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My Dad's Best Friend Part 3

Part 3

I nibbled on my lip nervously as I watched my sister drunkenly laugh with the others. I had excused myself from them saying that I was feeling tired from all the festivities. Which technically was true.

Throughout the night Damien had stopped drinking and mixed with his guests. His thundering laugh as he told stories about him and my dad’s past. I couldn’t stop staring at him as he was the life of the party.

I grabbed my little notebook and quietly walked towards the extension of the beach house. Jaden had shown me where the studio was and let me inside before running back to the beach.

I slowly pushed open the door and stepped inside. It was completely dark, not leaving much room for me to move around but I found the light switch and flicked them on.

The studio was big and spacious with many pictures of movies framed up on the walls.

I kicked off my shoes and ran over to the little snack bar and picked at the sweets.

“ naughty girl” I heard Damien from behind me. I spun around and hid the sweets behind my back. “ I was just um” I nervously spoke as I got caught by Damien’s curious eyes.

Damien stepped inside, I noticed he had two wine glasses between his fingers as he held a bottle of wine.

“ I’m not stingy Princess have all the sweets you want,” he says as he shuts the door behind him.

I watched him pour the wine into the glasses. I shifted on my feet when he handed me one. As he placed the glass in my hand he bent down and took the sweet from my fingers by grasping it between his lips.

It was oddly sensual the way he started to suck on the sweet. “ cherry, my favourite” he whispered as he stood back up.

I struggled to find the right words to say.

“ C’mon over here take a seat “ Damien rolled out office chair behind many monitors for me.

I smiled as I moved forward. I didn’t miss the way Damien purposefully moved forward so that his arm brushed my waist.

“ Why do you have so many screens,” I asked him as I sat down. Damien smirked as he removed his jacket and placed it down on the side. He then moved onto rolling up his sleeves exposing black ink that I wasn’t aware of before.

“ editing big files can be straining on the eyes princess. I’m not as young as you. I need to be able to work efficiently with a larger screen to spend hours staring at” he said as he typed something quickly.

I watched the screens come to life and could see that he was working on something. I was surprised that Damien was actually letting me see this. I had thought that he said that earlier as an excuse to spend more time with me.

“ I thought you were a director, I had no idea you edited some of them by yourself,” I said as I leant forward. Admiring his work.

Damien goes behind me. His head resting on the top of mine as he had both of his arms on either side of me.

“ you could say that I’m a perfectionist. I like to have full control of my films that go out” he explained to me as he made a few adjustments to the clip.

My eyes were wide with admiration for his work and him. His breathing over my shoulders was making it difficult to concentrate.

Damien seemed to have noticed because the next thing I know, his lips are moving down my neck. I whimper as he presses more firmly.

“ Damien, I don’t know if I can do this. You’re so much older than me and your um, your my dad’s friend” I said as he pulled my hair out of the way.

At my words, he paused but only to spin me around in his chair. “ I don’t really care what your father thinks. He knew what he was getting himself into by finally bringing you to me. My princess I have waited a long time to have you here. On my property, and between my legs” he said as he pulled me from the chair. He backed us to the wall and forced me into his parted thighs.

I looked up at him confused. “ what do you mean?” I asked him.

He wrapped his arm around my waist. “ it’s better you don’t ask questions princess just let me taste you again” he said as he leant forward.

Not knowing if this was a good idea I pushed at his chest and ran away. But I barely got a metre away when Damien grabbed my waist and pinned me against his desk. “ not so fast princess. Don’t you want me to teach you. teach you with all my experience” he whispered as he forced my hands on to the desk.

I moaned as Damien pulled my hair away and started to kiss my neck. “ say stop and I will but don’t even think about lying to me” he said harshly into my ear.

“ I don’t want you to stop” I finally whispered, knowing that he was waiting for an answer. As soon as the words left my mouth, Damien trailed his hand up my thigh slowly.

“good girl, you know this is because I care about you. nothing I do will hurt you “ he said as his hand finally pushed up my dress.

He rubbed circles on my inner thigh. “ Damien” I moaned as I felt my panties become soaked.

Earlier I couldn’t believe how wet I was from just the kiss. Damien managed to get me soaking just by feeling his lips on mine.

“what is it princess, where do you want me” he mumbled against my neck. His fingers no longer moving on my skin.

I felt myself fighting an inner battle.

“ can you touch me, please it’s uncomfortable, “ I said, feeling the urge to remove them.

Damien kissed my neck once again and finally moved his fingers. From the reflection on the computer screen, I could see Damien lean back and slowly move down.

I glanced behind and saw his crouching down as his fingers hooked into my underwear.

“ here princess,” he asked as he pressed his finger to my wet panties. I moaned as it forced a drop of my wetness to trail down my thigh.

“ oh fuck baby” he moaned and instantly ripped the panties down and pressed his lips to my aching pussy. I gripped the desk tightly as he circled his tongue.

I had experienced this with a boy before but it was always really awkward for me. I had never been in this position before. Damien made me feel so special in the way he touched me. The words he whispered into my ear.

“ These walls are soundproof baby, don’t be quiet on my account,” he said as he spread my legs wider. His tongue moving deeper inside.

I couldn’t hold it in anymore, I moaned out as his tongue moved between my folds.

“ that’s it, princess, let go for me” he whispered as he pressed his finger to my aching hole.

The second his finger slipped inside I whimpered and reached behind. I went to grab his hand and push it away but instead, Damien sucked on my finger.

“ you’re pussy is incredible princess. You don’t know how special I feel to be tasting your right now” he whispered as he grabbed my hips and pulled my ass back into his mouth.

Damien wasted no time in moving his tongue around my clit as his finger fucked me slowly. His grip on my ass made it clear to me that he wanted me to cum, and I wanted to.

At this moment I didn’t care that he was older, or that he was my dads best friend. I couldn’t find it in my brain to tell him to stop. Damien has been nothing but nice to me, I wouldn’t be here today without him.

I closed my eyes as the orgasm took over my body. His hands slowly moved up my back and gripped my neck and pulled me back against his chest. “ you okay princess” he whispered.

I nodded quickly, concentrating on getting my breath back.

When I was able to relax Damien turned my face and placed a kiss on my lips. I moaned into his mouth as he placed with the back of my neck. He turned me around and pushed me towards the sofa in the room.

Damien sat down and pulled me into his lap. I straddled his legs and faced him. Damien pushed my hair out of my face. “ sit on my cock princess” Damien surprised me by saying.

I leant back, my eyes widening.

“ you heard me, princess,” he said, his voice was deeper and filled with lust.

I hesitated slightly but Damien kissed my lips as he lifted his hips to mine. I grabbed onto his shoulders. The friction of his trousers felt too good against my naked pussy.

I felt him reach down. He pulled down his trousers and boxers. his arm moving underneath my leg to hoist me up. " sit"

i gasped as I felt his cock brush my inner thigh. " on my cock" he whispered against my neck.

" Damien" I whispered hotly into his ear as he pressed his tip against my entrance.

" Princess, breathe" he whispers as he brings my hair away from my face.

I breathe out as he slowly lowers me down. His cock pushes through my walls, spreading me around his cock.

Damien's lips find mine and he starts to move his lips with mine, tasting me as he slowly sinks me down onto his shaft.

" it's so big, Damien please" I begged as I attempted to hoist myself up. but Damien didn't let me move.

instantly Damian flipped us. He rested me down the chair and hovered over me.

" Princess, you're doing great. relax your muscles and enjoy the feeling of my cock inside of you" he says as he wipes away underneath my eyes.

I took another deep breath and relaxed back down. Damien grabbed my neck and started to thrust his cock inside of me.

His cock was filling me, this was nothing compared to my fingers , nothing compared to my ex-boyfriend.

Damien was a real man, filling me up.

" fuck princess you feel so good" he groaned as he moved faster. his groans were so sexy.

" Damien, I feel "

Damien grabbed my neck tightly. " feeling good princess, you like my cock filling your tight pussy up" he said, using dirty words that I never expected to hear come from Damien. My dad's friend.

" yes it feels really good" I moaned as I closed my eyes as he moved inside of me. He pushed deeper at every thrust.

Damian's grip only tightened as he started to pound into me. His hips hitting mine violently as he thrust deep and fast, he was hungry for me.

" you going to cum for me princess. cum all over my cock like the good girl you are" he whispered as he turned my head to face him, forcing my eyes to meet his.

I nodded, eager to release the pent up frustration I had.

Damien smiled as he slowed down. his thrusts strong and deep-reaching my walls completely.

" Damian" I groaned as I could feel myself coming apart.

His eyes locked onto mine as he brought his thumb down and rubbed my clit.

" that's it, princess, let go" he urged me as he continued to flick my clit with his thumb.

I felt my body shake as Damien slid inside once again, tot he hilt.

Within the next second Damien quickly pulled out and moved up and pressed his throbbing cock against my lips.

" open up for me princess," he said as he stroked his shaft.

I slowly parted my lips and Damien slowly slid his cock between my lips. the taste of my cum over his cock was oddly erotic and I suddenly transformed into a greedy girl wanting to take every inch of Damien's cock into my mouth.

his deep groans only made this moment sexier. His cum filled my lips, covering my wet tongue.

once he had finished releasing his hot cum into my mouth, he pulled out and moved down.

He gripped my waist and pulled me against his body. " fucking hell princess, you were amazing. you felt so good wrapped around my cock" he whispered as he peppered kisses against my neck.

I felt my cheeks heat up, realising what I had just done. what I had just let him do.

" Damien i" He silenced me and gripped my neck tightly.

" no more words princess, I'm thankful you gave me the chance. you are a very special girl and I want you to know how amazing you are" he said sweetly, as he stroked my cheek tenderly.

I whimpered as his hands brushed my exposed neck.

" I can't believe I did that. I don't want you to think I did this to get any type of advantage of you" Damien stopped me from talking, pulling at my neck and bringing his lips to mine.

" never princess, just promise me you'll take care of yourself. don't let anyone tell you, you can't do anything" he whispered, his eyes staring into mine.

I gasped when he kissed me roughly. his tongue slipping past my lips and searching for mine.

with a loud moan, he pulled away.

" Why does this feel like a goodbye," I asked as I narrowed my eyes, not enjoying his tone.

Damien reached down and pulled at his pants. " because princess, it is" he whispered, leaving one final kiss on my lips.

The End.

After the positive response on this specific one shot, I have decided to turn this into a short book.

Chapters will be coming soon.

Keep an eye for (Damian's Control)

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