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The Blind Vampire (Book 2)

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Adora is the daughter of THE deaf vampire herself. She is carefree,strong, mischievous and a pure blooded vampire. At just sixteen years old she knows how to get into more trouble without fail. But if there is one person she loves the most it's her bestfriend Wesley. They've been inseparable since they were children. Wesley has always loved Adora. More than anything in the world he wanted to be with her. But with him being a werewolf it was frowned upon in the community for a werewolf and a pure blooded vampire to be together romantically. So when his parents decide to send him away to boarding school for a year he couldn't be any more furious. Separated for a year,what happens when he transfers into her school. Eager than before Wesley decides he is done hiding his feelings leaving Adora in a war with her heart. There's just one more thing... Adora is blind in one eye

Romance / Other
Kiara A. Jones
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When Two Souls Connect

It was a crisp white day. The air was nice and chilly as the sun didn't make an appearance. The huge mansion had been covered with curtains as the rain poured down hard. Not a sound could be heard except for the small pitter patter of little feet.

It paraded up and down the large halls. Dodging away from the servants who grew agitated as they had much work to do. "Piggy... where are you" another voice of a child called yelling through the halls. The small girl held back a giggle as she frantically began looking for a place to hide.

After being found by one of the maids in the kitchen they shooed the young girl away. She flew down the hall her long pale blonde hair flowing behind her. Her mother's scolding from earlier completely gone from her mind.

She was having so much fun that the blue gown she wore had dark spots parading all over over fabric. She quickly made her way into another secret room. Stepping carefully as the room was dark her vision blurred in one eye.

She decided to hide behind the large red curtains in the room. Holding her breath for as long as she could, no more than ten minutes later did she hear the door to room open. She heard the footsteps searching up and down.

Her eyes grew big as she saw the familiar feet underneath the curtain. Not a second later the curtain was pulled harshly and her eyes met with familiar hazel ones. "You found me Wes"!

The small boy grinned his small canines protruding from his mouth. He pulled her into his arms hugging her tightly. "Took me long enough, you're too good at this game piggy" he cooed at the girl. At just twelve years old he had been infatuated with the small girl in his arms.

He lightly pressed a hand against her face. He gazed into her one brown eye and one golden. She smiled big with her small fangs coming in. She was blind in her brown eye and could only see from her golden eye. But it never stopped her from being a carefree child.

Just then a panicked maid discovered the two children. "Where have you two been?! Come along now your parents request for you both" she said grabbing each of there hands in hers. Dragging the children down the dark halls of the mansion voices could be heard coming from down the hall.

She ushered the children inside the large office where three adults could be seen. Astrids eyes grew angry as her daughter came into the room her blue gown all dirty and torn. "I told you to be careful with your gown Adora"!

Her daughter looked down holding back tears. "Don't be to hard on her my love she is still a child. Adora come here to papa" Cohen cooed and she happily skipped into her father's arms.

"This is exactly what I mean! You spoil her too much" Astrid grumbled rubbing a hand over her swollen belly. She watched the young boy take a seat next to his mother.

"I always knew you'd be the hard ass parent" Arista joked as she pulled her son into her arms. He had been staring at Adora the whole time as she sat in her father's lap.

"I have to be! Cohen doesn't do any of the discipline" Astrid says shaking her head as she watched her husband rock their daughter in his arms. She stared at them with so much love and adoration. It had been a miracle she was able to get pregnant as they had tried for months but was always disappointed in the end.

Now here she sat pregnant with their second child. Adora had been a huge blessing even with them finding out she was blind in one eye. Due to her having a complicated pregnancy it was discovered that the poison that had caused her to go deaf some of it still coursed through her bloodstream.

She had feared that the same would happen with their next child. But Cohen had insisted that it shouldn't stop them from having more children. "When do you plan on having another baby" Astrid asked Arista who immediately shook her head.

"One is more than enough for me. I can't go through that again Wesley here stretched me out so bad". Arista said as her son gave her a fake frown. She kissed his forehead which he immediately dodged.

Getting up from the couch Wesley made his way to Adora who climbed down from her father's embrace. Cohen told the children to run along as there were more pressing matters for them to discuss.

He watched the children leave the room once again.

"Arista I'm sure you are aware of this. Your son is quite infatuated with my daughter" he says pointing out the obvious. He had seen the way the werewolf boy looked at his little Adora and it worried him.

"You are aware that vampire's and werewolves cannot be together. It would only prove harder for them and people won't accept them". Cohen gave her a serious look as his wife now stood up to go comfort her friend.

"Me and his father have already spoken to him. He understands that he is to be an older brother to her only. I'm sure it is only a phase" Arista said waving off his concerns. Her husband Theo had other matters to attend to making her wish he were here to comfort her.

"Once Adora is old enough we will have a talk with her. Although it seems to me she only views him as a brother" Astrid says as she wraps her arm around Arista's shoulders.

Arista had seen the way her son was with Adora. He loved her but she needed to do what was best for him and his safety. A vampire and a werewolf being together was frowned upon. She could remember the days where she and Astrid faced a lot of hate from others just for being friends.

Meanwhile,Wesley practically dragged Adora to the top level of the house. Once they made it to their secret room he helped her climb out the window to the roof. They could see the whole world from up there. He had discovered one time while they played a game of hide and seek.

"Look Wes a shooting star"! Adora gasped excitedly her eyes going wide. Wesley couldn't help but stare at her and for a young boy at just twelve years of age she had completely captivated him.

"Adora I want to show you my signing skills, I've been practicing" he said as she teared her eyes away from the sky. With a huge smile she watched Wesley sign to her.

"You just said I love you" Adora said with a light giggle. Her wild blonde hair flipped about as a gentle breeze passed them. Wesley couldn't help but turn red.

"I love you too Wes"! She said throwing her arms around him in a hug. He held her tight against him gently smelling her scent. She smelt of creamy vanilla extract.

She would never know just what she meant to him.

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