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love bloom 1

It is raining,i hate rain.i have always wanted to see the bright and cheerful sunny day.but right now i want this night never to end.tomorrow is the worst day of my life.because the love of my life is getting married tomorrow.i can’t stand this pain.‘hello’ , everyone.I’m VIOLET LOVE.yeah ! that’s my surname.i am 22 years old.i would like to share my love story with you guys.if someone asks me what i love the most in my EX boyfriend , i will definitely say that i loves his eyes the most. yes!!! he has the most gorgeous eyes with black eye color which dazzles like light brown in sunlight.that’s where i lost my myself ONCE. i was “LOST IN HIS EYES”.


i was 18. It was the first day of my college.i was super nervous and i was pretty excited as well.i was going to my class that’s when i saw him.he was entering the main hall way .he was so handsome and he wore the blue checked shirt with ripped black pants.

( he is IAN WILLIAMSON,he is 19.he is the son of GA enterprises’s president.his father owns this college.)

Point of view :IAN

There is a girl standing in front of me.she is so beautiful.she looks like the goddess of beauty.i have seen many girls but i have never seen a girl like her.she is cute and i can see the innocence in her eyes.i can tell that she is staring at me.and i am sure she is enjoying the view as well.when i caught her staring at me , when our eyes met,she went inside the class immediately.And i have decided that she is the one to rule my heart.i want her to be mine.and i am sure that i will make her mine at any cost .we will meet again beautiful.see you soon.

Thomas:What happened ? man.why were you looking at her like that?

Ian:hmm.is she a newbie?

Thomas:i think so.

Ian: okay. do a back round check on her? I want to know everything about her.

Thomas: sure.are you into her Ian?


Thomas:then what about DAISY?

Ian:i will break up with her.after all she is just 25th girlfriend.

Thomas: hmm. okay lets go .we have soccer practice.


violet has chosen the Fashion and business major.so she is in the faculty of fashion.

Hannah : Hi , i am Hannah . Hannah Parker.

Violet:Hi , i am violet love.

Hannah: i kinda love your surname.i can already feel the chemistry between as.and i am sure that we going to be BFF.

Violet:i would love that. so why did you choose fashion and business major?

Hannah:because my parents want me to.and you?

Violet: I have always wanted to become a fashion designer .it’s my ambition.

Hannah:wow! i so proud of you my baby girl.

(both chuckles)

Hannah: By the way did i tell you that you look so damn beautiful?

Violet: you are kind.


i wish everything will go well. and i am glad that i met Hannah.


we will see what happened next in chapter 2.

Bye! thank you so much for reading my story.

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