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The Red Dress

Red Dress

Part One

Pressing my foot to the accelerator I was beginning to become worried that I would be late again. My uncle’s event was of high importance to not only me but my whole family. Being the president of the motorsports network he always created this renowned event for all the sportsmen that are involved with this dangerous sport.

Growing up I soon fell in love with all of motorsports, especially formula one. My father sadly passed away from a terrible car accident, but that didn’t stop us from the passion we all had for racing.

as soon as I spotted the entrance I shoved my foot down onto the breaks of my Audi R8. It screeched as I came to a sudden stop. I instantly flew out of the car and towards the main entrance.

I could see my uncle impatiently waiting for me in the entrance of the venue as guests moved around him, some were trying to get his attention but he didn’t stop his eyes from narrowing as he saw me running towards him in my high heels.

But before I could reach him, I could feel my ankle giving up on me. However, instead of feeling the hard marble floor I felt warm hands wrap around me and keep me steady.

“Cameron, what would I do without you” My uncle said walking over and taking hold of my arm, forcing this guy to let go of me.

A deep chuckle left his lips. “ be out of pocket most likely” was his snarky reply. It had my eyes widening at the way he spoke to my uncle but as my eyes finally landed on him I realised why he spoke so casually with my uncle.

Cameron stelei was one of the best f1 racers to hit the sport. 5 championship wins before he was 25. But not only that but in the latest years of the sport Cameron had brought hundreds of fans and even charisma to the sport.

I’ve met many racers but I never had the chance to meet Cameron.

“ watch your words boy” my uncle reprimanded him playfully.

I just stood there watching them both. Wondering if time had stopped and I wasn’t in fact late to the event.

“ apologies Daniel, I’ll see you inside” Cameron said quickly slipping away. Not even meeting my eyes once.

But my uncle never gave me the chance to comment on it as he dragged me inside.

“ your tardiness still gets me into trouble” My uncle commented as a women fixed a microphone to my dress.

Not only was I here to attend the event but to also present an award. I have been asked to do this every year since the death of my father so it came as a routine for me.

“ probably karma for being late to every single dance show’s of mine” I retaliated to which he glared at me.

I noticed the woman smirk but she knew better then to actually comment.

“ I went to the ones I could princess, please don’t make me feel bad 4 years later”

I gave him a warm smile as I placed my hand on his shoulder. “ sorry, wish me luck” I asked as I was finally ready to go up and present this award.

He wished me luck as my eyes scanned the card quickly.

My eyes widened as I read the name.

“ he never wins it?” I asked him clearly confused as I saw Cameron’s name printed on the card.

Danny simply grinned as he pushed me forward to the stage. I had no choice but to walk out. In front of the motorsport world. This wasn’t that daunting for me, I had grown up around most of these people here and some of the most prestigious guests had most likely seen me sat in a high chair with food dripping down my bib.

As i turned to the audience I saw a lot of roaming eyes. My dress tonight wasn’t something you could ignore and my large breasts were not making it easy for the male population attending tonight.

I smirked at their obvious fascination with my boobs and the high slit to my dress. I also knew how well my body fit in this material. Unlike my father, I was a dancer. Danced all my life, with the relief of my mother as I had no intention of following in his footsteps. Dancing helped me stay fit and I was fortunate to be graced with the natural assets.

I finally announced Cameron’s name with a smile. There was an eruption of applause as he stood up but what caught my eyes was when he embraced another striking man beside him. Both complimenting each other in their sharp suits.

I knew that Cameron didn’t have a brother so I’m guessing that they were friends. I couldn’t see clearly with the blinding lights on me.

Slowly but finally Cameron walked up the steps and met me. I expected to hand him the trophy and exit the stage but was pleasantly surprised when he took the trophy from my hands and leant forward. His lips brushed my jaw before leaving a touch of a kiss on my cheek.

“Thank you Princess” Was his whisper as he finally leant back. My eyes made the mistake of searching for my uncle. Only to see Gean trying his best to hold my uncle back.

I was referred to as the princess of motorsports and even kissing me on the cheek was highly forbidden. But even though the whole room was in shock. Cameron turned to everyone and did his speak. No nerves, no nothing just raw sexual appeal.

The second I walked off the stage, I was directed to a room by Gean.

Walking in I spotted Danny sitting in a chair with his head up in the air.

“ I thought you didn’t know him” Was his first words.

I sighed as i rounded the table and pulled out my own chair. “ I don’t, never even spoke to him” I bluntly replied as i kicked off my high heels and stretched my legs out in front of me.

“ So why is my number one racer kissing you on the cheek in front of the whole world” He asked as he finally turned to face me.

I shook my head. “ Beats me but have you seen my dress” I replied back sarcastically.

Danny didn’t even glance at me. “ Don’t remind me. Life was so much easier when you ran around in pink tails and boy shorts”

I giggled at the memory. I may not have liked racing but I sure as hell loved spending time here with both my father and uncle.

“ Don’t worry about Cameron, I’m sure it was just mindless teasing” I tried to calm down the overprotective side of my uncle.

“ I swear to god Keira it better be” He mutters as he got up from his chair. He walked over to me and kissed my forehead. Before he walked away, I felt his thumb brush harshly against my cheek in the same spot that Cameron kissed me.

“ If he wasn’t such a good driver” He whispered as he finally walked away and exited the room. Leaving me completely alone.

I spent the rest of the night with Charen my best friend and a few of the other people I knew from this world. It was a relaxing night after everyone stopped talking about the kiss. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

I hugged Char goodbye and went in search of my car again. When I found it in the private carpark I could see my bed in my mind. I knew that I would visit my father in the morning. But as I got closer to my car I widened my eyes.

“ Fuuuuck, I just this wrapped last week” I swore as I stared at the key marks all the way down the bodywork of the car.

Annoyingly this is not the first time my car has been deliberately keyed.

“ That’s a nasty piece of work they did there” I spun on my heel at the familiar voice.

Cameron and his friend were walking this way. Cameron unlocked his own car but still remained eye contact with me.

“ Tell me about it” I muttered glancing back at my car. I don’t need to be looking at Cameron for any longer than i needed to.

“ seems like your tyres didn’t survive the attack either” I watched his friend bend down to his knees checking my car.

I couldn’t help but stare at his ass as he did that, those pants were just fucking evil.

Realising that Cameron saw me I quickly averted my eyes.

“ Fucking brilliant, I actually think I am out of gas too,” I mumbled thinking about how I rushed over here.

“ Looks like you need a ride” was Cameron’s first words after watching me shamelessly check out his friend.

My eyes widened as I heard the double meaning behind his words. But maybe that was just my dirty mind.

“ In our car” His friend clarified as there was an awkward silence.

I turned my back, clearly embarrassed with where my mind went.

Until I felt the presence of someone behind me. My hair was pulled to the side as fingers pressed against my neck.

“ Little nervous are we sweetheart” This time I knew for a fact that it wasn’t cam touching me.

“ If a ride is what you want, we can give you the best night of your life” He whispered as his lips grazed my neck.

I turned my head and spotted Cameron standing close, just watching. He smirked at me. “ say the words princess” he mouthed with those delicious lips of his.

On one hand, I want to move away and listen to the commands of my uncle but on the other, really big hand.

I want to lay legs spread on this car, with both of these guys cocks filling my holes.

The latter was looking pretty tempting at this moment.

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