Mafia captive

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This is suppose to be an easy task, but Luka is not a easy man, to fool. Zoya must fund a way to escape her captor, he is a brutal mafia boss who has no Marcy and all she's asking for is Marcy. what happens when the two enemies fall for each other, Luka must protect his heart, but the damn thing has a mind of its own. Luka finds him self falling for his sexy captive, her sexual body, lips meant for fucking and kissing, everything about her screams sex, hot sex and love. but it doesn't last long, how can you amend a broken heart, in fact how do you amend a broken mafia boss. what happens when you find out that the love was fake, the joy and happiness were all fake. Luka is back to his old self, the walking deadly machine that he is,he is ready to lock his heart and feeling in a tight cage just to make her pay. he is ready to break her, until she's a broken girl, and a shell that she's suppose to be a sex slave. Zoya must continue the pretend of being Lisa, its either she says the truth and lose her baby brother or remain silent and face the consequence of her action. the love, Joy and happiness she once had is now taken away from her when her captor found out that she's been lying to him about her identity over and over again. now she must find a way to save the only family that she has left. but escaping won't be easy when you are the enemy. it won't be e

Joseph Erezi
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Chapter one


Today is the day I am getting my fifth mission, working as a spy is not an easy job, I get to change country and identity over and over again. My life would have been fucking better if my power hungry parents, had stayed home. Instead the were flying around the world saving lives and they couldn't save themselves. The moment they died the government quickly throw me and my baby brother into the orphanage home. Our Nanny took that as an opportunity and claimed all of my parents property, sending us to the orphanage as quick as possible. Bitch.

Life in the orphanage home was hard, the teenage were asked to stay home and work while the children are to go to school, I couldn't wait and watch Bruno stop school, so I took the first job opportunity I had, the Head mistress was the one who introduced me to Mr John a mafia boss who deals with drugs and human trafficking, he wanted to recruit me as a junior spy, in exchange Bruno would adopted by one of his friend. It was Worth the risk,A better life for Bruno.

I knocked on Mr John's door. The organization building looks like a normal business place, an outside would think it was a law firm, but it was far from it, criminals of any kind works here, murders, drug dealers, arm rubber's, human traffickers name them this fucked up organization has them all.

'' come in'' Mr John said from the other side of the door. As I entered the sight that greeted me was a sour one, not that it's the first time, but every time I walked in and he is this busy, I always asked to come back but he always refused, so I didn't bother turning around this time I quality take the seat opposite him and pretend no to see the sexy bimbo sucking him off. So gross.

'' um I just came to tell you that everything for tomorrow is ready '' I told him, I just can't wait to get out from this uncomfortable situation.

'' oh hmm, I see, you gat Luka's picture right?'' He asked with a moan.

'' yeah I still, gat, like I said everything is ready'' I replied

'' good, good, an remember Luka is a very very wise and crafty mobster, so be careful. And if you are caught you are on your own, the organization has no idea who you are, but if you chose to betray us, your brother is going down with us'' every fucking time he gives me this lecture I always grow angry, how can I betray the only family I have, I would die first before saying a single word go my enemy.

'' yes I know the drill, no blabbing the organization secret blab blab blab'' I mocked him, I might have the face of an angel, but my mouth is full of shit.

'' one day your smart mouth will get you into trouble Zoya'' he whined.

I stood up not wanting to see his face when he finally finds his release, that is so not a good memory I want in my head.

As I exist the build I nod to the few works I saw in the building, the organization forbids close relationship, the wants us to be cold, unattached, because they want us focus, so that when we are captured they won't have a weak spot to to hold against us.

I took out my car keys from my back pocket, and opened the car door, this was my first expensive property and I love it. I immediately drove off, the ride to my apartment was just fifteen minutes drive. I parked my car at the underground parking lot, and entered the elevator. My apartment was at the sixth floor. The elevator dings signalling me that I have reached my apartment. I know my apartment was not that big, but it was cozy, my personal comfort zone.

I grabbed the file I was studying before going out. When I first received this mission I thought Mr luka was a old man, but damn he wasn't old at all. He is a young man in his early forty's, green eyes and black spiky hair, body to die for, I swear this man was man specially by God and his Angels. It kinda sucks that its just a one day mission, if not I would have thrown my no fucking target policy away, and beg him to fuck me, and fuck me hard.

My stomach growl, which made me to realise that I haven't eaten since morning. I dropped the file on my coffee table and walked to my gas, picked out my pot and a pack of noodles, that's the only thing I could cook. The last time I tried cooking soup, I burnt down an entire building, if the government can band someone from cooking I would be number one.

After eating my junkish dinner, I took out my black wig and my outfit for tomorrow and placed them on the bed. I quickly took my bath and went to bed, I have a long day tomorrow.

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* what the hell, I didn't have any motherfucking sleep, I kept on have this stupid dream that I was locked up in a call. And my fucking alarm clock won't shut up, I must confess I am not a morning person, I hate morning.

I got out of bed, and went straight to the coffee maker, there is nothing a good hot cup of coffee won't fix. I moan as the sweet bitter taste entered my mouth.

After my coffee I did my business in the bathroom, and quickly put on my make up, today make up is heavy, it always hides my real face. After getting ready I took on last look at my self, yeah I look like an America young lady. I grab I var and house key and off I go.

The drive to the location my client was, wasn't that far just an hour drive, as I parked my car and emerge the building, it was more like a school to me, it has a children playing ground, parking lot in fact this is a school.

I spot my client Mr Mark, a short Chinese man, who knows only how to speak Chinese, good thing I know how. When he saw me coming he gives me a small smile, and a hand shake.

'' ah welcome miss Lisa, pleasure meeting you '' he said in Chinese.

'' same, Mr luka isn't here yet?'' I asked taking his hand.

'' no, he's on his way, please sit down'' he gesture for me to sit. I quality take the seat, the office we were in had three chair and one big desk, the wallpaper was a pale yellow mixed with blue, it was a cute combination.

'' yes send them in'' Mr Mark said to the phone using Chinese, I guess my target is here.

As the door opened five men walked in, all dressed in black suit, immediately I know who my target is, and I tell you the photos I saw of him was nothing compared to him, this living specimen is a fucking work of art.

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