The Rain

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He saved her that night but she doesn't remember his name. 4 years later almost to the day, they have another chance meeting just outside the same place, Only this time things will end differently. She will finally meet her savior, and he might finally get her attention. Most importantly they might finally find someone worth the risking heartbreak.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

It was a gloomy morning, the rain wasn’t coming down hard but more of a light drizzle. While most people disliked the cool dampness in the air from that rain, I enjoyed it. Sitting in the little breakfast nook in my apartment, watching out the window observing the people as they swiftly moved along the sidewalks.

“Morning Hayden, what are you planning for today?” Katrina asked.

“Not much, class around noon then I have a shift later at the bookstore. What about you?”

“Class. Some people from my English class are talking about this party tonight at... Derek’s’. I was hoping you’d come with...”

“Kat you know how I feel about parties, and Derek’s’ house in particular.” I sighed while fiddling with my sweater’s sleeves.

“Please Hayes just an hour. I won’t leave your side! I just want to show you that they aren’t all bad. Just because one was exceptionally bad doesn’t mean they all are.”

“I’ll think about it.” I told her. We both knew that I would try to find away out of it.

The last party I went to ended with me in the hospital, and him in jail. Just thinking about it made my stomach flip, subconsciously I moved my hand to my rib as though running my hand over them would lead to the scars disappearing.

I looked up hoping Kat wouldn’t notice but given the look on her face she was recalling her memory of that night.

“Hey, Kat, don’t.” I said sternly.

“Hayes, I’m so sor-”

“Kat!” I said, ” I said don’t, none of it was your fault. None of it!”

“I know, I know. I just wish we would have found you sooner you know then maybe you wouldn’t have been so hurt.”

“C’mere.” I said holding my arms out to her, she collapsed into my arms. I knew she felt guilty, I wish she wouldn’t feel so bad. It was my own fault for getting involved with Aaron. Stroking her hair, I waited for her to compose herself, once she was ready, she untangled herself. Getting up from my seat I grabbed a glass of water to help calm my nerves for what I was about to say.

“I’ll go but only for one hour, and as long as it’s in the beginning when there are fewer people.” I said.

“Really!?” Kat exclaimed in disbelief.


“You are honestly the strongest person I know!”

“Kat its been 4 years, I know he is in jail. I should start living again.”

“Yes, you should.” Kat said, “Hey why do you never ask who the other person that helped save you that night was?”

“I don’t know, I vaguely recall him coming to the hospital to talk to me. Obviously, he never gave his name and I was on so many drugs that I can’t even recall his name.” I started. “But what I do remember is after I thanked him, he said that we’d meet again but that it would be the right way at the right time. He wanted to be more then just the guy that saved me that night.”

“I know, I still keep in contact with him. Would you like to know his name? I know he really wants to talk to you. He always asks how you are doing.”

“No. I’d much rather meet him when the time is right.”

“I’m calling it!” She suddenly exclaimed.

“What are you calling?” I asked.

“You two will end up married!”

Spitting out the water I had been drinking I exclaimed “Excuse me?!?!”

“You are perfect together! I know the two of you, him not as well as you obviously. But you will fit together perfectly.”

“Katrina! You have lost your damn mind, haven’t you?” I exclaimed. “You need to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend whichever you’d prefer and stay out of my love life or lack there of.”

“Boyfriend, I’ve sorta been seeing someone. That’s also half the reason I want you to come tonight. I want you to meet him.”

“Ahh and the truth is revealed.” I say laughing. “I’ll be there, though you know an even easier way for me to meet him would be to bring him here? What a crazy idea?”

Kat rolled her eyes at me before stealing my cup and finishing my water. Setting the glass in the sink, she turned to me and said “Well now that you’ve agreed to come, I’m gonna head to class. When I get home, I will lay out the cutest outfit for you to wear tonight. I’ll see you at 7!”

With that she flipped her hair over her shoulder and sauntered out of the kitchen. Shaking my head, I headed to my room to grab my stuff for class and then my shirt and name tag for work. Stuffing everything into my bag, I headed out the door.

My day flew by, my boss let me leave early so I was standing in front of my apartment by 6:45pm. Letting out a slow breath I quietly entered the apartment. Taking off my beat-up old converse, I tucked them into the closet before hanging up my jacket.

Making my way to my room I was stopped when I heard Kat squeal. Slowly I turned around to face her.

“You are home early! This is perfect! Go take a shower! Then I’ll do your hair and makeup!”

“Kat take a deep breath. I’ll go get in the shower, but you are gonna go make some dinner for the two of us.”

“Yes, I actually made some homemade pizza dough earlier! Pepperoni and Cheese okay? Of course, it is!” She singsong as she walked away.

Blowing out a breath, I quickly stepped into my room to grab a clean set of undergarments. Stepping back into the hallway, I walked to the bathroom. Going into the bathroom I immediately turned the shower on letting it warm up.

Quickly taking my clothing off I was just about to step into the shower when I caught sight of the scars on my back. The memories of that night began to flash through my mind....

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