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Guns and Sex Part 3

Guns and Sex Part 3

I knew that this would happen. There was a reason why I wanted Elijah to wear a condom.

“ I know I’m supposed to be happy for you but you’re fucked. Elijah isn’t someone who wants to be a daddy anytime soon” Georgia said as she brought my bag to me in the toilet.

I wiped my mouth and flushed the toilet. Eljah had been gone since last week with word on when he was coming back. I hadn’t pushed it, you just didn’t ask those questions.

“ you don’t think I know that” I scowled at her. Why she thought that was what I wanted to hear right now was beyond me.

“ are you really going to do this, you could just keep it and not tell him” I pushed open the door as I searched for my bag. I had come in to help set up for tonight. I needed to be at the hospital in 20 minutes.

“ id rather not die, if he didn’t want kids before he didn’t want them with me” I said as we passed the other girls who all shared the same view as Georgia. I really was fucked.

Before I could leave Miles came down the stairs.

“ you ready? There’s a car outside waiting for you” I watched as he stood next to Georgia.

I needed do to this today before the news got to Elijah. I had believed in Miles when he said he wouldn’t tell, but it was only a matter of time before he heard.

Georgia gave me a kiss on the cheek before the girls said goodbye. I pushed my sunglasses over my eyes as I stepped out of the bar. My eyes zeroed in on the black Mercedes waiting outside for me. The windows were blacked out but I knew that this was Miles’s car.

I opened the door and slipped inside only for my ass to be hauled inside and my legs are thrown into the car before it slammed shut and we were on the road.

“ for a man who kills people for a living, you’re really testing my patience princess” my eyes widened as I heard the deep voice of Elijah.

“ I, uh I thought you were in abu dhabi” I said with my shaky voice. I pulled my legs forward and moved to sit down properly.

Only now did I notice we were going in the completely wrong direction to the hospital.

“ you’d like that wouldn’t you. Joe, take us to my house” I paled as I processed his words.

“ No I need to be at the hospital, tell joe to turnaround” I said crossing my arms.

I watched Elijah clench his jaw. “ if you think you’re killing our baby you’re sadly mistaken” he said casually.

“ how did you find out” I asked annoyed, didn’t miles say he wouldn’t tell.

“ miles forgets I have full access to the bar’s cctv. I just needed clarification after I purposely spilled my seed into that tight pussy of yours”

My eyes flew to the driver, did Elijah have to lay out my laundry like that. The car finally came to a halt as we arrived at a house. My eyes widened as I looked up at the house.

“ you live here?” I asked surprised.

Elijah only grunted as he left the car. I sat there frozen until Elijah poked his head inside. He grabbed my arm and yanked me out.

“ the girls don’t know me like they say they do Princess. Get inside before I spank you raw for defying me”

Elijah pushed me towards the main door which was held wide open.

I rushed inside before he would commit to his words.

When I walked inside I instantly felt a sense of warmth that I wasn’t expecting. Elijah was a cold person so this seemed strange. I pulled out my phone and sent a pissed off message to Miles. No doubt he knew that Elijah was waiting for me.

I gaped as I saw that he messaged me first.

Don’t hate me babygirl, give Eli a chance


My eyes snapped to the door as I heard the loud slam. Elijah filled in the doorway. He ripped off his jacket and stormed my way. I had no time to move as he grabbed my waist pulling me against his chest. I had expected him to be rough with me because he was angry but was pleasantly surprised as he kissed me lightly.

His lips moved with mine as he groaned in pleasure. His arms tightened around my waist.

“ I want to have this baby. I want to watch you swell with my baby growing inside of you. i didn’t want kids before but that was until you princess”

I gasped as he spoke into my mouth. My lips still on his own. His hand moved down to spread his fingers over my stomach.

“ what changed” I asked, not quite believing him.

Elijah bent down to his knees. He bunched my dress up and touched my bare skin. “ I was always attracted to you princess. Seeing someone hold a gun to your head made me realise how much I need you. I know I can be rough but I want to be better for you and our baby” he kissed my stomach lightly.

I couldn’t quite believe what he was saying. It was even more unbelievable when I realised I was willingly going to kill my own baby. I didn’t even think about it. I was just going to do it.

“ hey hey princess, don’t cry it’s okay” I sunk down to my knees, my eyes becoming blurry.

“ I was just going to kill our baby Elijah, I’m such a monster” I cried. I pushed away from him and sat back against the wall.

“ no, please don’t” I screamed when he was getting up. I knew that look in his eyes.

I watched his eyes narrow and become darker. “ you’re 21 baby I don’t expect you to openly accept having a baby with me. C’mon come to me, let me hold you princess”

I continued to cry. I didn’t deserve this baby.

Elijah seemed to have enough as he finally stormed his way over. He grabbed my ankles and slid me forward. He tipped my head up forcing me to look at him.

“ lets not think about that. C’mon I want to give you a tour of our home. I plan to fill this house with more babies” he grins at me.

I gasp. Elijah takes my hand and pulls me up. “ more ?” I asked, not believing him. He wanted to have more than one.

“ oh yes princess, I’ll fill that pussy up again and again” he whispers deeply as he started to guide me around the house.

I couldn’t stop staring at him. He was unbelievable.

After a few hours I sat on the sofa with Elijah as we watched a movie. I noticed that he was being very careful with me. I don’t know if it was the hormones but I really wanted him to fuck me.

He barely even touched me.

“ Princess, don’t do that you’ll hurt yourself” he said, pushing away my shoulders as I straddled his lap.

I pulled my dress over my body. “ I won’t, please I haven’t had your cock inside of me since you left” I pouted as i reached for his belt.

“ no Rachel, you should sleep” he said lifting me off him. I pouted even more.

“ fine” I shouted, I grabbed my dress and stormed down the hall and into a random bedroom.

“ I’ll just fuck myself then” I screamed as I slammed the door shut.

Why wouldn’t he just fuck me.

I crawled on the bed searching for something I could use to fuck my pussy. Maybe a hairbrush.

I screamed as my legs were pulled to the end of the bed. My legs were spread open and his finger entered me from behind.

“ greedy little cunt, you want to be fucked like this” I moaned as he inserted two fingers inside of me. He started to pump them. My wetness was dripping down my pussy.

“ fuck, please harder” I moaned.

Elijah pulled my hips up and spread my ass. I gasped as his cock thrusted deep inside of me all at once. “ I wont hurt you or the baby right” he asked as he stopped moving inside of me.

I grabbed onto the sheets. “ no, the baby is so small. Please daddy I want it hard” I begged him, arching my back for him.

“ say it again” he demanded.

“ daddy” I said sweetly, shaking my ass with his cock still inside of me.

He grunted as he pushed deep inside of me. “ good girl” he whispered as he spanked my ass and started to fuck me hard, just how I liked it.

“ You are going to be the most sexiest and most beautiful mother. I’ll make you proud princess” Elijah said seetly as he continued to fuck me.

“ Elijah if you slow down anymore I’m going to leave your ass” I groaned as I felt myself close to cumming.

Elijah reached around and punched my clit. “ the fuck you are” he growled. I screamed as I felt him pinch my clit as he pounded my pussy.

“ nobody has ever taken my cock like my naughty girl”

“ Elijah fuuuck” I screamed as I felt my pussy throb as I cummed. Elijah didn't stop fucking me, I felt the hot cum coat my pussy walls.

“ take it, princess” he groaned as he deeply thrusted inside of me.

I moaned as I felt myself go weak. Elijah held me up as he flipped us over. He wrapped his arms around me. His fingers pushing my hair out of the way.

I stared up at him.

“ fuck it” he growled leaning down to kiss my lips. His tongue worked its way into my mouth.

“ I love you princess, fuck I’ll stop the illegal shit if I have to. I just want to make you happy princess” I gasped as I processed his words.

I leant up, surprised at his words.

My hand wrapped around his cock. “ princess, careful” he groaned tilting his head back.

“ I’m happy, I actually find it really hot when you’re bad. Don’t change for me please” I said kissing the head of his cock. I slipped my tongue around the tip.

“ seriously ,fuck. I love you even more” he grunted as I started to bib my head up and down on his cock. Feeling him at the back of my throat.

“ I love you too daddy” I said as I smirked, his cock still in my mouth read to take him to new heights.

“ princess” he moaned as he laid back into the bed.

I grinned as I shoved him to the back of my throat. I’m in love with Elijah, after everything I’m in love and I don’t regret it.


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