Erotic Desires (One shots )

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Old Friends Part 2


“No no no you’re not going anywhere” Emma dragged me back from the bar as I spotted two familiar faces sitting at the bar. The bar that my brother owned. He called me earlier to ask me to drop of his car keys since he just got back from France and asked me to get his car serviced.

“just give these to my brother please” I begged her shoving the keys in her palm. I wasn’t lucky though because all of her weight training pulled off as she shoved me inside the bar. I stumbled and landed on my knees.

Emma giggled as I ended up knelt before some man who wore the tightest skinny jeans. Letting me see the outline of his cock.

“I quite like this position” he grinned down at me. Thankfully, he actually helped me up. “sorry I couldn’t help it” he added.

I was relieved.

“it’s alright, I don’t blame” I didn’t get to finish my sentence as my brothers obnoxiously loud voice interrupted us.

The guy rolled his eyes before quickly leaving the bar. Men are just getting worst these days.

“Hey sis, you got my baby?” I slapped his keys in his hand and pointed outside to his matte black Audi that he cherished more than his own sister.

“Sweet, c’mon girls drinks are on me tonight” Emma wasted no time in walking over and finding herself a stall at the bar.

She had the decency to sit a few seats away from the two people we knew.

Jade and Nina and Luke were part of the group of friends I used to hang around with. By the way they smiled at us as we sat down, I guessed that they didn’t recognise me. But then again, they were really good at masking their true emotions.

The way that Luke weakly smiled at me, I knew that he knew me, probably knew who my brother was too.

“so how did the house viewing go, you put down a deposit yet” Kade asked me as he set down two double vodka coke’s in front of us.

Emma choked on her drink. Kade glanced at her frowning. “what” he asked.

“ignore her, the viewing was good I just am not sure if I want to commit to something that big”

Kade’s frown deepened. “Surely it’s a little late for that,” he says.

I was about to reply when the doors to the bar opened. Kade nodded to his employee as a group walked in. they shouted as they reached the bar. I saw Luke slap hands with one of the boys.

“sup Kade, who’s this your new girlfriend,” one of the guys says as he leans over the bar. I kept my face hidden. Staring at Emma silently begging her to let me leave. It was only a matter of time before these people start to recognise me.

Kade looked at me with disgust. Thanks, bro.

“dude, that’s my sister, you might be into incest but I’m certainly not”

I bit my lip as This guy leaned over his eyes staring at the side of my head. “Lola?”

Jesus Christ.

Slowly I turned to him. I met with the familiar green eyes of Jackson. His mouth hung when he realised it was me. The girls behind him widened their eyes.

“Well fuck me Lola, look at you” he exclaimed moving towards me. He held my arm as he really looked at me. I froze, feeling his arm on me.

I promised myself I would never let him touch me again but look what’s happening.

“please let go” I said calmly when his hold tightened. I felt Jackson sigh. “I’m not going to hurt you again Lola” he said finally removing his hand off me.

The atmosphere grew tense as those the closest heard him. Nobody knew about what happened that night. Just me and him.

I still can feel his unwanted hands moving around my body as I slept. He was drunk was his excuse the next morning and I hated it.

I was knocked back to my senses when I heard screaming. I realised that it was my own scream when I was slammed into the bar.

“What the fuck do you mean again!!!” the loud voice of Jace vibrated around the bar as Jace grabbed Jackson by the neck shoving him back.

Jade was clawing at his back begging him to stop. But Jace was not having any of it.

“Lola tell me right fucking now, that night did this mother fucker touch you “he said turning to face me.

Jade decided to answer for me though “of course he did, they liked each other, Jace you knew that” she said grabbing onto Jace’s neck.

“Lola” he breathed my name slowly “Did you give him consent. You better not lie to me or so help me god Lola” he growled, his eyes daring me to lie to his face.

I shook my head. If it was even possible Jace’s eyes darkened. He grabbed Jackson by his shirt and hauled him outside. Kade was instantly round the bar and holding me.

“he molested you?” Kade asked me. Emma stood to his side clearly, she had sobered up.

“don’t be a bitch Lola, you were asking for it” Jade bit out glaring at me.

I wasn’t fast enough to stop the wrath of Emma as the words left jade’s mouth.

“you’re asking for a black eye and your hair extensions all over the floor bitch” Emma snarled at Jade.

Jade was scared of Emma. Hell, I would be too.

Kade made the decision to shut the bar for the night. As Kade made his rounds informing everyone tyler walked up to me.

“I’m really sorry that happened to you Lola. I was right there, and I completely ignored it and I’m sorry” he said she slid on his jacket.

I do vaguely remember him from that night, but he was clearly drunk too, and we weren’t that close.

“it’s okay, it wasn’t too bad Jace really shouldn’t have gone that crazy on Jackson it was just some touching” I tried to shake it off.

Aaron smiled slightly. “for Jace, it’s definitely more than that. Those boys were competing for your attention and Jackson got it that night. Jace really liked you and I’m guessing he still does” he told me.

My eyes cast to the door; I wonder what happened out there.

“I’m going to check to see if they haven’t killed each other yet, but give Jace a chance he’s waited long enough”

I watched as Aaron left the bar. I turned around to face my brother and Emma. “you never told me about that. I let that fucker parade my bar every weekend” Kade said pissed as he locked the back of the bar up.

“it wasn’t a big deal to tell people about” I said leaning back stretching my neck.

The second I said that the door to the exit slammed shut. I froze, what perfect timing.

They both widened their eyes before making some lame excuse to leave and that they would see me at him.

I didn’t bother turning around to see who it was. I knew already. I heard Kade mumble something as he walked out but I wasn’t close enough to hear it.

When the doors finally closed, I breathed in. “I’m going to lose it if you say it isn’t a big deal again Lola. Don’t fucking test my patience” he said darkly as he walked closer. I knew that he was right behind me now.

Thankfully, he moved to sit beside me on the stool rather than continue to stand behind me and intimidate me.

He was wearing more relaxed clothes now, no longer in his suit that I saw him in the other day.

The hoodie reminds me of the hoodie he would wear in school. It couldn’t be the same not with how much he’s grown since then.

“can you stop acting like that, I don’t think it really concerns you Jace” I said nursing the old drink Kade had made for me.

“when you let me kiss you the other day, that’s why it concerns me. We actually were friends before “he clarified for me.

Yeah friends. Give me a break.

“you lied to me” Jace said after a few seconds of silence. Jace had walked around the bar and made himself a beer.

I glanced up at him. “oh, about the boyfriend, yeah surprised you actually believed me to be honest” I said to him.

Jace’s lips were wet from the beer as he licked them. I tried not to be too affected by it.

“it’s not impossible to believe that a guy would want to date you Lola stop thinking so low of yourself” he says as he takes another sip.

Now I’m starting to think he is doing it on purpose as he licks his lips again.

“sorry” I mumbled looking down.

I heard Jace sigh as he jumped back over to this side of the bar. I felt his arm brush with mine causing the strap to my shirt to fall.

I went to go pull it back up but Jace stopped me “don’t”

I glanced over at him. He gently slid his finger under the strap before pushing it back onto my shoulder.

“you didn’t kill him out there did you?” I asked after moving away so his arm didn’t continue to brush mine.

Why did he have to smell so good? His cologne was intoxicating.

“are you seriously thinking about him right now, did you even ever like me” Jace grumbled sipping from his beer. I watched him run his fingers along the bar table.

I sipped on my drink. “that’s a stupid question and you know it. You do know I only went after him because you were out of my league” wow this alcohol was really letting the cat out of the bag.

Maybe I should stop drinking. Jace chuckled as I pushed my drink away from me. “scared about what you might admit next, maybe your undying love for me” he said cheekily.

Damn it he was always really good at reading my mind.

“I haven’t stopping thinking about you Lola” Jace suddenly whispered. His mouth was dangerously close to my ear.

We were the only ones in here, but he wanted to whisper, it was strange but weirdly erotic.

“you probably should stop, I’m sure it’s not healthy to be distracted that much” Jesus what in the world was coming out of my mouth right now.

Jace leaned over. “well I must be fucking sick because I haven’t stopped being distracted by you since the first day, I met you”

I stood up quickly. “no, this can’t happen Jace stop trying to tempt me god damn it” I said irritated with how turned on I was.

Jace stood up and grabbed my waist. He pinned me against the bar and caged me in with his arms.

“why are you resisting baby, give in to the temptation” he whispered, his lips brushing against my ear.

“these feelings will wear off soon Jace. I’m not here for a one-night thing I want something real” maybe I could scare him off with commitment. That normally works.

“wear off, are you joking. It’s been 4 years Lola and they haven’t worn off yet” he said with annoyance like he had tried to get rid of these feelings.

Probably by getting balls deep into another woman.

I wish I weren’t as affected by the that thought but I was.

His eyes widened. “what are you thinking of right now” he asked me.

Was I really that easy to read?

“and don’t bother lying either”

I huff, well what am I supposed to do now.

“how are you not taken I mean I can’t imagine you’d find it hard to find another woman” this was the pg. version of what I was thinking.

His eyes lit up. “why don’t you ask me what you really want to know. If I’ve fucked countless numbers of women”

“that’s not”

He shut me up by placing his finger on my lips.

“you don’t want to hear that baby, I’m sorry but I have needs. But I’ve never craved them as much as I crave you”

The images were clearer now. Jace leaning over them as he fucks them hard, stretching them out.

“I have saved so much energy for you baby, to have your sweet pussy clenching around my cock”

I clenched my thighs. Jace lifted my chin up. “just once baby, if you don’t want more after tonight, I will leave you alone. we can go back to being the strangers we were for all these years.

“say yes and we will go to my place right now”

I didn’t directly want to say yes so, I didn’t the next best thing. I grabbed his neck and slammed my lips down on his.

Jace instantly took control of the kiss. His hands grabbing my waist and forcing me to sit on the bar.

“good girl” he mumbled as he slid his tongue into my mouth. His hands finding the straps to my shirt pushing them down.

My breasts were ready for him, he took my nipple into his mouth and sucked.

“please Jace, I need you now” I begged, the sexual intensity was too much.

Jace looked at me. “not here baby, I’ll be dammed if the first time I take your sweet pussy is in public in a bar” I groaned.

“but I can do this baby” I watched as he pulled the skirt up to my hips and slid his finger against my wet slit.

I tilted my head back. “fuck Jace” I moaned.

He pressed harder. “you like that baby, want to feel my fingers slipping inside hmm”

I parted my legs. “please Jace” I begged again. He slowly slid my panties to the side and circled my clit. My hands went down to his arm. Pushing him away but he refused.

“hands behind you baby” he demanded.


I braced my hands against the table as he slipped a finger inside. He glanced up at me, desire in those eyes. “take it, baby, I want to hear those sexy moans of yours as I fuck you with my fingers”

I moaned as he continued to pump his finger inside me.

“Jace please please I need more I want to cum” I begged him. He was blatantly teasing me now.

“okay baby, but you need to keep those hands behind am I clear” Jesus Christ I loved when he told me what to do.

“okay” I said quietly.

I moaned loudly as I felt his tongue on my clit. He sucked roughly as his finger continued to fuck me. Soon his lips were lapping up at my wetness.

“so fucking wet for me baby. Don’t hold back I want you to cum all over my lips” he mumbled against my pussy.

Shit that was hot.

“Jace fuck fuck” I moaned as let Jace take me to my highest point. I clenched my thighs around his head.

“fucking delicious”

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