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My Dad's Best Friend

My Dad’s Best Friend

Both characters in this story are over the age of 18. There will be depictions of non-consensual sex but it moves to consensual.

This is purely fiction, I don’t agree with non-consensual sex (rape) in any forms but you will see through the one-shot that it isn’t that at all. Just some reluctance at first.

Please don’t read if this will trigger you.

“ Just bring them both Hailey, what’s the big deal?” I moan to my older sister from the end of my bed as I pull clothes into my suitcase.

She simply glared at me. “ because” she exclaimed as she slammed her hand down onto the bed “ we are going to a beach house with many young guys and I want to bring my best one” she told me.

I groaned as I exited the room.

Our parents had informed us that we would be spending a week at dad’s friend’s house which sat on the beach. I wasn’t overjoyed with the idea of having to go when I had exams coming up at college but dad said that I could talk to his friends in the media business about possible work placements for the summer. So I decided to go.

When Hailey had managed to get everything she needed into the car we started our trip to the beach house.

Me and Hailey ended up stalking one of the sons of dads best friend on Instagram.

She was talking about how hot the boy was but weirdly I found myself looked over at the older man standing next to him.

I recognise him from a picture I have seen in dad’s office.

“ How did you meet again dad,” Hailey asked as dad was talking about his past with mum.

He lowered the music playing in the car. “ we met through work, he owns the resort we are going to and I provided him with sponsors to get it to where it is now. That was over 15 years ago” he told us.

I found that impressive. Maybe I could ask him a few things about the business. Maybe this trip wouldn’t be a waste of time after all.

It took us about 3 hours until we arrived. My eyes were glued to the window as we pulled into the resort.

There was a beautiful grey and white stoned house that sat on the beach, with small boats lined up down the beach. I could see that they had a few people over which made me a little nervous knowing that I would need to actually socialise with people.

We all jumped out of the car. I saw the boy that my sister was stalking run-up to the car. He came up to us with a wide grin.

“ Great to see you again guys. Come on dad’s just doing the food inside” he said to our parents.

“ I’m Ian by the way nice to meet you, girls,” he said staring at us, well mainly Hailey who seemed to enjoy openly staring at him.

He looked even better than he did in the pictures. His light brown hair covering his eyes with his toned muscles covered in a T-shirt and shorts.

“ Damien, and food. Well that can’t be good”

My mum joked as she pulled her bag from the car. I moved to the back of the car after saying hello to Ian and searched for mine and my sister’s bags.

“ I heard that Zoe, remind me again why I invited you guys,” a deep voice said. I gathered that this must be my dad’s best friend. I don’t know why but I was desperate to round the car and see but I decided to concentrate on this task first.

I heard their laughter which made me feel better. I struggled to get the last bag out when I saw a hand reach over mind and easily grab it.

“ let me get that one princess” I heard that deep voice again.

I stumbled back as he hauled the back out. No coincidence that it was one of Hailey’s bags.

“ Thomas, what are you doing making your daughter lift all these heavy bags” he called over his shoulder. I was too entranced to even look anywhere but him at this moment.

I finally decided to speak up and not look like a scared girl for once.

“ thank you so much, I’m Emelie the youngest daughter” I introduced myself.

He glanced down, from his tall height and grinned. “ pleasure to finally meet you, Emelie. You probably know this already but I’m Damien. Your father’s right-hand man” he said as he wrapped his arm around my shoulder.

I awkwardly hugged him back.

My father appeared suddenly and widened his eyes as he saw me holding the bags. “ let me take them, sweetie. Oh, Damien this one’s thinking of getting into filming at college, don’t be alarmed if she starts firing questions at you” my dad said embarrassing me straight off the bat.

Damien glanced at me with surprise. “ acting or?” I sighed.

“ no, I could never, I was thinking of backstage. Dad just bought me a new camera” I said nervously.

Every time I say I want to be in film everyone assumed that I want to be an actress but I could never.

“ never say never but I’ll be happy to answer every burning question you have. Come and find me later on after I feed this big guy” he chuckled as he turned to my father who was watching with amusement.

“ okay” I mumble. Already knowing in my mind that I wasn’t going to actually do that.

Thankfully we all started to make our way inside. Ian showed us to the room that me and Hailey would be sharing.

“ wow, it’s huge,” I said as I looked around the room.

I heard Hailey giggle as she leant closer to Ian who wrapped his arm leisurely around her.

“ oh, Ian Emelie is an amazing surfer we should all head to the beach so she can show you a thing or two” Hailey jumped up suddenly. I turned around and glared at her.

“Hailey” I shouted when Ian’s eyes widened.

“ oh sick, let’s go now before it gets late you don’t wanna miss it” I gaped at Hailey as Ian practically dragged us outside and over to the beachfront.

I struggled as Hailey and Ian patiently waited for me to get out of my clothes and down to my bikini.

“Hey shorty, don’t overthink it we can just go out on the board and then you can come surfing with me tomorrow morning when it’s not busy,” Ian said as he stepped closer to me.

I stared at him and nodded. That sounded like the better of the options.

Hailey was overjoyed when I started removing my jeans shorts and t-shirt leaving me in a simple red swimsuit.

The moment my feet found the board as we rode out the first wave I felt my confidence come back again. I bent my knees slightly as me and Ian rode the wave. He grinned over at me and it forced a grin on my face as well.

We met out in the water. “ so who taught you how to surf, your pretty good” he said as he playfully pushed at my board.

I moved my hand through the water as I laid down on the board.

“ my auntie was a professional, she taught me once in Australia one summer,” I tell him. I still remember the first time I ever stood on the board. It’s one of the only things that made me feel confident.

“ what about you,” I asked him.

He grinned. “ surprisingly my dad. When my parents got divorced it was something we did to bond on. It worked as you can tell”

I lowered my eyes. “ sorry about that”

He shook his head. “ no worries shorty, they’re much better separated “ he said.

I nodded my head. “ well he taught you well too” I said wanted to divert the conversation. Ian seemed relieved at that. He turned his head slightly, I assumed he wanted to get back but I never got to ask him because the next second he was shouting my name as a wave hit us and knocked me out.

I could vaguely hear him screaming for me.

His screams drowned out in my head before I found myself jerking up and coughing out water with my worried sister hovering over me.

“ oh god Emelie you’re okay” she grabbed my shoulders and pull me into her arms.

Ian stood behind, he sighed with relief as he watched me. “ you okay “ he mouthed to which I just nodded.

I had wondered how I got here until I turned my head and saw Damien sitting on his knees next to me. His clothes drenched with water, them sticking to his body. A body that didn’t make his look old, no they made him look young and hot.

Oh god, these thoughts? Where are they coming from?

My horror only intensified when I saw him wipe at his lips. Surely not, maybe he just had water on his face and… who am I kidding.

“ you saved me?” I asked the question that I was honestly scared to know the answer too.

He nodded. “ you scared us all Emelie. I guess I didn’t teach my son everything about surfing” he narrowed his eyes over at Ian who looked down, looking guilty.

“ uh, it’s okay it was my fault too. Thank you Damien “ I said as I stood up from the ground. Hailey rushed over to my parents who were making their way over. Ian was fetching our boards leaving me and Damien alone.

I turned to head over to my parents when I felt my arm being tugged and I was pulled back against a chest.

“ I don’t want you surfing without me princess, you scared me” he whispered. His lips brushing over my ear.

My eyes widened as he finally let me go. Just in time to meet with my teary eyes mother as she mumbled through her sobs.

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

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