He can't See. Russo#1

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He thrust inside me and whispered, "Welcome to the darkness, Vita Mia" Lauren was the daughter of famous businessman Derek Maxwell. From her childhood, she knew that she has to marry Vincenzo Russo a very wealthy, handsome and powerful man. Lauren is quite happy with it. her friends also cheer her about her fiancée. she never saw him not even a glance but she felt some kinds of feelings for him, She didn't know it was love beneath inside her desire and goal to claim the throne, and take revenge from the murderer of her mother. but what she didn't know that he was blind. he can't see, he have temporary blindness. now, she was married to him. but on the other hand, she caught the eye of the same wealthy, powerful and good looking man, Dante Berlioz, the enemy of Vincenzo Russo. who will she choose? the blind husband who loves her so much whom she adores for a very long time? And the most important key in her game. or the gorgeous, wealthy and powerful drug dealer who also loves her so much? " if you choose me you Will fly high among the rainbows if you choose him you will be drawn into the sea of darkness, tesero"- Dante Berlioz. "if I get my eyesight back, vita mia then also my life will be full of darkness"- Vincenzo Russo. ________ NOT EDITED [ My books are slow burn so, please have patience and give it a chance]

Romance / Mystery
Shibangi Banerjee
Age Rating:


Welcome to the darkness readers. Are you ready to be a sinner as you already entangle with the Russo's?

This is the first book in Russo Chronicles.

If you love Clitch then read this if you don't love Clitch then also read this, a new spice in the ol' clitch.

I am saying this again my books are slow burn, so if you feel bored then it's okay, coz I might have written something really bored on purpose, but I will try my best to made the ending, because I believe,"Ending is the important part of a story, ".


This book contains Sexual assault, mature theme, cussing, age gap and mystery.


If you see any typo or grammatical errors then please correct it whilst commenting it will help me.

I think your comments and votes are the things we deserve.

Thanks for choosing, 'He can't see'

I prefer, 18+ readers but if you can take the dark, dangerous themes then it's okay.

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