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Son's Bestfriend Part 3

Part Three

I had originally thought that if I fucked Cole that my sexual fantasies about my son's friend were going to disappear. But as I sit in the car with my son and hear him talking about how bad Cole has been in his games I realised that both of us weren’t happy with how it ended.

After the hours of mind-blowing sex, Cole had left in the early hours of the morning with a simple goodbye and a message left for me.

Call me if you change your mind – Cole

I hadn’t called him since. It wasn’t too difficult to forget about cole as I delved myself into work but now being back Cole has made his way into my mind again.

I haven’t been able to get a decent nights sleep without dreaming about cole and his cock. It was impossible to believe that a young guy like cole could make me feel more like a woman than my husband ever did.

“ Do you like him? Because mom cole’s a good guy and I don’t want to end our brotherhood” Matt says as he turns into the venue.

I stare at him, not knowing if I am ready to answer that question. Did I miss his cock, yes no shadow of a doubt but did I miss cole, as a person I'm not sure about that.

“ Don’t make this anything serious Matt, I can't even believe that you’re okay with me and your friend?” I said in surprise. How was my son completely okay with this.

He shrugged. “ Cole’s always been an older friend of mine” I scoffed, by what a year.

“ and you’ve never controlled my life so why should I Control yours,” he said after a few moments.

I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing if I am being honest.

Thankfully our conversation cut short as we made our way inside. I was pleasantly surprised when Matt dragged me all the way to the teams changing rooms. I was fairly friendly with most of the team including the overly flirty coach but I never came to the dressing room.

With matt being on the team I had been here quite a few times.

“ What a pleasant surprise Katy, you here to wish us luck,” Coach Miles said walking over. I smiled kindly as he got too close for my liking. Thankfully Matt wrapped his arm around me.

“ Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve seen the boys play” I admitted sending the group of boys a friendly smile that had them smirking.

Boys will be boys.

“ you’ve definitely been missed, a drink is long overdue,” he says sending me a smirk.

Before Matt could come and save me however a deep voice called out from behind us all.

“ Are we playing coach or are you going to flirt with Matt’s mom all day”

I froze when I heard Cole’s hostile words. My body was praying that it was jealousy I could detect.

Humming with pleasure and the potential it brought.

“ atta boy” Matt whispered as he finally moved away from me as the coach turned his back.

I was scared about looking at Cole, I hadn’t seen him since he had his hard cock inside me a mere 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t sure how to react.

It wasn’t long before the boys ran out of the room and as I made the move to follow them I had to widen my eyes as Matt refused to let me out as he guarded the door.

“ I don’t like the thought of you and coach out drinking alone Kitty” Cole whispered as he walked up behind me.

I was instantly spun around and pinned to the wall. I was breathing heavily as I stared into his eyes.

His fingers traced my lips. “ I’ve missed these” he whispered again as he pulls my bottom lip down.

“ Tell me kitty, did you come here to see me because it sure looks like it”

When I realised why I was here and the fact that Matt was just outside I quickly pushed him away. “ They said your game was off, I just came to be support for the whole team,” I said, trying my best to not make it seem like I just came for him.

Because I did.

“ I doubt that’s the case at all, if it’s true then you better go out there and support the team” with the slight movement of his fingers the door opened up with Matt standing in the way looking at us with hope.

“ seriously” He muttered when I walked out of the room.

This was already a stupid decision.

I soon found myself standing with the coach as he gave a short pep talk to the team. I spent most of Matt’s childhood at his games. Taking him to practise when his father couldn’t be bothered. These days I rarely attend his games but he didn’t expect me to.

As the coach spoke enthusiastically to his team I couldn’t help but stare at Cole who seemed to be focused at the moment. It was hot to see him like this, so ready and determined. But that look I’ve seen before.

That’s the way he looks at me when he wants me.

The next hour I found myself having strong heart palpitations as I cheered the boys on. They all seemed to enjoy the encouragement from me. I’ve known these boys for a long time so this was quite sentimental for me.

Only Cole was the exception. Every time I looked at him a felt the need to clench my thighs knowing how turned on I was at watching him.

It got to the point that I physically had to divert my eyes and focus on something else. Coach seemed to continue talking about the guys and I ended up in a deep conversation with him.

I was completely overjoyed when the boys won. I was jumping up and down with so much excitement and hugged Coach.

“ your boy did good,” He said as he pulled away. I was grateful that he didn’t think of trying anything else.

But when I turned back to look for the boys my eyes zeroed in on the blonde girl clinging onto Cole with their lips together.

“ Mum, don’t think too much” I heard Matt call to me as he ran over but I was already boiling with anger. The fucking nerve of him to do that. Could he not keep it in his pants for the game at least.

“ I’ll meet you outside, drinks are on me,” I said with a tight smile as I moved between the boys congratulating them all. I paused as I found Colin his smile beaming as he typed away on his phone.

Sweet boy.

“ You did amazing baby boy, come escort me to the bar will you,” I said linking my arm with his.

If it was even possible his smile widened and he led the way.

“ Cole is probably going to kill me later,” Colin said as we arrived at the bar where the celebrations would happen.

I rolled my eyes. “ I’ll protect you don’t you worry”

Myself and Colin got into a conversation but soon enough the boys all joined. Their obnoxiously loud voices were hard to miss and nearly every single girl's eyes were locked on the guys.

“ Congratulations boys, you’re a real pain in my ass sometimes but I’m proud of you,” I said as I raised my glass.

“let's cheers now before you all go get your dick sucked,” I said which earned a chorus of laughter and had Colin blushing like a little boy.

“ and before you’re the one sucking” Nathan, one of the loudest members of the team called out over everyone.

I made sure to wink at him.

The next hour I spent my time with the boys but sooner or later I was going to be too drunk to put up with my son's friends anymore.

I was respected by them all but I didn’t trust myself around them when I was drunk. Unsure of what I would say.

I went to search for the bathroom in this cosy bar but the familiar husky voice of Cole had me pausing before entering the bathroom.

I peeked my head inside a small room to find Cole sitting on a chair with the girl from earlier kneeling between his legs.

“ is that okay” the girl asked as she stared up at him.

I covered my mouth as a giggle threatened to leave my lips. Cole seemed bored with her already and that filled my body with pride knowing that he was most likely wishing that I was the one between his legs.

He had his eyes closed so I made my way over silently.

“ seriously” the girl complained as I stood over them both. I was somewhat proud that she knew who I was but I didn’t care.

“ We can appreciate that cole is the hottest guy here but I don’t think you’re ready to give cole exactly what he really wants,” I said as I moved down to my knees.

She huffed with annoyance and got up and left quickly.

Now, this had Cole laughing. “ damn kitty,” he mumbled as he leaned back looking more relaxed. More relaxed than he was when she in here.

“ This looks like you’re here for me, correct me if I’m wrong,” He said as he smirked at me.

His eyes gleamed mischievously.

My eyes glared at his. “ Shut the fuck up Cole,” I said as I reached for his now throbbing cock just calling out to me.

His eyes seemed to widen, maybe he wasn’t expecting this but he was never going to reject me, not when he is this turned on and hungry for me.

I was going to thrive of this liquid courage for as long as it lasts.

“ Kitty!” Cole called out my name with a warning tone.

I innocently looked up. “ What’s wrong baby, you seem nervous” My hand moved to grip his cock. My thumb passing over the head causing him to jerk.

“ Fucking hell are you trying to kill me” He groaned as he gripped my jaw. Seeing the desperate look in his eyes had me turned on and most likely dripping.

“ Just mild torture, I'm a lot of things cole but I am not a fool. And you made me look stupid out there today” I said as I pressed down on his head.

His eyes snapped open. His hand pulling my neck up so that my face was angled up to meet his.

I swallowed nervously as a smirk appeared on his face. “ so it worked?” He asked.

My mouth was agape as I watched that evil look in his eyes. I should have known that this was some sick twisted game of his. But here I am like a mouse straight to its trap.

I pushed against his thighs to get up away from this asshole but Cole had other plans as he gripped the back of my neck and slid his cock past my lips. He filled my mouth with a grunt leaving his lips.

“ I’m sorry Kitty but you’re not going anywhere until I’ve filled your pretty little throat” He groaned as he proceeded to fuck my mouth as his life depended on it.

“ Tell me you came here for me, I need to hear it coming from your lips,” He said as he pulled his cock out. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and pressed my lips against it.

He pulled my head up. “ say it” He demanded.

I reluctantly sat back on my knees. “ Fine, fuck cole. I came here for you alright because I can’t get you out of my fucking mind” I vented in frustration that he was pushing this subject so hard instead of pushing that cock into my mouth or better yet my pussy.

“ Good girl, now why did it take so long to get that out of those lips,” Cole says as he pulls up his jeans, his cock slipping from my hands and going inside those jeans.

I watched him with a curious eye, wondering why he was getting up looking like he was ready to go.

Cole must have noticed my look as he helped me up to my feet. Seconds of his stare go by before he slams his lips against mine. His tongue swipes over my lips before nibbling.

“ They don’t want to hear your screams Kitty” His eyes moved over to the door where I could see a dark shadow. I hoped to got that wasn’t matt, hopefully, some other guy.

Cole quickly grabbed my hand and pulled us out of the room. As we made our exit all the guy's heads snapped over to us, including Matt.

They all started to cheer and Matt even slapped Cole on the back. “ I’ve done what I promised, now don’t fucking talk about this with me ever again. I don’t need the details” He said.

For once Matt was starting to act like my son after all.

“ goodnight matt’s mum” Some of the boys shouted over before erupting into laugher probably saying some extremely dirty comments.

Cole pulled me to his side and made his way out of the bar. He was taking large steps and sooner or later we made it to an uber. Cole’s hand slipped into my inner thigh as the drover drove to wherever Cole planned to take us.

As we passed a major main road I quickly realised that we weren’t heading back to my apartment.

The car stopped suddenly at one looked like a flat “ this yours?” I asked him with a raised eyebrow.

He nodded as he snapped both of our seatbelts and climbed out of the car. “ no interruptions tonight, and don’t even think about sneaking out “ He said as he pushed me towards the door. He hands-on my waist as he pushed a key into the door and led us inside.

“ I have work tomorrow,” I said as I instantly felt his kisses on my neck with his hands immediately working to remove my buttoned t-shirt.

“ No you don’t, you’re going to be sick tomorrow” He whispered, his lips tugging on my ear.

“Sick of this cock filling every hole imaginable “ he added as his hand slipped down under my skirt.

I moaned. The mix of his dirty words and the feeling of his fingers were making me feel hot and hungry for whatever Cole was going to give me.

“ As much as I would want nothing more than to taste you, I need to have your mouth around my cock” Cole pulled away and forced me to my knees. His back hit the wall as he pulled down his pants.

The minute I saw his hard cock under those boxers I licked my lips with anticipation of what was to come.

“ Fuck, not even the girls I know look at my cock the way you do,” He says breathing out as he cradles my jaw softly.

My fingers pulled down the waistband to his boxers forcing his cock to push against my lips.

Cole instantly pushed his cock past my lips. He filled my mouth as he let out a deep moan.

“ fuck, Kitty just like that” I took his balls in my hand and sucked on his cock. I could feel the bumps from his veins as my tongue slide underneath.

Cole worked my throat like his life depended on it. “ Good girl, fuck how the fuck are you single” He groaned as I took his deep into my mouth. My spit dripping down his shaft.

“ The fact that you’re not being filled every night has to be a sin”

At the word filled, it only made me more hungry. I pulled Cole’s cock out and licked underneath and to his balls.

“ shit, are you trying to kill me” I giggled as I slapped his cock against my tongue.

Cole’s eyes snapped open as he heard me. I expected his next move as he forced his cock down my throat.

I struggled but Cole pulled out letting me breathe just before thrusting back it. “ Good girl”

When I could see the twitch in his cock I instantly held onto his shaft and sucked on the head

“ Oh fuck kitty” He groaned deeply. I was strong enough to keep my mouth there even as cole tried to get me off.

His cum filled my mouth with every deep groan from Cole’s lips.

I worked my hand up and down his shaft as I swallowed as much as I could, a few drops leaking from my lips. The way that Cole was looking at me now, I had no idea what to think of it other than raw hunger.

“ Go to the room” Cole said deeply, darkly with no room for questions. I stood up slowly and made my way over to the only room that had a bed inside. A big white bed with the darkest pillows that matched the dark black blinds.

As I walked inside the room I watch from the corner of my eye as Cole walks over to his large window and pulls the blinds down.

“ Get on the bed and spread those legs for me, Kitty,” Cole said as he finally turned to me, his cock still out and hard again for me.

I licked my lips but I just knew that I wasn’t going to be tasting much more of that tonight. No that cock had plans tonight. Inbetween my thighs.

I did what he said. Something about Cole, the younger man that he is. When he spoke to me like that it did nothing but force a trail of my wetness to drip down my thighs.

The thin material covering my pussy was wet with desire.

Just as I waited for Cole to finally come over to me I stilled as I noticed the familiar object in his hand.

“ How the fuck do you have that,” I asked with disbelief as I saw the very toy that I believed to locked away in my bedroom.

Cole instantly smirked. “ The funny thing is, I’ve had this for a few days and somehow you haven’t noticed it until now” He stared at the toy that was identical to a real dick just slightly smaller and Black.

“ You stole it” I exclaimed getting up only for Cole to crawl on top of me. His thick thighs on either side of me.

“ I’m returning it to you now aren’t i?” He said his smirk not leaving his face even for a second.

I reached for it but Cole flung it across the room. “ But I’m about to show you why you don’t need a stupid fucking toy”

Not even seconds later Cole reached down and pushed my panties to the side. His cock pressed against my pussy. His eyes staring me down.

“ already drenched for me Kitty, what a dirty girl you are” I breathed in as he pressed into me. His arms holding himself up as he angled his hips against me in such a way.

I gripped his arms as he finally pushed inside. “ COLE” I moaned loudly when he didn’t move. I felt so fucking full.

The bastard glanced down and smirked. “ Yes Kitty”

Fuck you, Cole.

Knowing that I had some power in my hips and thrusted up forcing Cole deeper. It hurt but it was worth it to finally get him moving. “ Eger little thing aren’t you kitten” Cole mumbled as he bent down and kissed my lips.

“ Settle down, I’ll fuck you now “ he whispered.

Thankfully he stuck to his word. He pinned my arms above my head and fucked me. Moving slowly inside of me at first but my moans of pleasure seemed to strike within him. I could feel every single part of his cock. Stretching me, hitting every good spot.

It wasn’t long before Cole flipped me around. My ass facing him as he fucked me from behind. Going even deeper if that was even possible.

His fingers were strong as they held my waist. My panties weren’t even off at this point. just shoved to the side.

“ This soaking wet hole is mine” He groaned as the sound of our skin hitting against each other was the only sound you could hear in this room.

“ Cole, please let me cum” I begged as I felt his cock slip out accidently from how fast he was going.

“Kitty wants the milk hmm” He hummed against my back.

I nodded frantically. “ Fuck Cole” I groaned in desperation as his thumb rubbed my clit. As his name left my lips Cole grunted as he stilled against my ass.

I felt his cum seeping into my pussy. He eased out and shook his cock. I felt the warm sensation of his cum dripping down my ass..

I moved forward only for Cole to force his fingers inside of me. He pushed me down onto the bed and hiked my leg up.

“ Don’t know where the fuck you think you’re going”

As his words registered within me, I smiled slightly. Many times ive been left with a desperate need to cum after my ex cummed.

Cole wasn’t about to rewrite history.

His mouth met my pussy seconds later. His tingue working around my clit as he finger fucked me.

His fingers were so deep they were hitting my Gspot. “ Cole I’m going to cum” I cried out as the intensity hit me multiple times.

I’m pretty sure I was shaking.

“ Then Cum for me Kitty” He mumbled against my inner thighs, his tongue mixing in with his fingers.

My fingers gripped one of his pillows as the long awaited climax hit me.

As my body shook from the high Cole slowly moved me onto my side and got in behind me. He pressed kisses to my lips and wrapped his arms around me.

Just as I anticipated a sweet few words I was surprised by the words that came out of his mouth.

“ You can throw away that toy now” He whispered, his arms tightening around me.

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