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Guns and Sex Part 1

Guns and Sex Part 1

You would think that I was used to having all these incredibly handsome men around me all of the time. When I filled out the form for this job I knew exactly what I was signing up for.

But the minute I see him walk through those doors with his friends I couldn’t think of a time where I had seen a man this gorgeous in my life.

Georgia taps me on the shoulder and hands me a tray of tequila shots. “ you’re lucky I didn’t give these to Emily” she says winking at me.

She nods over to the booth where they all sit down.

Emily was another waitress here at the Queenz bar in new York. We started around the same time and have always been competing for the biggest tips. This bar and club was a place that many rich and successful men would come to drink, dance and watch the girls. It was borderlining a strip club.

“ just take these drinks over and tell Elijah that Milo is in the back” she tells me. I stare at her confused. “ which ones Elijah”

She grins. “ oh you’ll know babe” she says winking at me. She speaks into her head piece and saunters off.

Slowly I readjust my bralette strap and make my way up the stairs to the vip section of the club. Georgia likes all her waitresses to know about her popular customers but I don’t have the time to read about them and know all of their secrets. Outside this job I spent way too much time on my art to even think about the customers.

This job just pays very well.

The minute I stepped up their table all of their conversations stopped. I guess they didn’t want me to hear what they were talking about.

I placed their shots down then finally looked around the table. Georgia’s previous comment made a lot more sense when I looked at them. Everyone except one man grabbed their drinks and avoided eye contact.

Whereas the man I was staring at earlier stared directly at me. He tilted his head as he continued to stare at me. His fingers running over the rip of his glass.

I glanced down “ Milo is in the back” I said to him as I gripping my tray and started to turn around. Only to be called back.

“ are you talking to yourself, if you’re telling me something at least have the decency to look at me” his voice called out to me.

Reluctantly I turned back around. “ milo is in the back” I said this time, staring at him. I tried to not show that his stare affected me but I just knew that he could see right through my pathetic lies.

“ Okay, well princess you’re the one that works here why don’t you lead me to Milo” He said smirking at me.

What the fuck did Georgia get me into. Slowly I nodded and started walking in the direction. This man’s legs were ridiculously long that it got to the point where he was leading me.

“ Thank you baby girl” Milo said as I lead him into his section. I smiled as I left them alone. The minute I got back to the girls they all giggled and hit my ass.

“ fucking hell girl, please tell me you’re going to fuck that hotness over there. Jesus I’m wet just looking at him” Ellie said as she fanned herself.

I carried on serving people and tried to ignore them to the best of my ability.

A few hours passed when suddenly I felt him watching me again. He sat in his spot again with his guys and watched me. His lips went up to his glass that had been refilled several times.

“ alright girly, one more round to the boys and you can head home” Georgia said walking back to the bar.

I stared at her. “why me again” I asked her. Did she really have to put me in that position. Now she was smirking at me. “ don’t look at me he requested you” she says calmly.

He requested me. It didn’t take long for me to realise who she meant. I sighed as I poured the last round of drinks for them. When I finally started to make my way towards them I narrowed my eyes when they all but one stood up and left.

Elijah leant back, his finger sliding across his lips as he stared at me. “ I’m not some stripper you can’t request me”

His eyes darkened. “ I know you’re not a stripper and you better not be dancing for any man ever” he said darkly.

“ I’m glad we agree on something” I muttered already ready to get out of here. I was not feeling good about being alone with Elijah, he screams trouble.

“ sit down, let’s have one drink” He says reaching round and pulling a chair out that was next to him.

I had a feeling that if I tried to get out of here it wouldn’t end badly. Elijah seemed to have a lot of power.

I sighed and ended up sitting down in the open seat. The seat made my legs cold but that wasn’t the only thing bringing chills to my skin.

“ That’s a good girl, now drink this and tell me more about yourself” He said pouring me a shot.

“ I really shouldn’t drink, technically I am still working” I said nervously looking around. After all of my shifts here I had become confident but with this man I become a little girl again, scared of every word that comes out of his mouth.

“ Milo won’t be angry that you’re having a drink with me, now drink up” he pushed the glass up to my lips.

I realised that Elijah might actually have a lot of power here so I parted my lips and welcomed the shot of tequila.

“ good girl” He whispered as he swiped the liquid that had slipped from my lips.

“ don’t call me that, what do you actually want Elijah” I said leaning back. For a moment there I let his unparallel good looks get the best of me.

I cant let that happen, the other girls can have him.

His eyes stayed focused on me, his fingers drumming on the table in a taunting rhythm.

“ To fuck you, what else would I want” he said bluntly, his jaw clenching as he leant back. He seemed irritated for some reason that I couldn’t figure out.

To fuck me. He is literally in a stripper bar and he goes after a new waitress, where is the logic in that.

“ yeah that’s not going to happen but Ellie is available if you wanted a night with a girl. Sorry but that’s not me” I stood up ready to run to the back and tell Ellie the good news.

Elijah grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. Rather than landing on my chair I landed straight in his lap. I could hear people around us stop talking probably not believing what just happened.

“ if I wanted Ellie I would have my cock buried in her wet used cunt princess, I want you do you understand” he said harsly in my ear, moving my hair to behind my ear. He cupped my jaw his hot thumb on my lips.

I moved my head out of the way, I even tried to get out of his lap but Elijah wasn’t loosening his grip on me.

“ but I’m not available, you might find it easy for you to get other girls but I’m not that type” I said avoiding his eyes. I was safe until I looked into those blue eyes. Dark blonde hair and blue eyes, every girls weakness.

“ ELIJAH!” Milo’s booming voice shouts through the room. Instantly gunshots can be heard and I’m ducking my head as I could hear the girls scream.

My arm was roughly pulled and Elijah yanked me low on the ground.

“ stay here” he commanded me but I shook my head. “ no, the girls I cant just stay here” I whisper shout standing up only for Elijah to shove me back down.

He roughly grabs my throat and squeezes. “ now’s not the time princess, I’ll get the girls you fucking stay here “ he yells, his eyes blazing hot with desperation.

With his hand still tightly around my throat I nod my head.

“ please” I beg him when he releases me.

“ I promise princess” he whispers turning the table to act as a shield for me.

I watched him grab his gun which was tucked into his jeans and leave me alone.

I didn’t move, worried that I would blow my cover but my heart was beating so fast worried about any of the girls. Yes, some of them may be fucking annoying and honestly sluts, but they didn’t deserve to get hurt.

“ Let the girl go and I may think twice about putting a bullet through your skull” I heard Milo’s murderous voice.

Fuck this was real.

I had my suspicions on Milo’s line of work. He ran this bar but the type of guests he had you could tell he worked in other areas. The alcohol and drugs he supplied were on a another level too.

I found myself closing my eyes as I heard more gun shots.

“ Why Milo, is this pretty whore your girl” another man laughed menacingly.

I started to think of who they were talking about. Georgia was very close to Milo but he generally liked all of the girls. That’s why I stayed here even with how dangerous it seemed, we were some sort of family.

“ I would have liked that sexy girl that served me my drink but somehow she’s disappeared” I slammed my hand over my lips, I hope he didn’t mean me.

I screamed as the table was ripped away from me. I was instantly grabbed by a bulky black man who had scary tattoos on his neck.

“ you mean this one brother” he said as he wrapping his hand around my waist.

When I finally opened my eyes I could see what was going on. Georgia was in the arms of a man who had a gun to her head. Milo and Elijah stood together, their guns pointing at them.

I don’t know if the guy holding me noticed but I could faintly see guys sneaking up behind the man who I assume was in charge.

“ Boss!” The man behind me shouted. I widened my eyes before ducking as shots were fired. Guns were pointed in every single direction.

I managed to find a silver tray and use it to jam it into the blacks mans neck, he coughed violently and tried to grab me but I turned around and ran to the other side of the room. I found the other girls who screamed for my name.

“ Duck Rachel" I heard Elijah shout, instantly I got down and he shot the black man in the head killing him instantly.

I ran over to the girls and pulled them into the kitchen, slamming the door.

Ellie cried as the other girls hugged her. She had a red slash against her cheek, blood was dripping from the wound.

“ Ellie, fuck you’re bleeding” I said rushing over to grab a cloth and apply it to her cheek.

As I applied the pressure I heard more shots go off before it went silent. I rushed over to the window to look for Georgia. I was relieved as Milo had her in his arms. My eyes moved to the retreating figure of Elijah.

Was he hurt. He saved me. No doubt that man would have killed me if Elijah hadn’t seen us.

I glanced back at the girls only to see Ellie staring.

“ Just go, if you don’t have some crazy thank you for saving my life sex I will grab his gun and shoot you myself” Ellie said angrily, earning giggles from the girls.

I decided to check up on him. When I left the kitchen Milo had placed Georgia down. I ran over and hugged her tightly. “ I was so scared” she cried as she wrapped her arms around me.

“ you’re okay Gee, all the girls are safe” I told her. I watched her look behind me before running past me.

I was left alone with Milo, I guessed that the other men that came went to escape before the cops come. I winced as I stepped over a dead mans body.

“ You good baby girl” Milo said pulling me in for a hug. I gasped when I noticed an open wound in his shoulder.

“ you're hurt” I exclaimed. He simply smiled at me. “ just a scratch, Elijah got hit he’s upstairs if you wanna play nurse” he said kissing my head.

I glared at him. “ He’s had an eye on you for a while” Milo said walking over and taking out a bottle of vodka and unscrewing the cap. I thought that it was for me, only he handed it over to me.

“ why?” I ask.

He shrugs. “ I don’t know, guess he likes you. He seemed to want to talk about you more than the reason he was at my bar”

That still doesn’t answer my question.

“ you’re making this difficult for yourself. I know you think he’s hot the girls told me!" He grinned with those fake teeth of his.

I groaned as I grabbed the bottle as I walked over to the stairs.

I was slightly nervous as I headed up there. At the door to Milo’s room two guys stood leaning on the wall, they looked bad with their bandages covering there wounds.

“ is Elijah in there?” I asked them. One of the guys grinned as he pulled open the door. “ sure is pretty thing”

“ oh and one thing?” I paused as he called out to me as I was about to step inside.

I wait patiently. “ we will be down the hall, so feel free to be as loud as you want” he said as winked me. The other guy just laughed. They were serious, they kicked off the wall and headed down the hallway near the stairs.

I slowly turned to the door and walked inside. I instantly saw Elijah facing me. He wasn’t looking at me though since he had his eyes closed.

He had a couple of band aids on his hands and face along with a white bandage around his arm which was red, presuming it’s from a shot wound.

Elijah must have known I was in here but he didn’t open his eyes. I wasn’t sure what I should do but my mind went back to that moment. He saved me.

I could never repay him for what he did but if it’s my body he wants I could give him that, maybe just for one night.

“ you saved me, thank you” I said as I stood in front of him. I noticed his fingers twitch on his knee.

He wanted to touch me didn’t he, to reach out to me.

“ did what I had to do” he said without opening his eyes. I heard the deepness in his voice, it travelled all the way down to my pussy. I wanted him to talk with that voice as I sat on his sexy face.

Damn it, what’s happening to me.

I decided that I would have to make the move because right now he was either ignoring me or he was trying to stay away which makes sense after what just happened downstairs.

I placed the bottle of vodka on the table and unscrewed the cap. I poured some into a glass before downing it. I would need to not be completely sober if I was to do this right now. I coughed as the expensive vodka travelled down my throat.

“ slow down” he said. But I wasn’t going to do that, I needed him to open his eyes for me.

I poured another glass only for Elijah to all at once snap his eyes open and lunge forward ripping the glass from my lips, downing it for himself.

“ fucking stop it “ he growled as he smashed the glass against the wall.


I smirked as I stepped closer. I rested my hand on his chest watching his eyes move up to meet my eyes.

“ don’t start something you can’t finish princess. I’m too fucking angry to be gentle with you” he said in that deep tainting voice.

I grabbed his hand and brought it up, forcing his fingers around my throat. “ Fuck me Elijah” I whispered. His fingers instantly tightened around my throat as his lips came down roughly against mine.

I moaned into his mouth as he forced his tongue into mine. “ you want me to fuck you hard princess, to have you screaming my name” he moaned as his lips worked down my jaw and neck.

I moaned a yes as I wrapped my hands around his neck. “ I’m yours tonight Elijah” I said grabbing his shirt and pulling him roughly.

Elijah grabbed my legs and pulled me up around his waist as he spun us around slamming me against the wall.

His hands roughly pulled down the straps to my dress and he palmed my breasts in his large hands. “ fuck Rachel” he moaned as he leant down, sucking on my hard nipples. His other hand wrapping around my throat as he ravished them.

I wanted to thank him.

My hands moved to his belt. I managed to get his jeans down and feel his erect cock against me.

“ you want to take that big cock hm” he whispered as he kissed my lips again. I nodded through the kiss. My fingers wrapping around his shaft.

Elijah grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. His cock pushed at my lips. I parted my lips instantly and he thrusted inside of me. Holding onto my hair as he fucked my throat roughly.

“ Good girl”

And thats only part one guys.

Welcome to my new readers and thank you for adding this book to your reading lists.


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