To Many Goodbyes

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Raven and Jax were like peanut butter and jelly. They always cooperated well and worked together. They have a lot in common and you couldn’t get them wrong, until Axle gets in the way. Axle and Raven are like a wild thunderstorm in a glamorous sunset. Unexpected and beautiful. Different but still work. Graceful and rare. Raven comes to love them both, who will she choose? How will she handle all of the unusual attention?

Romance / Drama
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The New Beginning

Just like a lot of other stories, I am the new kid. My family moves around a lot, so I have to as well. Today is going to be my first day at Mesquite Highschool. I have already gotten ready and I have an hour of spare time left.

My parents are already at their work. They run a big business where they buy broken businesses and fix them. When the business is fixed, they sell the business and move me to another mansion.

This is the second time I’ve been in this area. I texted a friend from junior high and I decided to go to the school that he chose. This is our Senior year.

Our graduation photos, last Homecoming, last prom, last high school parties, and last year to sneak out.

I decide to head to school and show up 45 minutes early. I grab my bag and keys to my motorcycle. I put on my helmet and start the engine. As I’m riding, I feel the wind on my face and in my hair. I breathe in the smell of rain from last night.

When I get there, I park my vehicle and call Jax.

“Hey, you here yet?” I ask when he picks up. “I really want to see you.” I remember how short and chubby he was. His blonde curly hair and blue eyes.

“Ya, I’m in the office. Hurry in, I miss you.” He laughs. His voice is lower then last time I heared him speak.

I jog to the entry and speed walk to the office by the door.

“Raven?” I hear from behind. Jax has gotten taller and buffer. His freckles are still there and I smile at the sight.

“Jax,” I sigh and give him a hug. “Jax, when did you get hot?” I laugh. He blushes and laughs.

“When did you get hot?” He asks back. We both laugh and the office lady gives me a schedule.

“I volunteered to give you a tour. Shall we?” We hook arms and he shows me around.

We laugh and catch up as he shows me around and tells me how it works.

“Here there aren’t any exclusive friend groups. We aren’t to big on stereotypes. I don’t know why the movies exaggerate them so much.” He says, “we are pretty chill, only a couple of bullies here and there, but that’s it.”

We go to a locker and he tries the code a couple times while looking at my schedule.

“This locker is yours. It’s normal not to get it the first few times, as you probably already know.” He says, turning to look at me. He smiles and we just stand there a minute.

“Why are you smiling?” I giggle.

“Oh, I was smiling?” He blushes. I laugh and tease him a little.

“How many classes do we have together?” I ask.

“We have..” He looks at the paper and counts, “seven classes together.”

I smile and bite my lip realizing how tall he his compared to me.

“What if we hung out tonight?” I suggest.

“Ya, I was just going to ask.” He blushes, “want to go to my place? I still live in the same house.”

“Do you still have the treehouse?” I smirk.

“I couldn’t get rid of it if I tried. I would have to chop down the tree and take out the decorations you put in. How can I do that?” He laughs.

I give him a hug and someone whistles at him. We both blush and head to first hour, a little late.

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