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Aliana meets a good looking male and starts building feeling for him on the first night together. She soon finds out that he is a CEO of a the most popular building and that is getting married too. Aliana starts working at the same company that he is at. *Two different languages* 💗💗💗

Romance / Adventure
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💜Chapter one: Finding Yourself💜

One Sunday night, Aliana was walking to the grocery store for her mom. She was questioning rather she should turn around and walk back home without the groceries. slowly walks inside the store and sees an attractive guy. Cashier waves at her and she waves back as her face starts red. Aliana starts grabbing the milk, apple juice, and cereal. As she walks up to the cashier, two men with masks starts threatening the cashier and the cashier does what the two men told him to do. The robbers started hurting the cashier and I waited for the robbers to leave to call ambulance. She ran to the unknown man and asked if he could hear her. He nodded. Aliana said,“What’s your name?” Cashier responds, “My name is Felix Waters.” She replies, “Okay Felix Waters. My name is Aliana. I called the ambulance and they are almost here. Can you stand?” Felix responds, “Hi Aliana. Yes, I can stand but I might need some assistance if you don’t mind helping. By the way, you have beautiful eyes and hair.” Aliana helps Felix get on his feet and let him lean on her for support. They look at each other’s eyes for a couple of minutes. On the arrival of the ambulance, she takes Felix to the ambulance and goes with him as the medical people check him. Holds his hand to keep him calm and feel him squeezing my hand tighter. We arrived to the hospital and I waited for an update from the doctor about his condition. Aliana gets a call from her worried mom. 📱: baby?! 📱: Yeah ma? 📱: Where are you? are you okay?? 📱: I am at the hospital. I am fine ma. 📱: Why are you at the hospital?? 📱:The cashier at the grocery store got injured, so I am waiting for an update on his condition. 📱: Oh, be careful. I will tell your brother to bring you and him some clothes, okay? 📱: Okay ma. bye love you.

Three hours later, Aliana sees the doctor walk up to her and stands up. Doctor said, “Are you the woman that brought the man here?” She replies, “Yeah, that is me sir.” Doctor responds, “You can visit the man in room 186. He asked for you miss.” Aliana said, “Okay thanks doc for all your excellent work.” She walks to the room that the doctor told her to go to. Walks in the room and sits in the chair next to him as he starts waking up. He sits up a little and reaches for my hand. As I put my hand on his hand, we talk to each other and making sure we were okay. Felix said, “Are you okay though??” Aliana replies, “Yeah, I just got a small cut.” He responds, “You got hurt because of me. I’m sorry for getting you hurt. Please forgive me.” She comments, “Hey, it wasn’t your fault for me getting hurt. I’m just a clumsy person that’s all.” Felix comments back, “You sure??” Aliana said, “Yeah, i’m hundred percent sure. Oh almost forgot my brother is bringing us some clothes. He is going to be taking us to my place.” He responds surprisingly, “You sure that’s a good idea to have me at your place??” She replies, “Yeah, i’m sure Felix.” Hears a knock on door and Felix said come in to the room. She notices that it’s my brother and She ran up to him and start crying. Gave her a hug and starts crying. She went to the bathroom to change her clothes and she starts cleaning herself as well. Felix started getting changed into the clothes her brother brought him to wear. Aliana walked out of the bathroom and handed her dirty clothes to her brother as they were walking out of the room. Felix saw her walking out the room and he stood up as we were walking towards him.

As they walked out of the hospital, Aliana’s brother took them to a store, so they can get some new clothes and maybe shoes. Aliana went to the women’s section and Felix went to the men’s section. Her brother helped Felix choose shoes and clothes that matches her outfits. She got two white dresses and one pink dress with black wedges. Aliana feels a cold hand touching her and she turns around and it was Felix. Surprisingly, she hugs him tightly and she starts crying. He was confused about what she was crying, but he hugged her back to comfort her. After choosing their clothes and shoes, they went to a grocery store to get food for later on. Felix holds Aliana’s hand quietly. He whispers,“Aliana look down.” She looks down. She said,“Is something wrong??” He notices that he holding her hand tightly like he scared. Felix said, “No.” Aliana replies, “Do you want a hug from me??” He replies, “If you want to.” Aliana hugs Felix for couple of minutes. They get out of the car and walk inside the grocery store. Aliana’s brother introduces himself to Felix. Aliana’s brother said,“Felix, my name is Tony.” Felix replies, “Nice to meet you Tony.” Tony responds, “Nice to meet you too.” Some hours pass by, we arrive to Aliana’s condo and we all get out the car together. While getting out of the car, Felix and Tony grab the bags as she goes up the stairs and unlocking the door.

Three hours later, Aliana starts cooking dinner for her and Felix as he is taking a shower. She was making vegetable egg rolls with stir fry and soy sauce. Aliana makes two strawberry mango smoothies. As she is making the smoothies, Felix walks up behind her and puts his arms around her waist. Aliana pours the smoothies in glass mugs. She turns around and accidentally kisses Felix. He kisses Aliana back without any hesitance. Aliana pushes him back and runs outside to the porch. Follows her outside and hugs her from behind. Felix said,“I’m so sorry.” Aliana replies, “I didn’t mean to kiss you and I am really sorry for that.” He responds, “Turn around and look at me please Aliana.” She turns around and faces Felix. Felix states, “Close your eyes.” Aliana closes her eyes. As her eyes were closed, Felix leans in for a kiss. Aliana kisses him back while her arms are around his neck.

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