain in his eyes.

He nodded but didn’t say anything else.

His hand came down to grab my arm and lift me up but I decided I wanted him to know how sorry I was.

I grabbed into his jeans and pulled them down.

“ Leila” he warned me. My name leaving his lips. His sexy lips.

I said nothing else as I pulled his cock from his boxers and placed it between my lips.

He let out a deep groan as he fisted my hair in his hand. He was warm in my mouth, some pre cum leaking out and landing on my tongue.

I started to suck down his length. I wanted to feel his cock deep inside my throat.

It seemed like the control was finally slipping away from Alex as he finally pushed his cock down my throat.

“ that’s it love fucking take my cokc” he moaned as he thrusted his hips. His grunts getting louder everytime his tip hit the back of my throat.

I couldn’t get enough of it. I wanted all of it and I desperately wanted his cum all the way down throat.

When I could taste the saltiness of his cum I sucked harder and swallowed it all.

Alex let out a deep groan as he pulled out. He lifted me up into his arms. His lips finding mine.

his kisses were hard and possessive. The second my back hit the bed Alex spread my legs wide as he stroked his cock.

As I stared at his cock I noticed someone on the table on the other end of the room.

“are those flowers” I asked him.

He turned his head before facing me again and grinning. “ of course. I’m sorry for leaving you for so long love. I just wanted things to be perfect for you” he said as he stroked my cheek. That was the most endearing thing he has ever said to me.

“ I love you so much Alexandre” I moaned as I pulled his neck down.

As his lips found mine again I gasped as at the same time he slipped his cock inside of me. I screamed as he stretched me wide with his size.

“ take it love. Take my cock deep inside of you” he whispered as he started to move his hips. His cock reaching deep inside of me.

I sighed with relief as I felt him slip out only for him to flip me around and push his cock inside me from behind.

His hand came down and slapped my ass roughly.

“ tight fucking ass all mine” he roared as he fucked me harder and faster.

He pulled me against him as he practically bounced me onto his lap. I screamed as I felt my first orgasm reach only for him to continue fucking me at the same pace without a care for the orgasm I just endured.

“ little girl, I told you id fuck you hard take it like a good girl” he mumbled into my ear as he leant over me and pounded into me, hard.

“ fuck Alex, take me I want it so fucking bad” I screamed as he slowed down.

He only slowed down so that he could spit on my ass and bring his thumb to circle my ass. “ fuck” I gasped as pushing his thumb inside my tight hole.

“ you’re going to have my pups, my love” he said loudly as he fucked me hard and rough again.

“ take every single drop of my cum” he said as he finally spilled inside of me. Bringing me immense pleasure.

His loud growls were enough to bring me to cum again. His hands smoothed down my ass, as he rode out the last of his orgasm.

“ fuck Alex, that was amazing” I sighed in relief as he finally pulled out. His cock smacking against my ass.

“ don’t ever fucking mention that name again Love. Next time I wont be so fucking nice” he growled into my ear as he turned me around and placed his lips over mine.

Fuck… I stare at him in shock. That was him being nice???

Hoped you enjoyed it.

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