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What happen, when you love your two best friends. Crazy right? well you see, they are both drop dead hot, why me am get the girl at the back. David and Daniel has been my rock, since my dad died, and I have been their little rose since I gave them my launch in first grade. We were like siblings, but one look at the three of us, you will know that I am not part of the crew. they are walking gods, while I am the sidekick. I have no idea when my feelings started, but damn, I want them both. Well luck is not on my side, my whore of a mother is fucking diagnosed with cancer, how on earth am I going to raise money for her treatment, and still keep my good grades. and now the only rock I have are moving away too my life is over. From Rezi: Find out what happens when her life hits rock bottom . will her rocks come back or will they just grow apart. its up to you to find out.

Joseph Erezi
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Am so excited, today am starting first grade, and dad is going to drop me off, I can't wait to go to school, most of my friends are already there, but dad said I should wait till on Tuesday before I start.

My bag is already with me so is my lunch, mum made lots of pancake for me, and I know I won't be able to eat it all myself, maybe I will share it with my friends.

'' Daisy are you ready '' is that even a question, I am more than ready, in fact I have been ready for three months now.

'' yes daddy I am super ready '' I reply, I didn't wait for him to follow me I just went out side and stand close to his car.

'' someone is excited '' he said as he finally walk out of the house.

'' Hmm '' was I can do, he is taking too long .

Finally we are at the school, I can see other children my age playing around, some are still with their parents just like me.

'' good morning sir '' a pretty lady greets my dad.

'' Morning, I am here to register my baby girl '' he told the lady, I hate it when he calls me baby, yes I may be three years old, but I am a big girl, and big girls are not called baby.

'' OK sir, this way '' she leads us to a small office, he take the seat opposite the one the lady is sitting, and place me on him lap. I am just thankful that no one is here to witness this.

It took a while and lots of paper signing to finally settle me in my first class. I kissed my dad goodbye while the lady takes me to my class.

The class room was nice, lots of paintings and toys, I like painting so I am definitely going to love it here.

'' look class we have a new student, come on give let's give her our welcome song '' my new teacher said as she hold my hand to the front of the class.

They all started singing, I felt happy, I am so going to love school.

After the introduction I was given a seat, my chair is pink and I am not a fan of pink, I prefer red or orange, but there is nothing I can do, because most the seats are pink, green and blue.

The class was fun, I like Mrs Ava, she's my teacher and she's very nice. It was lunch time, I haven't made any friends yet, I have few of my friends here, but want new friends. So I walk around the class looking for anyone I can talk too.

I saw two boys, they look alike, maybe they are related, and the are cute too. I walk up to them.

'' Hi my name is Daisy '' I said looking at them, I give them my best smile, my daddy always say I smile like an angel, that I should do it more often, so anytime I see anybody I smile, and they are always nice to me.

'' Hello '' The one with black hair say. The other one was just staring at me. Its kind of uncomfortable. I look around and see that they are the only children without lunch,

'' will you share my lunch with me ?'' I ask them. They were both looking at me like I have lost my mind. It took them 30 good seconds, before they replied me.

'' sure, what do you have ?'' The same one ask me.

'' well, I have pancakes, and candy '' I said.

'' OK '' was all he said. And I immediately brought out my lunch box and the three of us dig in.

They later told me their name, David and Daniel and they were twins, David is the eldest, and he's really quite, while Daniel is very loud, and sweet, but sometimes he can be really mean.

That's how we became best friends.

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