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Son's Bestfriend

Son's Bestfriend

Part one

Walking into my home at 9 o’clock I had expecting to find the usual friends of my son lunching around my living room. But instead I came home to many young boys all drinking and turning my one clean apartment into a freshers livingroom.

It was rare that my son held parties whilst I was away and it wasn’t like I forbid him from having such events but right now I really didn’t have the time to be dealing with it.

I closed the door behind me and pushed my suitcase into the corner, passed a guy who was practically unconscious by my staircase.

“ Oh fuck, you’re here miss Hayes” Lexis stumbled out the room beside me. Her short yellow dress completely messed up from whatever she was just doing in that room. Most likely my son after their long lasting relationship.

My son wasn’t a man whore but it was obvious that he enjoyed sex.

“ I am, is Mathew inside” I said referring to the door that she just walked out of.

She nervously looked around before turning quickly and rushing back inside no doubt to collect my son and tell him the best news.

Parenting as a single mother hasn’t been easy. I made the decision to end the marriage with my husband after finding messages to eager 21 year olds on his phone.

Mathew was the one that found out and he swore to no leave me alone. I was grateful to have such a caring boy but I couldn’t say the same for his sister. Who wanted to desperately live with her father near the coast.

Shannon was not my daughter. She was my husband’s only child with his ex wife and she never warmed up to me.
I was only 23 when I met my husband but at 38 I was happier than I ever was with him and I have Mathew to thank for being such a rock.

The door finally opened again and my son stumbled out. He grinned at me. “ This is totally not how I wanted to welcome you back mum” he said scratching at the back of his head.
No shit.

“ I know. Could you send them home please it’s been a tough few days” I explained to him.

I wasn’t in the right state of mind to deal with drunk teenagers. I had prayed that my son didn’t invite anyone underage here.

“ sure um, can lex and the guys stay though I promised them they could stay the night” he nervously asked.

I moved to take hold of my suitcase. “ yeah just as long as they calm down for the night”

I was never really strict on Mathew. I was confident that I had brought him up well and he kept his grades up which was all I could ask for.

I had no idea how but somehow my son was applying for top universities and working at a fintech company already.

“Thanks mum, I promise they will be quiet” Matt seemed to sober up quickly and as I climbed the stairs all I could hear was him telling his friends the party was over.

It didn’t seem to be a problem as they all decided to head back to another persons house.

I managed to breathe a sigh of relief as I got to my part of the apartment. Matt would often have the boys around so it made sense for them to have a guys room, a bachelor pad whilst I had my own spot.

Lexi would often join me when she got bored of watching the guys play fortnight.

As I entered my room I stumbled back slightly as I saw one of the boys sitting with his back against the wall with his eyes closed.

Cole was one of Matt’s closest but newest friends. Due to playing sport he rarely came over to hang out with the others. He was reserved but confident which made him the more endearing.

I moved closer to him and bent to my knees.

“ Cole, are you okay” I said as I placed my hand on his shoulder. I had hoped that it would have woke him up but it seemed like he was out cold.

Deciding that I didn’t want to wake him up I stood up to look for a blanket I could drape over his legs. He was near my office rather than my bed so I didn’t see the problem.

I found a soft throw and placed it over his legs. I am sure that he will wake up in an hour or so. I would not want to be the reason for his bad game play.

After checking on him once more I decided to use the shower and get ready for bed. Once I stepped out from the shower I let a small scream part from my lips as I saw Cole leaning against the wall to my very big bathroom.

He didn’t seem to be enjoying the view however.
“ Matt said you blamed it on your stairs accident, but those aren’t bruises from stairs Miss Hayes those are bruises by the hands of a very angry man”

Once I realised that he could see my marks so I immediately reached out and rushed to grab a towel. It didn’t matter to me that he could see every inch of my naked body but he could see my bruises and this was game over for me.

I watched him take a threatening step towards me however I didn’t feel scared. Intimidated maybe but not scared. Not in the slightest.

“ Tell me Kitty, who thought it was okay to touch you like that” he whispered as he walked towards me. Forcing me back into the wall with nowhere to run.

I shook my head as a I giggled. “ surely you’re not a virgin to a little rough sex” I said trying to cover up the obvious topic.

Cole’s eyes flashed with anger. “ you can’t call it sex when the only time you’ve orgasmed was by the use of a vibrator” was his calm yet dirty reply.

Cole’s hand shot out to press against the shower wall behind my head.

“ Tell me Kitty, do you want to cum” He whispered letting his lips lingering for longer than He’s ever done before.

Cole was a guy that wasn’t afraid to say what ever was on his mind. He lived life without a filter. My sons other friends may make comments behind my back but Cole didn’t.

My hands shot out and pushed against his chest.

“ I’ll cum when I want to… now get out before I scream for Mathew” I said using all of my strength and pushing him out of the room which thankfully he did without any limits.

When I closed the door I didn’t hear him step away from me. My fingers stayed wrapped around the handle.

“ sooner or later the kitty will want to play” was his strange reply just before leaving me alone as I heard the sound of his footsteps walking down the hall.

Finally I was able to breathe for myself. Cole was 12 years younger than me but he intimidated me the same way a 40 year old man would. His older looks didn’t do much good for my hormones and his voice only forced me to sleep with dirty images.

It was 6 months ago when I found out that the boys called me Kitty, after my name katy. Mathew knew of the nickname but he found it more adorable than harmful.

2 hours later I found myself sneaking out of bed with panties twisted drinking in my wetness and my fingers feeling sticky with my own juices.

Cole was right. I have been the only one to bring myself to orgasm. No matter how many different things me and my ex tried. Nothing seemed to do it. Now after many years of sourcing out new toys I’ve realised that it takes a long time to feel such pleasure.

I pulled open the door in search for the bathroom only to stand still as I noticed the room locked. I sent a silent prayer that whatever idiot locked himself in there was okay and not in trouble.

I made the horrible decision to try the bathroom a few doors down. I was thankful that I decided to pull on joggers with my vest top. Worst comes worst is I bump into Lexi or one of her girls.

With my clean hand I reached for the door handle, a sense of relief when I realised that it was actually open. But that feeling soon disappeared when my dirty hand was grabbed roughly. My body was instantly spun around, my back against the wall.

I watched in fear as Cole stood in front of me in nothing but his own black joggers leaving me to stare at his delightful abs that I had seen many times before but never this close.
But what frightened me the most was that he had my dirty hand in his tight grip.

“ this makes me angry Kitty, why work so hard for something I could give you so easily” Cole whispered as he pressed my fingers to his cheek. I was more than certain that he could smell me.

But surprisingly I found that erotic almost. But then I had to realise that this was my sons best friend and I needed to act professional.

“ stop it Cole, if you’re so horny go see the one of many girls sleeping downstairs” was my reply as I pushed at his chest once again but Cole didn’t budge.
Not one bit.

“ They’re not you kitty, you know that” My own lips seemed to part when Cole subtly slid my fingers to his lips.

He greedily popped my fingers into his mouth. Sucking instantly with a moan. I was now certain he could smell me.
My eyes followed the movement with a hungry gaze.

“ Cole, enough” I surprised myself from saying as I pulled my fingers out only to regret it as I felt and watched his tongue swirl around my fingertips.

“ now imagine that on your sweet pussy Kitty. How good would that feel to have my tongue swirling in your wetness. The wetness you’ve created because of me” his eyes turned dark as he spoke those words.

I had to stop the moan leaving my mouth with the way he moved his leg between mine. Pinning my body to the wall.
“ what about Mathew” I asked scared that my son would find out what a dirty mother he had.

Cole didn’t seem to enjoy hearing my son and his best friends name leave my lips but before I could even read into that expression he shifted and suddenly smirked.

“ Who the fuck do you think gave me these condoms” Cole whispered deeply as he showed me a black packet pinched between his fingertips.

I gasped, surely not.


It's been a hell of a long time since I last uploaded but I took a mental health break . You may have realised I removed Lily's claim. I might add that later on but I'm not sure .

Anyways I hope you enjoy this one.

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