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Guns and Sex Part 2

Guns and Sex Part 2

Before I could take Elijah’s hard cock further in my mouth the door burst open. Elijah let out an angry growl as he roughly yanked me up and shoved his cock back in his jeans.

“ Sorry boss but we must leave. I believe that they will come back once they realise” The guy who told me I could scream as loud as I want, said.

So much for one night.

“ Go home, and don’t answer the door to anyone,” Elijah said as he pulled my dress up to cover my breasts. I didn’t have time to reply as Elijah spun me around and dragged me out of the room.

When I got outside the girls were waiting for me in a black SUV, Elijah successfully shoved me inside causing me to practically land in Georgia’s lap.

“ Elijah wait” I shouted for him but I didn’t get the chance as the door slammed shut and we were speeding down the road.

I sighed as leant back into the seat. When I opened my eyes I saw all the girls staring at me with curiosity.

“ so, what happened between you and Elijah” Georgia asked clapping her hands together.

“ Nothing much, we were interrupted before it got to the good part” I mumbled thinking about what I could be doing right now. I can just imagine Elijah holding me as he fucked me hard, my screams and the sound of our bodies the only sound coming from the room.

“good part? “ Ellie asked, “ so you did something” she asks again.

All of a sudden I heard a rough scoff from the front. “ If having his cock down her throat is something then yeah”

I cringed when the girls all squealed, begging me to tell them all about Elijah’s great cock.

I was dropped off at home, thankfully I was the first one since I lived close to the bar. I was given a bag and told not top open it until I was safely in my home.

I placed it on the table and stood back. I wasn’t stupid with everything that has gone on tonight I knew exactly what was inside this bag.

I didn’t even think about looking inside, I shoved it in a box and hid it underneath my bed.

The rest of the night I tried to relax as best as I could. But obviously it was difficult with everything that went on tonight. I knew that it was dangerous in this area and it’s not like I wasn’t used to that especially with how I grew up. But I didn’t expect to get in the middle of what probably was some gang related shit.

I ended up taking a long hot bath and pulling on a vest and pyjama shorts. These nights seem to get hotter every single day.

It wasn’t until about 2 in the morning when I woke up to the sound of someone banging on my door. My bedroom was right next to the main door so I could hear it clearly.

I blindly walked to the door, I peeked to see who it was. Elijah did tell me not to open the door to anyone but there was no harm in looking was there.

“ fuck” I mumbled, my eyes focused on the figure leaning outside on my porch.

I slowly unlocked the door and pulled it open.

“ what the fuck did I tell you” He shouted, stepping inside and pushing me back. I nearly stumbled but Elijah wrapped his arm around my waist.

“ you said not to open the door but I saw that it was you. You don’t want to kill me do you” I said stepped to the side.

I wasn’t sure what he was doing here.

“ Take it off” I stopped thinking as I looked at him. Elijah stepped forward his eyes dark. “ Take this fucking thing off “ he pinched my t shirt between his fingers.

I glanced down and realised that it did look like a mans t-shirt, and it should since I bought it from the men’s section.

“ this is mine, I don’t want to just stand here naked Elijah” I said crossing my arms.

His eyes snapped up to mine. “ I don’t mind, would prefer it actually” he muttered.

“ why are you here Elijah, it’s been a hard night and I think we both need some sleep” I said not really sure what I should do right now.

I watched Elijah step forward his arm wrapping around my waist. “ You think I’m done with you Princess, I plan to fuck you until breakfast” I gasped as he moved his hand down and grabbed my ass tightly.

“ naughty girl, you’re not wearing panties” he mumbles, his fingers moving to slide between my slit. I moaned as I felt his finger meet with my wetness.

“ Elijah, you really should go” I said holding back a moan.

His hand went around my throat, squeezing. “ The only place I’m going is between your thick thighs princess” he growls in my ear.

This time I couldn’t help but let the moan slip out from my mouth.

I gasped when Elijah got down on his knees and hiked up my shirt revealing my naked wet pussy.

“ Fuck princess, your juices are dripping down your thighs” he whispers as he presses his finger against my slit. All at once Elijah shoved his long fingers inside of me and started to lick my pussy. His tongue making figure eights, drinking me all in.

I grabbed onto his shoulders and moaned loud, his tongue felt like nothing I had ever experienced before.

“ Elijah, please I can’t” I begged him to stop even though it felt really good. Almost too good.

He ignored me and started to fuck my pussy with his fingers. Curling inside me as he licked my clit, flicking his tongue causing me to jerk violently.

I was surprised when he stood back up as he kept his fingers deep inside of me. He kissed my lips roughly. I could taste myself on his lips and honestly that was the most sexiest thing.

“ Get on that bed, you won’t be able to stand once im inside of you” He whispers harshly. He pushes me all the way to my bed, slamming the door shut as he rips off his jacket.

Only now do I get to see the slash marks all over his neck and chest.

“ Don’t look at me like that” he growls.

I gape at him. “ like what, I was just looking” I had the right to.

“ don’t pity me princess I don’t fucking need it”

But the thing is I wasn’t pitying him. I pitied the guy that probably didn’t get away with a few red marks.

“ I think they’re sexy” I bluntly replied as I removed my shirt, like he had wanted me to since we got in here.

His eyes focused on my breasts as they bounced after being trapped in that white shirt.

A look of determination crossed his eyes as he stared at me. I finally got tired of pushing back, I wanted him tonight before the next woman gets a chance.

I wanted him to remember me when he fucks other girls. I practically jumped on him when I had seemingly had enough of waiting. He caught my legs around his waist as he leant down and sucked on my breasts, his hand palming my ass from behind.

“ Such a good girl” he moans. I grab his hair and pull hard, his tongue circles my nipples.

Elijah brought me over to my bed placing me down but not letting go of my hips, he roughly pulled me to the edge of the bed, his fingers pushing against my slit with determination.

“ I would fucking love to watch you cum like this all over my fingers but I want you to cum on my cock the first time” His hands went to his jeans, unbuttoning them.

I licked my lips as his cock slipped out from his jeans. He was beautiful, unlike any cock I’ve had before and I just knew I would want to sit on his cock all night.

“ Are you on the pill” he asked his hand coming to spread my pussy lips, opening myself for him.

My mind went blank.

“wait, no I cant. You need to use a condom” I breathed out as I covered my pussy so couldn’t fuck me just yet.

“ I’m clean” he said, annoyed.

Heard that one before. I bent over the bed and opened up a drawer and grabbed the first condom I could find.

“ Look, its only better that we be safe. This is just a one night thing so just put the condom on” I turn around and hand him the condom.

Elijah grabs my hand and smacks the condom packet out of my hand. Before I had the chance to say a word. Elijah pulls me legs and thrusts deeply inside me, raw.

“ Elijah, fuck” I scream, pushing against him to get him out. But oh it felt so good.

“ I will fuck you as long as I fucking want princess, take my cock like the good girl you are” he growled as he pulled out before thrusting back in. He gripped my neck and increased his speed. His thrusts deep and hard.

“ this greedy cunt, will take it as many times I want”

My eyes shut as he fucked me faster. His thumb came down to circle my clit as he pounded into my pussy.

His grunts were enough for me to realise that he was fucking me raw.

“ Please tell me you haven’t fucked some whore in the last few days. I may like fucking but I’m not down for an std” I mumbled as he began to slow down, clearly not wanting to cum just yet.

I felt him pull out of me and slap my pussy with the head of his cock.

“ The last time I fucked was weeks ago and I get checked everytime” he grunted, his voice deep.

I was put at ease. He definitely could just be saying that but right now all I could do was trust him.

“ fine”

“ at fucking last” he mumbled as he thrusted inside me again.

I pulled at the bed sheets as he pounded my pussy. His hips meeting with mine, making clapping sounds. Driving my arousal.

” Fuck Elijah, I'm going to cum” I screamed as I felt my pussy clench harshly around his cock.

He held down my hips as he fucking me fast, hard and full of desire. I was completely at his mercy right now.

“ Cum princess, let me see you cum all over my cock” he whispered reaching up to choke me, his fingers tightening around my throat.

I screamed as I felt my hips give in. My pussy clenching around him.

“ good girl” he grunted, his thrust slowing down. My eyes snapped open when I felt his hot cum drip down my thighs.

He looked genuinely satisfied as he grunted deeply.

“ come here” he whispered looking down at me. He grabbed my face when I got near and pulled me in for a kiss.

Surprisingly his lips were gentle on mine.

“ were you just going to avoid me after tonight, was that your plan” Elijah said calmly as I straddled his lap. His hands were gently stroking my back.

I was surprised at how gentle he was being.

“ yeah, I just thought that was what was happening.” I said thinking back to the club when he outright said he wanted to fuck me. What was I supposed to think.

“ I’ve been watching you in that club for weeks princess, I planned to do more than one round of fucking” he replied, annoyed.

I felt bad.

I never expected this to happen to me.

“ why, I’m not special” I said honestly.

His hand grabbed my hair pulling down. “ don’t be stupid, don’t degrade yourself like that”

I could only nod.

Elijah finally let go of my hair and leant back on the pillows. I watched him slowly close his eyes and relax his muscles.

I felt his cock twitch from underneath me. He was hard all over again.

I lifted my hips up and grabbed his cock. I took a look at Elijah to see his eyes still closed.

I lowered myself on him and let his cock fill me up. Elijah’s hands found my hips as I started to ride him.

Pushing him deep inside me. My tits were bouncing as I rode him.

“ greedy little cunt” he groaned his hands moving to my ass to help and move me onto his cock.

I gasped as I felt him deep inside of me.

“ Your cock feels so good inside of me Elijah” I moan as continue to ride him.

Fuck me, I was contempt on fucking him every night if he would have me.

“ fuck princess, if you don’t slow down I’ll cum any fucking second” he growled as he grabbed my hips. I wasn’t afraid of that.

I pressed my hands against his thighs and rode him faster.

“ Princess” he growled louder. I sent him a wicked smile as I refused to listen to his commands.

I moaned as I felt him cum shoot into my pussy. Looking down I saw the mess that was made by both of us cumming.

“ you vixen” he mumbled pulling me off him and moving me to the side of him. His arm came and protectively slid around my waist.

My legs felt weak as cuddled with him. How I managed to stay on top of him for that long was beyond me.

I blamed the crazy sex drive.

Hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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