Erotic Desires (One shots )

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Old Friends Part 1


Meet you at the house at 4 pm

I stared at the message then turned to my watch. That gave me 20 minutes to get to the house. The house that I could be buying any day.

Still blows my mind that I could be able to buy my own home at 24 when I never thought I could even afford a month’s rent.

But I guess that’s what happens when you get into investing straight out of college.

I decide to wear something nice. I heard that these agents like to sell their homes to well off classy people. My sweats were out of the question.

I wore a fitted black shirt with my favourite pair of ripped jeans and heels.

- At the house

“Mr Williams will be with you shortly,” The assistant said at the door.

“I will be your main contact through this my name is Jane” she left her card with me and left, getting into her car and driving off.

I waited patiently inside. I had already fallen in love with this house and I don’t think anything would change my mind.

“Mrs Saneilla” a deep voice called out to me, I picked up my phone and walked outside to meet this man.

Standing in the doorway was a big man, maybe a little older than me but he looked devilishly handsome in a suit. Which is why I hardly recognised him. Until I saw the vaguely familiar tattoo around his fingers.

“I thought it was you, I don’t think I’ve ever met another saneilla in my life” this man chuckled.

“it’s actually a common name in Spain,” I said quietly. Jace grinned at me. I haven’t seen that grin in years not since he grinned at me in his kitchen like the bad boy he was.

“it’s not common here though Lola “

He was right.

“I thought you moved out to London; I am a little surprised to see you here” I said walking forward.

Jace smiled at me and loosened his tie. “I still live in London, but I brought the agency here since it’s my original hometown and well I missed the guys”

That doesn’t surprise me. His friendship group was quite big and known for their close relationship.

“I’m surprised you are still here. Thought you’d move out as soon as you could taking into consideration what happened”

I had to laugh. “what you mean when everyone finally dumped me and moved on. My families here what’s the point and I made good friends in work”

Which was true I had some amazing friends.

“oh, I know, you’ve done well for yourself not that I expected any less “

“are you going to show me around then or just talk about my past” I asked him. I didn’t favour the idea of bringing up my past since I tried so hard to forget it.

He stood tall. “alright, I’ve heard your pretty fixed on this house can’t say I disagree this seems to fit well with your desires” he said the last word deeply.

I tried not to let it affect me.

“I like it, I do want to see the rooms though I’m planning to host guests here often”

He nods. “of course, follow me then” he walked through the house. He started off by leading me through the large kitchen and open space lounge.

“you’ll have a lot of fun throwing those fancy dinners in here. Could even have one hell of a house party” he winks at me.

Yeah like I loved them back in college.

“no thank you” I replied instantly.

Finally, he takes me up the stairs. “this is what I would say your bedroom. Beautiful double bed. Desk for you to work and do whatever you want” he winked again.

Jace loved his innuendos.

“ensuite bathroom giving you the privacy if you do happen to have guests over.”

Next, he took me down the hall letting me see the other bedrooms. Finally, we finished with the bedrooms. I stopped in the hallway and touched the golden frame of the mirror that stretched down the hall. It was so big.

“perfect for you Instagram mirror selfies” Jace whispered walking up beside me. I instantly felt hot when he stood next to me, his arm brushing mine.

“you stalk my Instagram?” I asked.

He grinned. “you think I ever stopped watching?” he asked me. I gasped as he slides his hand around my waist before slamming me against the mirror.

“Jace you’ll break it, do you know how unlucky that is” I said trying to push him away. Only for him to pin my arms up in the air.

“no, I think today I’ve been very lucky. Not since that night in my kitchen have I stopped thinking about you. Although you didn’t look as sexy as this Lola” he whispered his hand moving down the curve of my body.

“stop, I don’t want this please stop Jace” I whispered. I couldn’t bear to think about how much I thought about him over the years.

“why did you never come back Lola, I invited you” he whispered

I know he did but I couldn’t when everyone else couldn’t stand me.

“I didn’t belong there” I whispered back. This was all too intimate.

Jace brought my chin up. “who the fuck said that. I had so much planned for us baby can’t you see what we amazing things we could have done as a team”

I closed my eyes. “please stop”

“yes, I thought about fucking you on every piece of furniture in my house but those nights you would talk to me, about my goals. Fuck I loved that”

He squeezed my side.

“let me kiss you Lola. Let me kiss those beautiful lips of yours. So natural and begging for me to taste” his finger moved up to trace my lips.

“if you close your eyes, it will be like your dreams. C’mon just close those beautiful eyes”

His touch was so fucking soft. I slowly closed my eyes. Jace moved forward pressing me against the wall. “that’s its baby”

He gently pressed his lips onto mine. The minute they touched he couldn’t stop. He forced my lips open as he coaxed my lips to kiss his back.

I didn’t know where this would lead, maybe all this talk was lies to get me to kiss him, but I wanted it I wanted him.

“fuck Baby” he groaned as I kissed him back hard. My hands wrapping around his neck.

“do you know how hard it was to see you texting Harry, sending him sexy pictures and all I could do was sit there” I moaned as he sucked on my lip.

My moan must have made him realise what we were doing.

“fuck, I can’t do this, not in an open house like this” he cursed leaning against me his hands braced against the wall.

My eyes snapped open. God what was I doing, he was right so fucking right. He could easily just be using me and go back to everyone and prove them right to what they thought about me.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what I was thinking” I rushed out pulling my top up further and reaching for my Jacket.

“Lola “he said quietly.

I shook my head.” Don’t please just let me go I need to go I have a boyfriend” I said quickly, even though this was a complete lie but Jace didn’t know this and I would like to keep it that way.

Before I could even get to the door Jace grabbed my arm. “I didn’t mean I regretted this I meant I can’t do this in a house that I’m trying to sell.” He says forcing me to look at him.

I frowned “did you not just hear me I said I have a boyfriend; this clearly was a mistake especially with how you are willing to do this with a girl who’s not single Jace. I thought you were better than that” I said taking my arm back.

He hadn’t changed unlike what I originally thought.

“ I don’t appreciate you judging me when you don’t know anything about me Lola”

I turned around. “ I don’t you’re right. I’ve realised that this house isn’t for me” I tried to say only for Jace to walk up behind me. “ No, don’t do that just because of me this house is perfect for you and you know it”

I sighed . He was right it was perfect.

Roll on part 2

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