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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Mia

“He leans down and brushes his nose against mine, our heartbeats thundering in the almost invisible space between us. Our hearts synchronize, allowing this dangerous dance,allowing us to become one.”


I have always been loved.

My parents made sure none of us felt left out, they smothered us with their love, basically, and I wouldn’t ever dare to say they never did anything heartwarming to me. I am thankful for the loving childhood I had.

But the way Lincoln doted on me, all night… It’s something I haven’t felt before. People assume I don’t need displays of affection like these because I’m not fragile, weak, or quiet. I’m loud, I’m impulsive as hell, and to top it off I’m also really fucking stubborn. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need this. That doesn’t mean I don’t need to be shown affection.

And honestly, the way Lincoln took care of me the whole night almost brought me to tears. Because I’ve never felt this feminine, this adored by a man that is not my father.

“You know, there are studies that show that kids who regularly eat chocolate pudding are happier than kids who don’t. It releases endorphins and even helps with the bone structure of young children.”

I look up at him after I scoop a spoonful of Mousse of Chocolat into my mouth, a quiet chuckle escaping my throat as I swallow it. “Really?”

He nods his head, pushing his empty bowl to the other end of the table as he smiles, and I swear once again I’m having issues grasping just how beautiful he looks when he does that.

“Yeah. It’s funny, isn’t it?”

“It is.” I finish my bowl and push it to the side as well, interlacing my fingers on the table before looking back at him. “Thank you… For tonight.”

He doesn’t say anything, just nods his head, apparently knowing what I want to say. And I’m glad, really. I’m an open book, generally. But I find it hard to express my emotions at times.

“You’re welcome. It’s the least I could do, really…”

There’s this glimmer of appreciation sparkling in his eyes, and just by looking at him, I feel the sparks flying again, feel my skin tingling, every fiber of my being pulling me toward him. But I stand still, knowing that I already rushed things tonight.

And like he read my mind he suddenly gets up from his chair, rounds the table, and sits down next to me on the bench, this sudden sense of urgency emanating off of him in waves. His hands find my own, studying his fingers when they interlace with mine, a deep breath escaping his throat before he looks back up at me.

He just looks at me, really looks at me, studies every inch of my face with those storming blue eyes, almost like he’s trying to tell me something telepathically. And I think I know what it is, but I cannot allow myself to jump to that conclusion, now.

“I…” he suddenly whispers, and I think he’s just about to say what I read in his irises. But then his eyes fill with tears, and he releases a shaky breath, untangling his hands from my own to place them on my cheeks. “You’re so soft…” he mumbles. His grip is so firm, it almost feels like he wants to make sure I’m alive, that I’m here with him.

And I let him, I let him hold me as long as he needs to, god knows I need the same today.

Every minute that passes just electrifies the atmosphere even more, and I feel the way he ignites as well, how the heat travels through our connected bodies, until he finally, finally leans forward and brushes his lips against my own. It’s a kiss so gentle, that it’s almost hard to believe that it’s there, but it’s enough to awake something in me, and so I sigh against his lips before my hands move around his neck, gently tugging him closer.

This time he gives in immediately, and now he’s the one who presses himself against me, pushing me down so my back is pressing against the cushions of the bench beneath us, his hands now placed next to my head to keep him steady. He gently lowers himself, our bodies only brushing against each other as he cautiously chases my lips again. I want to arch my back to feel more of him, to feel all of him, but I do my best to let him take the reigns, to not overwhelm him.

We’re losing ourselves in each other for a moment, my hands roaming over his back while he tentatively chases my tongue, my lips, my sanity. My need becomes more and more urgent with every stroke of his tongue, with every brush of his fingertips over my skin, and I feel like I won’t be able to survive this torture if I am not allowed to feel him more than that.

But he abruptly pulls back, steadying himself on top of me, the candlelight illuminating him in this angelic light, his blue eyes sparkling in from the flames around us. “You’re beautiful, do you know that?” I whisper the words, Link obviously kissed me senseless. But he just smiles, and again it’s that heartwarming smile, the smile that makes him look like a literal god.

“Thank you… I can only give that back.”

He leans down again and brushes his nose against mine, our heartbeats thundering in the almost invisible space between us, and it almost feels like our hearts synchronize, like they decided to dance with one another, finally. Because we’re one, in the end.

But then he breaks the connection by getting up, his hand stretched out as he stands right next to me, my body still lying on the bench. “Come with me,” he whispers, and I slowly follow his command, sitting up before standing on my feet. The solid ground disappears within seconds though, and I find myself in Link’s arms, his strong hands holding me bridal style as he presses a kiss on my head.

I wrap my arms around his neck while he carries us into the bedroom, and soon enough he gently places me on top of it, his body towering over mine as he cages me in. For the first time in ever, I actually feel fragile, like a porcelain doll that’s about to break if it’s not careful. Because that’s how he treats me. He doesn’t take my strength and confidence for granted. He treats me cautiously, and I can only be thankful for that.

That fragility gets lost in space as soon as he kisses me again, though. Because his kisses set me on fire, they light me up from the inside, make me feel powerful and desired. And so I hook one leg around his lower back, just needing to feel him close to me, and let my arms circle around his neck as I pull him closer and closer to me.

He growls quietly but doesn’t indulge my wishes, instead, he gently pushes himself off of me, his lips leaving mine to trace down my cheek and neck until they glide over my collarbone. I gasp when his tongue brushes over the contours, my heart hammering in my ribcage from the sensation. “Link…” I try to object, just needing more than this, but he just shakes his head, placing one finger on my lips when he mumbles, “Shh… Don’t think. Just feel.”

I want to scream that the only thing I do feel is that I need more, more of him, more of this, but I just end up sighing when his teeth gently graze over my skin, sending shivers through my whole body. He gently tugs at my top, and I move my arms to let him pull it over my head. After he discards it on the floor he gently pushes me down again, his large hands roaming over every inch of my upper body when he whispers once more, “You’re so beautiful, I feel like I can’t breathe when I look at you, Mia. You just take my breath away, literally…” and the way he speaks, the way his breathless voice feathers against my skin, makes me believe him.

He cherishes my body, kissing every inch, letting his tongue glide over my contours, almost like he needs to discover every single inch on his own. It doesn’t take long until I lose my jeans as well, and before he can continue his journey I tug at his own shirt, which he cautiously pulls over his head, revealing his bare chest before he lowers himself down again.

I watch how he works on my legs, kissing every inch from my ankles to the inside of my thighs, where I can’t help but whimper when he drags his teeth along the skin, sending a wave of lust straight to my core. He never touches it, he just skims his tongue over the edge of my slip, eliciting a quiet moan, the ache between my thighs being almost unbearable by now.


He finally listens to me when he slowly kisses his way up again, getting me out of my bra before his tongue darts over my nipple, and by this time I’m pretty sure I’ve gone insane, all I can feel is the sparkling reminder of his touch, my whole body igniting since he touched all of me, already.

I can’t take it anymore when he suddenly grazes his skin over my oversensitive nipple, and a quiet gasp escapes my throat before I untangle my hands from the bedsheet I grabbed, and cup his face, pulling him up in an effort to kiss the ever-living hell out of him.

And that’s exactly what I do, as soon as his lips land on mine I hold onto him for dear life, the need to devour him clouding my senses. He plays my game for a minute, but he stops me when I try to turn him, when I try to take the reigns. He just smirks against our kiss and distances himself from me, his hands in mine when he places them over my head, leaving me breathless and panting beneath him.

“Link… I need you.”

The smirk leaves his face when he hears the words, and for a minute he just looks at me, his hair all messy, his face flushed, and his eyes full of hunger. I can tell he’s thinking again, his mind is almost screaming at me with how many thoughts are running through his brain. I place my palms on his cheek, waiting for his eyes to focus again, and when they do I can’t help but smile. That specific glimmer in his eyes as soon as he recognizes me will always be the most beautiful thing on earth. “I want you, Lincoln. Take me.”

My words seem to have an effect on him, his eyes filling with even more hunger before he crashes down on me again, this time much less gentle than earlier. I fiddle with his belt while he continues to chase my tongue, one hand propping him up while the other roams over my body, a quiet groan escaping his lips when I brush over the bulge in his pants.

Seconds later his jeans are yesterday’s news, and I almost cry from the sensation when he grinds his groin on my center, the pressure he exerts shoots a violent jolt of pleasure through my whole body. “Oh, fuck, Link…”

But he just growls when he suddenly climbs downward again, his bulge brushing against my skin in the process. Within seconds he discards of my panties, and as soon as I look down at him I see him looking back, his intense eyes piercing straight into my soul while he slowly runs his tongue through my slit, and I can’t help but close my eyes, biting into my finger in an attempt to find any source of release right now, the tension in my body threatening to let me explode.

“I knew you’d taste fantastic…” his words vibrate against my core, and it only elicits another gasp, the feeling of his tongue inside of me quickly brings me to the edge already. He keeps working on my nub when he enters one finger, letting it roam around inside of me while his tongue draws dangerous and pleasurable circles on my center.

It doesn’t take long until I know I’m close, and my hands find themselves in his hair, pushing him closer against me, ensuring I get my release. I can even feel him smirk against my skin when I come undone, a ripple of lust shooting straight through my spine when my mind is seemingly being shot into oblivion as I scream out his name, “Fuck, Link! Ohhh...”

He only lets go of my wet center when I release my hands from his hair, and with every kiss he brushes over my skin as he makes his way towards my lips, I feel small sparks of pleasure running through my veins. I’m still cloudy and hazy when his lips meet mine again, tasting myself on his tongue as I sigh lazily into our fused lips.

I fiddle with his boxers, but Lincoln freezes for a second, his lips stop moving with mine as he rests his forehead against my own. I can only imagine he’s fighting himself, but I want this. I want him.

“Lincoln…” My hands cup his face and I push him away just an inch to be able to look at him. “I want you. I want to feel you. I want to be one with you.”

He studies me for another second, and when he places a kiss on my lips I start working on his boxers again, this time getting his help in letting him slip out of them. I can feel his massive erection when he lowers himself on top of me, his rock pressing against my thigh when he attacks my senses again, his lips furiously finding mine while I grind him from beneath, needing to feel every single inch of him.

A growl escapes his throat when he suddenly aligns himself with my entrance, looking down at me with his hungry eyes, asking for permission. He knows I have the contraceptive coil. I know we basically spent the last months locked in this apartment, adding to the fact that he needs to get regular tests done, being a doctor and all… I nod my head, telling him to go further.

Frankly, I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

But I really wasn’t prepared for the pleasure that shoots through me the second he enters me, my whole body feels like it drifts into pleasure and madness, but it gets even worse when he stops, just resting on top of me, deep inside of me, looking down at me.

I pull him down for another kiss, urging him to continue. Luckily he understands my notion and starts moving again, thrusting in and out of me in such a gentle manner, every single touch is heightened, the sensation of him inside of me being so new, and yet so familiar. Because I feel him, on an emotional level. I feel his pain and sorrow, feel his love and happiness. I feel all of him, suddenly, and it’s overwhelming as hell.

My body is full of fire, of passion, of lust, while my mind strengthens our connection, synchronizing our emotions with every thrust.

And when I look up at him, I see it in his eyes. They look almost glassy when he comes down on me again, my legs wrapping around his waist to steady both him and me while he moves in and out, every stroke rippling through my body like lightning.

The longer we do this, the longer our bodies connect, the more I feel hyper-aware of every single touch, of every single glance we share. We’re one, utterly and completely, and I feel the tears in my eyes when I lose it completely, my high washing over me with an unexpected force that makes me cry out loud, my fingers digging into his back while he comes undone himself, his whole body trembling as he holds himself on top of me.

We come down from our highs like that, entangled bodies, stealing each other’s breath, thundering hearts, until he kisses me again, his lips on mine feeling like it’s the only place they belong. He slips out of me and lies down on his side, pulling me with him in the process, my leg hooking over his as he cups my face, the emotion in his eyes diving straight into my soul.

His heart hammers against his chest when I brush my fingers over his skin, just as he kisses me again, sealing this emotional act with a mind-blowing kiss, as if my mind was anywhere near collected after this session.

“I’ve never felt so close to anyone, Mia…” he whispers against our lips, the kiss turning desperate again.

“Me neither, Link.” I roll on top of him now, kissing him like there’s no tomorrow. Because for some reason that’s what it feels like. That this is temporary, for whatever reason.

But I need him, need to feel him as much as I can, and so we make love, again, again and again, furiously, gently, slowly, quickly… It doesn’t matter, the one thing each time has in common is the connection we strengthen, our minds and bodies connected in every single way.

And when I fall asleep in his arms, my back resting against his chest while he has his arm around me, interlacing our fingers, I can feel his shaky breath beneath my ear lobe.

I’m almost in the land of dreams when he kisses the spot behind my ear, his voice barely audible, but I hear his words when they resonate in my brain.

“I love you, Mia…”

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