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Son's Bestfriend Part Two

Part Two

I stared at the packet for longer than I should have. I could not believe for one second that my son would have given Cole a condom not unless it was on the premise that it was going to be used for one of the girls that no doubt Matt tried to hide from me.

But before I could call him out on his bullshit. The door to the bathroom opened up and instantly my eyes locked onto the pale green eyes of one of Mathews friends.

Ellie was a small girl with big assets. Many times I have seen her around my son. She stood in the doorway in her small lingerie nightwear.

“ Baby when are you coming back to bed” she asked as she subtly tilted her head. I raised my eyes with surprise when her eyes glanced at me and they rolled.

I narrowed my eyes at her. I wasn’t the slightest ashamed of how I looked. Not many women could still hold this hourglass figure after a child.

“ that’s right Cole, you kids should get to bed if you’re going to make it to college tomorrow” I said with a small smile.

It was directed solely at Cole. I couldn’t believe he even thought of hitting on another woman after probably slipping inside another girls legs minutes before.

I subtly wiped my finger on Cole’s joggers. Wanting to get rid of any remnants of her off me.

I turned my glare to Cole when I heard his chuckle. The audacity of this guy.

“ you’re right Miss Katy, me and Ellie should get some sleep” Cole whispered as he took hold of her arm and walked passed me and disappeared.

All I could hear was Ellie’s distant giggles and calls for him to stop. I wasted no more time and walked into my room and slammed the door in anger.

I wanted to physically hurt him.

I spent the rest of the night thinking of ways I was going to make him wish he regrets doing that to me. I finally ended up falling asleep and by the time I woke up I could hear talking from downstairs.

I was used to this, I assumed that Mathew had ordered breakfast and was feeding his hungover friends. I knew I would have to face the boys soon and most importantly Cole. My anger was mostly influenced by the hunger I had last night for Cole’s tongue on my clit. I spent most of the night trying to get rid of these foreign thoughts.

I spent a long time showering and making myself look presentable. I decided on a summer dress to fit in with the warm summer days thanks to the beautiful weather in California. Completely different to the cooler weather where I was for the last few days.

As I rounded the corner that brought me into the kitchen I noticed that it was just the boys here. I didn’t know where the girls were but I was glad I didn’t have to face them this morning.

“ Hi Katy, sorry if we were too loud last night” Colin called out to me as he caught me staring.

I gave colin a kind smile. He was probably the nicest friends of Matt’s.

I saddled up to him. “ Not loud enough baby boy” I whispered as I pinched his cheek. Not only was he the nicest but he also was the youngest and I’ve known him since the boys were 10.

I couldn’t help but smile as he became shy with my comment.

“ mum that’s actually gross” Matt commented as he poured himself a glass of orange juice. I nodded in approval when for the first time in a long time he wasn’t drinking it straight from the carton.

I shrugged.

“ you boys have fun last night then?” I asked as I put together a plate of food that the boys had offered me.

Matt lifted his eyes up. “ sure did, thanks for being so cool about it” he said.

I shook my head. “ not to worry, just want you guys to still have fun sooner or later you guys will have to find work like us adults” I said knowing full well they hated when I spoke to them about this.

“ Mrs Katy” the boys groaned in annoyance with me.

I just smiled and continued to eat. I busied myself with answering messages as the boys delved into their normal conversations.

At the sound of his voice, my head lifted up. In walked Cole like the sex god he was, dressed to perfection and cleanly shaven not like the rest of his friends including my own son who refuses to pick up a shaver.

“ some breakfast feast in here,” Cole said as he walked in between the space just to the left of me. He reached over the table and picking at a piece of bacon before leaning back.

He made sure to brush his arm with my shoulder, not like I expected any less from him.

“ How do you look sober already” Matt questioned him.

I too was interested in how.

Cole’s eyes shone bright. “ well, some of us like to remember the hot fuck they have “ he answered without missing a beat.

He wasn’t ashamed to openly talk about last nights events and frankly neither did many of the boys. Except my own son of course. Although he doesn’t mind asking questions when we are alone.

Id rather be able to give him advice from the women’s perspective since it’s not like he has many female friends that don’t actually want to fuck him.

“ Alright boys not around my mother” Matt says standing up. The guys chuckle, I am sure that they wouldn’t mind carrying on this conversation with me in the room but they respected Mathews choice.

I found myself clearing up for them. It didn’t take long since most of the food came with their own rubbish and all I needed to do was throw it in the trash.

Mathew and the boys soon left the apartment. I was relieved to have the place all to myself for a few hours but as the evening came around I started to become a little bored and in need of a drink.

I dressed up in a simple black dress and headed down to the outside bar that had a beautiful infinity pool to the side of it.

“ Miss Hayes, we’re delighted for you to join us” Kane one of the owners said as he swiped a glass of champagne from a tray and handed it to me.

“ thank you” I said smiling up at him.

He decided to stay and talk to me. “ I heard your boys had a eventful night last night”

I stared at him and rolled my eyes. It was rare for Kane to not know everything that goes on in his apartment complex. He wasn’t strict but he also didn’t plan on going to jail anytime soon.

“ They did, thankfully it was just the boys and a few girlfriends” I commented back.

I was hoping that Mathew and the boys decided to take this night off to relax but as both myself and Kane’s eyes swept the bar we spotted all of them sitting around a table.

“ I wish I still had the stomach to consume that much alcohol in 24 hours” Kane mumbled as he shook his head.

I could only agree with him. Me and Kane were around the same age but we both were in that stage in our life that we didn’t search for getting wasted every night.

“ I’m saving up for medical bills “ I replied in a joking manner only I wish I was joking.

Kane laughed outloud “ me and you both “ he muttered as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“ Enjoy the rest of your night” I smiled as I raised my glass up to him.

I glanced over at the boys one more time before moving to the bar. I sat in one of the stools and a bartender immediately came to my service.

“ Martini from the gentlemen, “ the bartender said placing a small glass in front of me. I had expected it to be a joke from one of the boys but instead, I was met with a pair of piercing green eyes.

“ thank you, you didn’t have to” I said as I did him justice by taking a small sip from the glass.

I clicked my tongue. The bar here was something spectacular, no bar I’ve been to before could really compare.

“ I had to, I would be doing a big disservice if I didn’t by a drink for the sexiest woman here tonight,” He said with that smooth accent. I sensed a hint of British. It was rare for the usual American guests at these events at the apartment.

But there was an international hotel nearby which hosted a lot of people from around the world.

“ oh you’re coming on strong” I muttered taking another sip.

To my surprise this man thought that was an open invitation and he quickly slipped his arm around my waist. “ and I know you love it “ he whispered into my ear.

My eyes widened suddenly. “ I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. I came here to have a peaceful drink” I said reaching and removing his hand from my waist but instead of moving away her moved in between my legs with his arms caging me against the bar.

“ we didn’t have to talk, if peaceful is what you want” he whispered again.

This was the only thing I despised about my somewhat sexy style. I enjoyed showing off my body but I never used it to become a cheap woman that men can have free rein to.

“ no, now get off me before I get someone to remove them for you” I bit back, a hard look in my eyes.

“ and who will do that. Kane tells me you’re a newly single woman”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I was sure planning to kill Kane when I got my hands on him. Since when did he have the right to be sharing my personal business with everyone with a wallet.

“I will, and if that’s not enough she has these guys as well” I sighed with relief as I heard my Mathew coming to rescue me.

It wasn’t long before the man was shoved to the side and away from me.

I watched from the corner of my eye as Cole grabbed the man by his shirt but I didn’t get to see anymore as Mathew wrapped his arms around me. “ did you have to wear such a revealing dress mom” he said rubbing up and down my arms.

I sent him a lazy smile. “ you don’t like it” I said teasing him.

He groaned. “ you look amazing mom but men here are dangerous and what if we weren’t here” I could hear the concern in his tone and I was grateful to have such a good son that would always look out for me. But he needed to trust that I will be okay.

“ hey, don’t worry but thankyou I love that you worry so much about your mother” I said in hopes to calm him down.

He smiled and leant back. “ don’t thank me, it was Cole that was the one marching over here with his fists clenched.”

I pressed my lips together, in hopes to mask my surprise.

He shook his head. “ he isn’t even trying to hide his crush on you” he adds. This time I couldn’t hold back the look of surprise.

“ does that bother you” I asked.

“ as long as I don’t have to hear about it” he muttered. But from that look in his eyes I could tell that he’s heard too much.

Matt chuckles. “ although, boys got competition and he hates it “

“ but yeah you should thank him” he says. Matt places a gentle kiss on my cheek before moving away.

I had expected to see Cole standing to the side probably watching us closely but instead I witnessed all the boys looking worried as they stared at the door that led back to the building.

Matt gave me one look and I knew that he wanted me to check up on Cole.

I decided to finish off my drink before running towards the door, praying that I caught him in time before he leaves.

I ran through the hall and searched for the familiar young man but there was nobody around and that made me think that I had missed him.

Instead of wasting more time searching for him I decided that it would be best to head back and get some sleep.

I pulled out my keys ready to step into my apartment only to freeze when I saw the dark figure walk down the hallway with purposeful steps.

I turned around to face Cole ready to thank him until I saw the cut bleeding from his cheek.

“ oh god Cole!” I exclaimed reaching up but Cole grabbed my hand pushing it behind my back roughly.

“ you’re making it so hard to hold back Kitty, I wanna fuck that pretty pussy so fucking hard right now” he said between his heavy breaths.

I parted my lips in surprise. “ Cole, you don’t say that” I said telling him off but that didn’t stop Cole as he pressed his body into mine.

“ open the door kitty, and don’t make me ask twice because I’m already fucking angry” he practically groaned into my ear.

The deep tone of his voice was doing naughty things to my mind and my body.

Cole gripped my hips and spun me around. Without moving away he watched me as I slowly pressed my key into the door and opened it.

Instantly Cole forced me inside. He slammed the door shut behind us.

“ I came to find you to thank you for helping me I didn’t mean this” I said in a rush as I raced to the kitchen.

I could hear his footsteps as he followed after me.

I yanked open a drawer and pulled out a few wipes and plaster to help him with his cut.

Cole forced me against the counter. His face pressed up against my neck. “ Now try to say that again” he whispers as his hand forces itself into my hair. The way he pulls was so hot to me that I couldn’t stop the moan.

“ tell me you don’t want this. Want my hands all over your body” His other hand moves to palm my ass through the dress.

“ want my tongue deep inside that pool of wetness between your thighs” I held onto the counter as he brought his hand around and cupped me under my dress.

“Cole” I moaned my hold tightening.

I was instantly picked up and forced onto the kitchen island. My back towards him and on my knees.

I tried to look behind but Cole pressed his hand down onto my back. Forcing me down.

I was insanely turned on by his strength, this wasn’t something I experienced with any of my past boyfriends.

“ tell me yes and I’ll make you feel better than any other orgasm you’ve ever had. I’ll fuck you Kitty and you’ll love it”

I closed my eyes. This was so bad and so wrong but why was it making me wet. I was dripping with need. I wanted to feel the pleasure he promised me.

“ you asked me but why does it feel like you’re not giving me a choice.” I said to him.

Cole grabbed the edge of my dress and forced it up to the middle of my back.

“ because Kitty, I already know the answer” he whispers wasted no time In moving my panties to the side and pressing his fingers against my pussy.

“ wait no I can’t do this you probably have a girlfriend and then theres the chance of catching something from your fuck last night” I rambled on standing up on the island quickly and hoping down to the kitchen floor.

I aggressively pulled down my dress to try and cover myself up but Cole took a threatening step towards me and pinned me to the closest wall. His hand grabbed my arms and pinned them behind me.

He let out a quiet chuckle “ do you honestly think that after knowing that you had your fingers inside your cunt that I would even think about fucking another woman” he raged as he pushed me into the wall using his strength.

I moaned when I could feel my body aching with the pain that came with his roughness.

“ but still this is wrong” I ranted as I wriggled in his hold.

If my best friend could see me now, she would be laughing at how ridiculous and prudish I was being.

But honestly I was scared for what I was feeling for Cole.

Surprisingly Cole released his hold on me and stood back.

I watched his tongue lick his lips in that sexy way. “ fine Kitty, have it your way but I’m sleeping on the sofa. “ he decided as he turned and walked over to the sofa.

I assessed his body language but he wasn’t giving much away, only that he was horny as hell.

I decided that I wouldn’t say anything else. I was worried about what I might say when I desperately want his cock inside of me.

I ran the rest of my way to my room and got into the shower. I made sure that it was cold in hopes that it would wake me up.

But as I stepped out of the shower and wiped my body dry I realised how wet I really was. My finger passed in between my lips and I felt the warm juices practically dripping down my inner thighs.

The sexual charge within me had not left my body and if it was even possible I wanted him even more.

So that’s what made me walk out the shower, completely naked and in desperate need of Cole.

When I entered the living room I spotted Cole laying down with his arm covering his eyes. Yet his chest was rising and falling drastically.

“swear to god kitty, if you’re fucking naked I wont stop until I’m cumming deep inside of you and that’s a fucking promise” was his enraged reply.

I wasted no time in straddling him on the sofa which forced him to snap his eyes open.

“ fuck” he furiously groaned as he sat up pulling me even closer to his body and forcing his lips onto mine.

I moaned instantly as he forced his tongue inside. His hands touching me everywhere.

“ Just fuck me Cole, I need to get you out of my head” I groaned as I gripped onto his shoulders as his kiss deepened.

He moaned louder when my hand came to circle his neck. The warmth his body had was something that I wasn’t used to. Nor was his hungry need for me.

“Whatever you want Kitty, fuck you must be the sexiest woman I have ever met” he gasped into my mouth as his hand slapped my ass hard.

I squealed when he did it again.

“ you like that kitty, you like when I “ he slapped me again to the point that I was sure it was going to leave a deep red mark.

I nodded as I dry humped cole like the greedy girl I was. I desperately wanted to feel his cock inside of me but I also wanted to be dripping with wetness before we even got to that stage.

“ just like that kitty, use me to make you cum” Cole grabbed onto the globes of my ass and started to force me to grind og his lap. Using the material of his jeans for the friction that I needed.

“Please Cole, I want to cum” I begged. At the sound of my voice and the words leaving my lips Cole shoved my body to the end of the sofa. He forced my legs wide and moved his finger quickly on my pussy.

My moans were getting louder with every second. “ I want to hear you screaming before you cum over my fingers” he groaned into my ear as he peppered hot sloppy kisses over my lips.

I did exactly that, I screamed cole’es name so loud that I was sure people could hear me.

“ nothing turns me on more than your cries of pleasure” cole admitted. H eocntinue to talk more but I couldn’t hear him over my own voice.

My lips parted as he thrust a finger inside of me. “ fuck kitty you are soaking for me, this greedy little cunt wants me doesn’t it” he hummed in approval as he moved to kiss me desperately again.

“ move with me, cum for me kitty” he demanded as his fingers thrust inside whilst his thumb flicked my clit. I thought that I couldn’t feel anymore pleasure until I felt the soft sensation of his tingue on my clit.

“ Fuck Cole baby just like that” My hands flew to grip his hair and `ride out the orgasm Cole was pulling me into.

Cole moved his tongue fast against my pussy and didn’t stop into I was arching my back and screaming his name.

My legs begin to shake as he took the last few licks to my clit. I laid back just feeling the orgasm taking over my body. Surprisingly I didn’t have a feeling of regret after.

“ fuck kitty I never knew you were a screamer” Cole stated as he pulled me back to him and wrapped his arms around me.

I expected to just stay in his warm embrace but Cole didn’t give me another moment to breathe until he all at once thrust inside of me.

My mouth gaped as my pussy struggled to fit around him.

“ And now you’re going to scream, scream until I’ve filled your pussy completely and you’re going to fucking take it like the naughty kitten you are” Cole whispered into my ear.

Part three is coming soon !!!!

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