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Old Friends Part 3


“here sit down, I’ll go fix us some food” Jace placed a kiss on my shoulder before leaving for the kitchen. I stared at him as he walked away. This is what I imagined before, coming home to Jace and us having food together.

This can’t be real.

After staying back and playing with Rooney his dog for a little while I realised, I wanted to help Jace out. I noticed that he was rolling up dough on the table, he must have made that previously.

“you’re making pizza?” I asked walking into the centre of the kitchen. He smirked at me. “yeah, you never got to taste my pizzas did you” I shook my head.

I didn’t get the chance to. In college Jace worked at dominos most nights and often made pizza for his friends.

“if you want to help you could grab some of the toppings, pick what you like” he motioned to his large black smart fridge.

I bent down and looked for the toppings. He had everything you would need in here. “are you still allergic to onions?” I asked reaching inside for the tomatoes.

I heard him laugh. “you seriously remember that”

I closed the fridge, my hands full with food. “it’s kind of hard too when everyone lectured me for an hour straight for cooking with onions at that party”

He shook his shoulders. “they exaggerated, how was you supposed to know”

He was right, I wasn’t supposed to.

I turned to the counter and proceeded to lay out all the toppings. I decided to help and chop the garlic and tomatoes which I’m guessing will be used in the sauce.

“shit” I cursed, my finger immediately throbbing as the knife caught my skin. I rushed to the tap and rinsed the blood dripping from my finger with the cold water.

“Lola!” Jace came over to my side. He ripped open a plaster and helped me wrap it up.

“I think you should kiss it better” I asked him innocently. Jace glanced up at me, his lips curving into a smirk. “oh really”

I stepped forward and pressed myself into his chest. His hands had flour over them from the dough.

“how come we were close to fucking in the bar but now we’re making pizza” Jace mumbled, his hands wrapping around my waist.

I shrugged. “this was your idea” I put all the blame on him.

“You’re right it was all mine; I think I have the right to change it now though wouldn’t you agree”

I nodded with a small smile. Jace slowly leant in and brushed his lips with mine. I grabbed his neck as we kissed passionately.

“c’mon Lola let’s do this right” I squealed when Jace picked me up easily and started walking to his room. I hid my face in his shoulder as many pictures of his friends scattered the wall.

I felt embarrassed, like they could see me.

I slid down his body once we arrived into his room. Everything was very Jace, his taste hadn’t changed and to be honest neither did he.

I turned back to him and watched Jace staring at me with his arms crossed.

“what are you staring at” I said already feeling self-conscious. He grinned back at me. “can’t I just look at you, it’s not my fault you’re so beautiful”

I was definitely blushing at this point. I sat down on his bed. Jace joined me, he brought my leg to rest over his and he immediately started to rub my thigh.

“I was too stupid to not tell you that enough when we were younger, I’m sorry it took this long” he whispered as he stroked my cheek. I pursed my lips and looked into his eyes.

“it’s okay” I whispered back. Jace moved his hand down to my chin cupping me.

He leaned in again and kissed me gently, his lips coated mine and he used his tongue to part my lips.

I moaned as he aggressively tugged on my bottom lip.

“that’s its Lola, moan for me” he encouraged me as he shifts me to straddle his lap. I held onto his shoulders as I got comfortable on his lap.

Jace grabbed my hair roughly and forced me to lean back. He immediately attacked my neck with those soft lips, licking up and tugging on my skin with his teeth gently.

My hands moved down his back and gripped the end of his t-shirt. “eager aren’t we baby” Jace removed his lips to whisper. I nodded, I wanted this just as much as he did.

He allowed me to remove his shirt. I gasped when I saw his defined muscles and the tattoo tracing his back deliciously.

My hands ran down the lines of his stomach and stopped at his belt. Jace looked up at me his eyes piercing into mine. “Are you still a virgin Lola” he asked me.

I bit my lip. “no, I am not but “my lip trembled, scared to say the next words.

He caught my chin” but what Lola?”

I looked down. “I never did this; I never gave anyone a blowjob” I admitted. He grinned as he forced me to look up at him.

“that’s okay baby, I’ll guide you”

Jace removed me from his lap and started to move his zipper down but I help my hand up, stopping him. His hand grabbed mine and kissed it. “don’t be scared, if you want to just chill instead, I don’t mind”

I huffed as I sat back, my hands going to my head. Jace grabbed my hand and pulled me up. “We can go slow, but just know tomorrow I will personally fuck him up for ruining you for me. I hate how he’s made you doubt yourself” he growled in anger.

I rested my head against his chest. “I wish I chose you that night Jace” I whispered. Jace took my hand kissing it. “I know sweetheart, but you’ve got me now”

He is right I do.

Jace didn’t ask for anything else for the rest of the night. We relaxed and watched a movie on Netflix as we ate his pizza. It was so delicious, just like dominos. I could barely taste the difference.

I laid in bed all those hours later, unable to sleep especially with him lying next to me in his bed. I cuddled into his side as he slept silently beside me.

My eyes moved down and with the light coming from outside I saw the bulge in his pyjama pants. I leaned up on my elbow and stared at it.

He really was being patient with me but surely that’s not comfortable. Weirdly enough I feel more comfortable knowing he was asleep. Maybe this was why brad did it. If I wore to touch him now would I be the same as him.

“It’s a battle already to control myself right now Lola but the longer you stare at my cock I’m going to lose it” I gasped as I heard his rough voice.

He was staring directly at me, his eyes dark with lust.

“can I help you Jace I mean it just looks painful” I said biting my lip with anxiety.

He chuckles as he runs his hand along his face. “fuck you’re so innocent baby, you can do whatever you want I will even close my eyes if that’s more comfortable for you”

I nodded.

“okay, close them then” I whispered as I got onto my knees.

He took one look at me before finally closing his eyes. I breathed and slowly pulled at his waistband. His cock practically jumped out at me. I was amazed at how big it was and dare I say it how yummy it looked.

I went off from what I had seen from online and also what my friends told me and licked gently on the tip. He lifted his hips up and so I moved further and sucked on the tip. His movements only seemed to encourage me.

“Baby are you sure you haven’t done this before” he moaned out as I swirled my tongue around his tip. I held onto his thigh as he jerked up pushing his cock further into my mouth.

I started to suck slowly, hearing his moans and sighs were turning me on. “fuck baby can I open my eyes yet, I really want to see your face” he said grabbing my hair and forcing me further down onto his cock.

I popped him out of my mouth. “okay you can look” I licked my lips as he finally opened his eyes. Immediately he grabbed my hair and lifted his hips up.

“suck my cock baby, you feel so good” he moans. The minute I wrapped my lips around him he started to fuck my mouth his hand tugging on my hair.

It soon started to get sloppy and messy, but I loved it, seeing what I could do to Jace who I know just loves to be in control.

The grip on my hair soon started to fade as his moans only got louder and quicker which I knew meant he was close. “if you don’t want me in your mouth baby, please stop” he begged as he continued to thrust into my mouth.

This only made me go faster, my hand stroking up and down his large shaft like my life depended on it.

Seconds later Jace exploding into my mouth, his cum filling my mouth and then dripping down the corner of my lips.

“if you dare ask if that was good, I’ll bend you over my knee right now Lola” I quickly shut my lips because that was exactly what I was going to say.

Somehow, I wanted him to do that.

“come here, lay down” he pulled me towards the middle of the bed, his arms wrapping around me from behind.

I started to press my ass against him. “You’re quite the naughty one aren't you; you want my cock filling you don’t you” he whispered in breathy moans, his lips tracing my ear.

“please Jace I’m ready for you now” I said wanting him to slip his cock deep inside me. Jace adjusted himself and turned me over so that I was not laying on my front. He pushed my leg up and forced me to arch my back. I felt the oversized shirt he gave me to ride up to my waist.

“you definitely are ready for me, I can feel how wet you are through these panties of yours” he mumbled, his hand sliding down my ass. I felt hot under his touch, eager to feel his hands on my sensitive pussy.

I moaned as he finally pushed the head of his cock against my pussy. “fuck Jace, it’s so big” I panicked, would he even fit.

Jace grunted as he pushed in further. He spread my legs further and kissed up my neck. He lightly bit into my neck as he pushed himself fully inside me. It was a brilliant way of distracting me from the feeling of him filling me up.

“Don’t fucking move” he groaned as he adjusted. I don’t think I could even move. I balled up the blanket in my hands.

Slowly he started to thrust inside of me. “Fuck baby you feel so fucking good, taking my cock like a good girl” he moaned as he gripped my hips. My head pushed into the pillow, my teeth biting my bottom lip.

My moans continued to get louder. “Fuck me faster Jace please I want to cum” I begged him. He was pushing me to the edge of the bed. His bed hitting against the wall as his thrusts got faster and harder.

“I knew you had the hunger for my cock. You have no idea how many times I’ve imagined you under me like this, begging for my cock baby” he whispered harshly in my ear.

“Fuck Jace, aaah fuck” He increased his speed his cock fucking me so deep I thought I could see stars.

His hand came down and slapped my ass. “Take it baby, I want to hear your screams” he moaned into my ear.

I closed my eyes as I felt myself getting closer. He thrusted in me hard and finally I screamed as I cummed all over his cock. After a few more strokes he grunted hard as he cummed inside me.

“oh my god “I moaned, my body falling weak as my pussy pulsed around his cock.

Jace pulled out and removed the condom. He turned me over and stared at me. “You’re mine now baby, there is no way I’m letting you out of my sight,” He said moving up and kissing my lips softly.

I moaned against his lips. “do you mean that, really” I asked.

Jace wrapped his hand around my neck. “Do I have to take your pussy hard again. To prove myself to you Lola” he growled, his eyes dark with lust.

“maybe” I replied cheekily. He couldn’t possibly do all of that again.

But boy was I fucking wrong.


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