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Wanting Chloe Part 3


Chloe was furious. After a few weeks of seeing Chase and being pleasured to oblivion she never really cared about what the other girls thought and what they would say to her but what she just heard was the end.

She had enough with it. The sex was nothing like she had ever experienced before but that wasn’t a good enough reason to stay in this fucked up relationship if you could even call it one.

She shoved her stuff in the locker and got in a taxi to go straight to his house and dump him right there. Hopefully in front of all his friends.

The minute she got to the house she was happy to see the different cars which all belonged to the boys. She knocked on the door and waited for one of them to answer. She patiently waited until the door finally opened. The person who opened the door was still shouting at someone else in the house when he saw her.

“ oh Chloe, I didn’t know you and Chase were hanging out tonight,” he asked surprised but he opened the door wider. Chloe gladly stepped inside.

“ can I just say this dress looks fucking amazing on you” he says blatantly checking me out.

Chloe grinned up at him. “ thank you, it’s new do you like it” she said giving him a little twirl.

“ Oh babe, don’t do that with your hips or I’ll lose all my self-control” he whispered as he leaned in, his lips skimming my cheek.

Chloe just shoved him aside. “ where is the fucker” Chloe asked. George was slightly surprised at her language but even more surprised that Chase had managed to piss this lovely innocent girl off.

A little dick action and your good girl goes rogue.

“ he’s inside” he cocks his head down the hall where Chloe could hear the normal yells of the boys probably playing Xbox or some game.

Chloe leant up and kissed George’s cheek and headed in that direction.

“ fuck man, what did you do” George mumbles already heading for the kitchen for a beer. This normal night in with the boys was about to get interesting.

Chloe made it down the hallway and pushed the door open. Heads turned to the direction of the loud bang as the door slammed against the wall.

Chase was more surprised to see his innocent Chloe standing in the doorway wearing one of the tightest dresses she owns. She couldn’t quite believe that she would come to this house dressed like that after what happened last time.

“ We are done Chase” Chloe said firmly staring at him with her golden-brown eyes. Those blue eyes stared blankly at her.

“ oh fuck, what did you do “George comments behind Chloe as he places a brand new pack of ice-cold beers on the table.

Chase doesn’t say anything.

“ You’ve had your fun with me now Chase I think its time we end this since you’re so hell-bent on fucking each and every one of the bitches at school. I don’t care what you do with your dick but it sure as hell isn’t going inside my pussy anymore” Chloe said glaring at him.

Each of the boys were surprised to hear the rude words come from such a pretty mouth but weren’t all that surprised since that’s the influence of hanging around a guy like Chase.

“I’m just like you I want to fuck other guys so I am making this easy for both of us by ending this right now” she said with finality.

The boys snapped their heads to Chloe. Chase knew that if he wasn’t careful Chloe would be on her knees for one of his so-called friends.

“ are you done” Chase simply asked as he tossed his controller to the side. Simply ending the game as Chloe grabbed all of his attention.

Chloe tensed up at his dark tone. When he used that tone it was never a good thing.

“ I don’t know how many times I have to tell you not to listen to fucking rumours baby girl but I will gladly fuck you right here in front of the boys to show you who you fucking belong to” Chloe gasped. He wouldn’t right?

Chloe hadn’t realised this but Chase had advanced over to her. He grabbed her chin forcing it up so that she was staring at him.

“ as for fucking other guys, I’d like to see you fucking try” he whispered harshly.

As much as the boys would love to stay and watch they knew their brother. He didn’t want them seeing Chloe naked, screaming with his cock filling her up. George rushed the boys out as Chase grabbed Chloe by her waist and pulled her against his body.

“ now would you like to change your first statement or do I have to force it out of that pretty mouth of yours”

Chloe didn’t know what to say or do, she didn’t really plan this far ahead. Chase knew that he successfully broke Chloe’s temporary confident streak.

“ This smart mouth of yours, you should put it to work” Chase whispered into her ear. Chloe gasped as chase spun her around forcing her to bend over her hands on the sofa.

“but first I will spank the fuck out of your ass for embarrassing me tonight” The dress she was wearing was yanked up and her panties stripping down to her ankles. Chase’s large hand came down to firmly spank her ass.




But chase didn’t enjoy this, he hated seeing the hand print on her bare skin.

Chloe glanced back when the spanks stopped. She watched chase rub his jaw and his eyes close briefly. He stumbled back.

Chloe turned around. “ Chase I’m sorry” she said as she walked into his chest.

He glanced at her. “ I hate hurting you Chloe” he whispered.

Chloe surprised chase by pushing him back to sit on the sofa and she straddled his hot thick thighs. Black sweatpants covered them.

“ You’re not hurting me, if you don’t touch me soon I will be hurt”

Chases’s hands slid around her back. “ where do you want to be touched baby” he asked her. Chloe didn’t know where to start but firstly she wanted his lips on her. She moved her hair to the side.

Chase brought her neck to his lips and sucked on her neck. “ Chase I want you to fuck me” she whispered into his ear. Her words only made him more agfresive. He was positive that he was going to leave dark marks on her neck.

“ I need to taste you first ” Chase explained.

Chloe shook her head as she lifted up, her hands pulling down his sweats. “ no, I need your cock now chase. You can taste me later but I need your cock thrusting inside me now” Chase didn’t need to be told twice.

He brought her dress over her shoulders and threw it to the side. Her nipples were just begging to be sucked so chase latched onto her nipple. Chloe grabbed onto his cock and moved her hand down his shaft.

His kisses were sloppy as he could feel her hand against him. Chloe really was impatient as she pushed the tip of his cock inside her. “ baby slow” chase whispered her hands lifting her up. Chase waited for her pussy to adjust before pushing her down onto his cock.

They both moaned. “ fuck baby, please move” he begged chloe. Chloe held onto his shoulders and started to ride his cock. She loved feeling him deep inside her.

“ God baby just like that keep riding my cock” Chase growled into her ear as he pulled at her hair. Seeing those lips parted and the orgasm noises coming from her was bringing him to the edge.

Even though Chloe was good ontop he wouldn’t be able to really give her what she wanted until he was the pne driving his cock deep inside her.

With Chloe still in his arms he swapped there positions. Chloe laid down on the sofa as chase removed his cock before getting into a good position.

He teased her by waiting, watching her eyes snap open and search for him.

He stroked his cock as he stared at her. Fuck she was beautiful he thought to himself.

Rumours spread around the school that chloe was only with him so she could have a sibling for her baby and even though some may think that’s wrong. Chase was completely down with the idea of giving her little family something of his own.

Fuck, he would love to plant his seed in her and watch her be pregnant with his baby.

“ am I going to have to get George in here to finish me off” chloe said staring intently at Chase.

She knew exactly what she was doing when she said that. Chase charged forward and plunged inside her sweet pussy. Chloe screamed “ fuck chase”

He grinned as she tried to move away.

“ you will take my cock Chloe, I will fuck you hard against every sofa, bed and wall of this fucking house until you realise who the fuck you belong to” Chase said as he continued his assault on her pussy.

Chloe’s screams filled the house. “ Chase chase I’m going to cum please faster “ she begged him, her back arched her toes curling.

Chase could feel him coming close too. Unlike most time he pulled out even when they used a condom he stayed there.

He fucked through their orgasms. His hand grabbing her neck choking her.

“fuck fuck fuck” he grunted as he spilled inside her, filling her pussy up with his cum.

Chase silently watched as she rode out her orgasm only for her to snap her eyes open when she realised.

“ Chase, fuck we forgot” she panicked already pushing away, mortified.

Chase’s grin never faltered. “ I didn’t forget, I can give you everything you need. You and your princess” Chloe's eyes widened.

Did he want to have a baby together?

“ now get the fuck back here so I can lick and suck that beautiful pussy of yours”

Chloe’s eyes widened. He wanted to do that right now, but she was still living out her first orgasm.

Fuck me, she thought as Chase kissed her inner thighs before covering her pussy completely.

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