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Marriage is supposed to be from death til we part and that is how I thought my relationship with Lenny would be. Then Ryan kissed me and now I've found myself lying naked in a bed with a man that isn't my husband unashamed and feeling a little guilty that I was betraying the man I had swore to love until I die. Maybe one day I'll stop, but for now I am having too much fun to give this up.

Romance / Erotica
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I laid in bed in a hotel room with Ryan’s arms draped around me. We had been sneaking around for a little over a month and no one knew, except my three new friends who only laughed and told me to be careful. I understood where they were coming from. We were both married and neither one of us wanted to end our relationships and we were okay with that. The good thing about Ryan was that I could be myself. Our ages never came up and almost every time we met, we ended up having sex in a random place. The art museum, the caves under the city museum, the park, behind a building. He was dangerous and made me feel like I was a teenager rebelling against my parents, who in this case was my husband and, in a few days, would be his parents.

“What’s wrong?” He asked, sensing my irritation which was something we had developed with each other over the past few weeks.

“Nothing, I just realized what day it was?” I said, staring at the clock that I could barely see. He had taken my glasses and put them somewhere that I couldn’t remember.

“What day is it?” He asked, nuzzling me in his arms.

“My in-laws are coming over tomorrow, I’m not ready for them,” I admitted.

“I don’t blame you. I have to see my in-laws this weekend. It’s only for a few hours, but I hate those people,” he said, seriously.

I giggled, “Something else we have in common, we both hate our in-laws.”

“True,” he said, sounding as if he was half sleep.

“Wake up,” I ordered. “You have a meeting today and your wife comes back from her trip with her parents,” I reminded him. Somehow, I had turned into his wife.

“Right,” he said, rolling on top of me then looking into my eyes. I couldn’t really make out his face, but I could tell he was smiling and the next thing I felt was his lips on mine. “I’ll call you later,” He said, rising off me to what I assumed was a seated position.

“Can I get my glasses?” I asked, sitting up, “My sight is getting better, but I still can’t see very well.” I reminded him.

I felt him reach over me, then he handed me some glasses that didn’t feel like my usual pair, “What’s this?” I asked, feeling around the new pair of glasses. They felt smaller and looked black.

“Your new glasses,” he said, taking them out of my hand then sliding them on my eyes. They felt better than my original ones and lighter, “Why did you get me new glasses?” I asked, staring at his beautiful backside as he reached for his clothes.

“Because I hate your old ones, and like your friends got rid of your braces, next week you’re getting eye surgery.

A huge smile flooded my face. I had wanted eye surgery for years but could never afford it, now this gorgeous man was making my wish come true. A week before I had gotten my braces off, because Cece said it was time. My husband liked the difference and so did Ryan. “Why are you spending so much on me?” I asked, walking over towards him then sitting on his lap. His cock which was almost twice the size of Lenny’s was hung low, so I wasn’t initiating anything.

He wrapped his arms around me, “Because you deserve it,” he said, kissing me, then flipping me over on the bed and entering me.

I giggled then said, “You have to leave,” while enjoying the thrusting between my legs.

“I’ll leave later,” he said, grabbing my arms and holding them above my head. I had wrapped my legs around his waist. “If you want, I could skip that meeting and we can stay like this for the rest of the day,” he said, through soft kisses.

My mind went blank. I wanted to take control of the situation, but I couldn’t move, he had me and he knew it. Then his phone rang. At first, he ignored it, but it rang again so he grabbed his phone and answered it, while his cock laid buried deep inside me, “Hey dad. Yes, I’m on my way to the meeting. I know I’ll be there in 30. Okay bye.” With that he hung up, then pulled out and sat up, leaving us both unsatisfied. “Well that was my answer,” he said, disappointed. His eyes were locked on his phone as if it were a curse or something.

I smiled and said, “It’s okay. I have stuff to do today anyway. I’ll see you Monday?” I asked, hopeful.

His eyes snapped towards mine growing bigger as he whined the words, “Why so long?”

I smiled, “My in-laws will be here. My mother in law is a blood hound. I do not have time to be worrying about her.”

He laughed then licked my lips, “I hear you, but do you really think you can go three days without me?” He asked boldly, and that was when I noticed the tattoo across his chest. We had been together dozens of times, but I had never noticed a lock over his chest with some initials and something in Spanish underneath.

I stared at his chest then said, “When did you get that tattoo?”

His demeanor changed, I had hit a nerve. I didn’t mean to but there was something so familiar about that tattoo, like it meant something to me only I couldn’t remember. Juntos Para Siempre. Jamas aparte. Why do I know those words?

Instead of answering he took me into his arms and kissed me, then said, “it’s not something I like to talk about, so please don’t ask.”

“Okay,” I said, softly.

He then released me then walked into the shower. I walked in a few seconds later, wrapped my arms around his waist and placed my head on his back, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” I said, apologetically.

He turned around and looked at me, “It’s okay. Maybe one day I’ll tell you what this tattoo means.” He assured me.

I smiled then kissed him and just like that my back was up against the wall in the shower and he again was buried inside me, but this time felt different than the last. This time it didn’t feel like we were two teens messing around. This time it was more sensual, and sweet, we were making love. I was in love with him. Could I survive three days without him near me? I didn’t think I could because what I felt for him was more than just a friend with benefits. He was someone I wanted to leave my husband for and as the water cascaded down our bodies and he continued to pound into me and passionately kiss my lips, I let my mind flood with ideas of a life with him. I’d finally have children and he would treat me like a queen. Sure, there was an age difference but at least I’d be with someone who understood me. Then I felt it, that great relief that thanks to him I had gotten used to. I don’t know how long we were in that shower, only that I didn’t want to leave, but I couldn’t go on any longer and his breathing was getting heavy and a second later I felt the release and moments later, he joined me, then we slowly pulled away from each other.

“You are going to make me quit my job,” he said, while biting his lips. I just laid my head against his chest trying to get my thoughts in order. “You okay?” He asked, brushing my cheek.

“I’m fine. You should hurry before your father calls back,” I reminded him.

He smiled, then after we finished our shower I helped him get dress and kissed him goodbye.

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