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My Dad's Best friend Part 2

Part 2

The following day me and Hailey spent with Ian and his friends at the beach. Ian was generous enough to let us join them on the jets and boats that belonged to his family.

“ We heard you took a nasty wave yesterday,” Jaden one of Ian’s closest friends said as he walked next to me back to the house. He had been welcomed from the very start and I felt comfortable with him.

“ Yeah, I just didn’t see it coming I was lucky that Damien was about to help me,” I said as I brushed my fingers against the towel in my hands.

Jaden nudged me” You’re damn lucky to be alive,” he said staring at me. It seems as if I was the one that wasn’t taking it seriously but I was sure that I was fine.

This morning I ran out of the house after Hailey and Ian so that I didn’t have to stop and talk to the others and especially Damien. Since my mum was telling me he was looking for me. I wasn’t able to sleep as well after what he had said to me yesterday.

I noticed that he would only call me princess but I just put that down to being the youngest between me and Hailey.
“ I guess I am” I muttered.

We all went our separate ways when we arrived at the house. Damien had informed us that he was having a small gathering this evening and that we should all dress up for the occasion. I believe Ian said something about it being 3 years since Damien got his act together, leading to a lot of his success.

I sat in front of the mirror and applied lip gloss to my lips as I heard the groans of Hailey as she tried to fit into her tight dress. I think she was hopeful that she would get the attention of Ian tonight. I thought that they would be very cute together.

“ which dress have you picked, “ she said as she finally walked over to the bed where I had two choices for tonight. One was a mini summer dress and the other was a little more fitting.
I turned around to face her. “ I think the pink one” she smiled as she picked it up.

“ I agree, I think this one is perfect for your school girl look,” she said as she bounced her way over to me.

I did enjoy wearing dresses, I liked it because I felt very girly in them and sometimes I even felt sexy.

Hailey walked into our parent’s room in search of a necklace and left me to get changed.

As soon as I slipped into the dress I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail and paired it with some earrings. By the time Hailey returned I was ready to go.

Jaden met me by the stairs as we went to join everyone. I was slightly anxious about seeing Damien tonight but I decided I would find him later to thank him properly and chat with him about film since it’s something that we have in common.

As I felt Jaden’s arm around my waist we stepped into a large room where everyone was.

Jaden knew that I wasn’t too confident in this setting so he said that he would be around if I needed an escape or just someone to talk to.

But as we stepped inside there were a lot of eyes on us. I was glad that most of them were on Hailey but as I looked around the room I felt my chest tighten as I met Damien’s eyes. He stood with my father who was whispering something into his ear.

“ come on, let’s see what food they have” Jaden wrapped his arm with mine and led me over to the large table filled with all the food you could possibly think of.

“ This is a lot of food” I mumbled as Jaden handed me a plate which I took.

He nodded as he picked at the chicken wings and added them to his plate. I picked at a slice of pizza and a few other things that I fancied.

We finally sat down with the others and started to eat.
“ what’s going on over there” Hailey spoke out as she looked to the other side of the room.

I followed her eyes and saw that she was looking over in the direction of our parents and Damien.

We heard Ian curse. “ what’s going on with him” he muttered as he stood up and ran over to Damien. We saw him take two shots as he had a beer in his hand.

“ Damien’s been good with drinking, I don’t know whats got him going back to his old ways,” Jaden said as he shook his head.

Me and Hailey looked uneasy as we watched on.

Suddenly we were joined by Bella, who was the younger sister of Damien. She was bringing around plates of desserts.

“ Might be something to do with that girl that nearly drowned yesterday,” she said catching onto the end of Jaden’s words. Both Hailey and Jaden glanced at me and Bella noticed it.

“ you’re Emelie?” she questioned as she stared at me.

I could only nod. “ yeah I am”

I could see her eyes moving over to her brother again and this time they widened as Damien seemed to snap and my father.
“ maybe I should” I started to say as I looked at Hailey.

Hailey nodded her head. “ I think you should. This is his property and you nearly died I think it would be a good idea” she tells me.

Jaden gave me a reassuring nod as well, so I guess I had no choice.

Something in my heart didn’t like the idea of Damien feeling guilty. I stood up and started to make my way over to Damien’s table.

As one of the waiters brought around two more shots for hi, I slipped past my dad and placed my hand comfortably on Ian who seemed beyond stressed.

I grabbed both of the shots and quickly swallowed them both before Damien could reach for them.

My father let out a chuckle as he saw the surprised look on Damien and Ian’s faces.

I reached out and took the beer bottle from Damien’s hand. My fingers brushing over them.

“ Damien, can we talk?” I said as I offered him a smile.
Ian let out a sigh of relief as the drinks were finally out of his fathers reach. He was drinking straight tequila. Being at college it wasn’t something that was new to me and I wasn’t a lightweight either.

When he continued to stare at me I stepped closer. “ please, I wanted to ask you about film” I said going back to what he said yesterday about finding him.

“ just go with Emelia Damien,” my mum said pushing him to the side.

I moved in front of him and walked towards the exit. I was hoping to find a quiet bench to talk with him. When the door closed to the small room that we were in, I felt slightly nervous.

Damien was a warm-hearted man but he made me intimidated.

I turned to the table as Damien sat on one of the chairs. I poured us both a glass of water from the small table and handed him one.

I finally was able to see Damien for the first time tonight. He wore a crisp white t-shirt that had a few buttons open and simple black trousers with sneakers.

He looked smart and casual. And he looked handsome.
Not cute like most of the boys my age, but handsome.
I stood in front of him and placed it in his hands. I hadn’t realised how close I was but I felt Damien’s hand brush my thigh, exposed from my dress.

“ as you can see I’m completely fine Damien. What happened yesterday was my own fault and you shouldn’t feel guilty” I said as I took a sip from my water. I could still taste the tequila on my tongue.

“ you don’t understand princess you could have died if I hadn’t come,” he said reluctantly drinking from his water.
Hearing his voice after the long silence surprised me. I stepped back and sat at the edge of the marble table.

I watched as Damien’s eyes dropped down. I suddenly felt very self-conscious about how I looked.

“ But you did and I’m here. And I’m so thankful Damien” I said. He sighed as he brought the glass to his lips again. I couldn’t help but follow his lips as and watch as the water travelled down his throat.

When did I become attracted to the simple action of drinking water?

“ I don’t need a thank you, I’m just glad you’re okay,” he said as he stood up and walked towards me. He placed the water down behind me.

As he leant back I felt a quiet gasp escape as I felt Damien’s leg move in between mine.

His finger reached up and touched my bottom lip.
I sealed my lips when I felt a hot red sensation move up my neck. “ Damien, what are you doing,” I said quietly.

He looked up at my eyes before pushing my thighs further apart as he leant a hand next to me on the table.

“trying to remember how they felt, that’s all princess,” he said as he pulled my lip out.

He smoothed his thumb across my lips. “ this is wrong, stop” I whispered as I felt his strong body covering mine.

This was so wrong but why didn’t I run away, push him away.
Nobody ever touched me this way, they were never gentle with me is that why I liked it.

“ Princess, you are so beautiful. So elegant and bright” he whispered as he continued to play with my lips.

“ I don’t think” my words were cut off as I felt his hand come around to hold my neck gently.

" don’t think Princess. Kiss me say thank you for saving your life” he whispered as his cheek brushed with mine.

My lips parted as I felt his thumb brush at my neck.

My fingers instantly gripped at his shirt. He brought my hair behind my back his lips by my ear.

" You’re thankful right,” he asked me as he leant back.

I nodded. “Good girl. So then what are you going to do about it” he urges me.

I found my eyes moving to his lips.

They curved up into a smile. “That’s it, princess. A kiss isn’t bad. Your mother kisses my cheek all the time” he mumbles as he presses a kiss to my cheek.

I bit my lip as I thought about it. A kiss wouldn’t be bad.

I gasped as he pulled me against his body. My breasts pressed against his chest as he gripped my neck.

“Wouldn’t you like know how I saved your life princess, why don’t I show you?” he said as he leant back and moved closer to my lips.

I nibbled on them and finally nodded.

“Well princess, it went something like this” I whimpered as Damien lifted my legs up and forced me to lay down on the table. He moved over to my head. “I laid you down on the sand and gripped your chin like this” he pinched my chin and tilted my head back.

“Saw that you weren’t breathing...and” I opened my eyes and watched him pause. Seeing the pain in his eyes as he remembered the moment.

I felt butterflies in my stomach.

I bravely reached up and pulled his head down. My own fingers brushing over his lips.

“And what, how did you do it Damien” I whispered as my eyes locked onto his lips.

With a deep moan Damien brought his lips down. ” like this” he whispered as he slanted his lips on mine.

The warmth of his lips forced a moan to leave my mouth.

His lips moved over mine as he pinned my hips to the table.

His overpowering scent was intoxicating.

" Damien” I moaned as I felt his tongue slipping into my mouth.

He groaned as he pressed further into me.

" you have to get back, “I said already thinking about how much time we were gone for.

Fuck if someone walked in now.

He reluctantly leant up and pulled me down so that my feet touched the floor.

I scrambled to get away only for Damien to pin my body to the table.

" come find me tonight princess” I’ll let you see how I edit a movie and show you the secrets just like you wanted ” he whispered before pushing me around the table and towards the doors.

I hastily ran out of the room and pulled down my dress.

Fuck, what did I just do?

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