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Love,pains,joy,suspense and intriguing moments

Romance / Thriller
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Old shadows

Enere had just gotten back from work , when she got hold of the door knob ,joyfully with an envelope on her left hand.

She shouted honey’ from afar.

Baby where are you .

Adetokubo reply from the other end of the room .

Yes dear !

How did your day go mylove , I have a good news to share with you.

Alright shoot my love!!

Well,I am due for a long time promotion in my job , Next week marks my tenth year in media,the media team west Africa (MTWA) is going to be honouring me with an award of excellence.

You know what that means right ,a break to my big career, I finally got to the peak I wanted tokunbo.

With excited in her over joyful voice she hugged tokubo

But he gave a faint smile and said ok , congratulations

Enere- what is wrong with you honey , I thought we both wanted this ,why the sudden change of mood.

You should be happy for me she said , starring directly at his eye balls , searching for the all loving man she married 18years back .

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