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Chapter 39


“You know I’m yours, Mia. I always have been,” I say, hoping she believes my words. They’re true, without a doubt. She took my heart, back then, and I don’t want it back. It belongs to her - always will.


The games are over.

Because the second we set foot in my apartment, I feel that the tension, the attraction, the sparks, aren’t gentle or playful anymore. We’re scorching fire, electric lightning, about ready to explode from the simplest touch.

Mia is already panting when she closes the door behind her, her back resting against it as she looks at me, her charged eyes pinning me to the spot with their intensity. I watch how her chest rises and falls, how her pupils dilate when she takes me in, almost undressing me with her eyes.

I drop my bag to the floor, eliciting a sexy as sin grin on her face when she drops her helmet as well, taking a step toward me. She’s oozing fire and sex right now, her disheveled hair and blushing cheeks from our motorcycle ride give her this specific dangerous glow.

We just look at each other for a moment, taking deep breaths while enjoying the sight in front of us, the tension being so palpable and thick between us that I’m surprised we’re even able to breathe.

But then she steps right in front of me, looking up at me with those electric blue eyes, and there’s this spark in them. That spark that instantly ignites a fire that spreads inside of me, that burns down all inhibitions and reservations in existence.

And that’s why I can’t wait anymore. I step into the fire that’s just waiting for me to burn me from its intensity, and my heart thunders so rapidly in my chest when I cup Mia’s face with my hands, that I actually feel like I’m about to faint from the feeling of her skin beneath my fingers.

But I forgot that Mia is a storm ready to wreak havoc on my senses, because she doesn’t hesitate one bit as soon as our bodies collide. She wraps her arms around my neck, her hands digging in the flesh of my skin when she pulls me down, crashing my lips against her own with a moan.

I instantly wrap my arms around her, smashing our bodies together before she jumps me, obviously needing more. I dig my fingers in her thighs, pressing her against the door in an effort to close every inch of distance between us as I chase her tongue with my own, needing to feel her as deeply as I can.

“Fucking hell Mia, I’ve missed you so goddamn much...” I groan into our kiss and she digs her fingers in my back, sending another shiver down my spine when she bites on my bottom lip, her hot breath traveling down my skin when she whispers, “You have no idea, Lincoln... No fucking idea what I want to do to you.”

She pulls herself closer, making sure there’s no single molecule of air left between us when she rubs herself against me, the way her fingers dig into my skin giving me a fair idea of what exactly she wants to do to me. I can’t help but growl when she breaks the kiss, her teeth dragging along my neck until she gently grazes my collarbone, tracing its contours with pleasant bites.

“You taste so good...” she whispers against my skin, her tongue flicking over the spots her teeth touched before. I already feel hot like lava, feel the insane effect every single one of her touches has on me, and so I don’t waste any time as I carry her into the bedroom with purpose, eliciting a gasp from her when I throw her on the bed.

A devilish grin plays on her lips when I climb on top of her, her heated eyes taking me in with curiosity. “You’re so fucking beautiful, Mia. I meant what I said back then, you take my goddamn breath away, every single time I look at you...”

I don’t hesitate before I take her wrists and fold them over her head, her outstretched arms caught between my fingers when I crash down on her again, ravishing her mouth like it was my possession.

But she doesn’t want to play my game, and I have to admit I’m actually surprised when she tackles me in one swift motion, releasing her wrists from my grasp before she has me lying on my back, straddling me with that fire in her eyes. I growl when she starts rotating her hips while bending down, sneaking her hands beneath my shirt until she pulls it over my head, discarding it on the floor in a matter of seconds.

I hold on to her thighs when she traces patterns over my chest, her eyes focused on her fingertips as they glide over my skin. I once again feel the oxygen leave my lungs when I look at her, her wild and yet so gentle appearance makes me doubt my own existence sometimes.

For just a moment we lie there in silence, the feeling of her fingertips on my skin already sending me on a high - feeding that addiction. But then she averts her gaze and her blazing eyes meet mine again, setting me aflame with just a single glance. I absolutely cannot help myself anymore, I sit up despite her effort to keep me down, wrap my arm around her back and just chase her, capture her lips like it was the last thing I’ll ever do - because I surely feel like I will cease to exist if she stops touching me right now.

We wrestle with each other, fighting for control in this reignited dance, in this well-rehearsed choreography of our passion. The bedroom floor is soon littered with various items of clothing until Mia has me pinned underneath her again, both of us only wearing our underwear when she continues rotating her hips as she leans down to kiss my neck.

“I never wanted anyone so bad...” she whispers into my ear before biting my ear lobe, and I almost feel like my heart might break out of my chest with how it rages from her words, because I feel them too, so fucking much.

“You know I’m yours, Mia. I always have been,” I say, hoping she believes my words. They’re true, without a doubt. She took my heart, back then. And I don’t want it back. It belongs to her - always will.

She leans back to look at me, those storming eyes diving straight into my soul, reading me like an open book until she nods her head, a genuine smile tugging at her lips as she comes down again, her lips brushing against my own when she whispers, “I’ll make sure you remember that, Lincoln.”

The way she kisses me afterward makes me dizzy, her tongue punishes, ravishes my mouth, stealing every goddamn breath I can even think about taking.

It only takes seconds until we’re both relieved of our underwear, the sight of her naked body instantly making me speechless. That doesn’t matter though, because soon enough Mia claims my lips again, taking what she wants, what she needs, what she owns. “Do you feel how much I want you?” she asks when she rubs herself on top of me, coating me in her pleasure.

“Fuck, Mia... Do you feel how much I want you?” I ask in return, and I feel the smirk on her lips when she kisses me again, stealing every last breath I can even think of taking when she positions herself perfectly on top of me. She leans back, the storm of emotions in her eyes uprooting every single shred of appreciation I have left, claiming it for herself when she lowers herself down.

“Link...” she moans when she comes down, resting her forehead against mine as she takes me in completely, the feeling of her around me sending me to hell and back. Because that fire between us is blazing enough to burn down hell itself, to shove me into the pits of desire and right into her flaming heart.

“You feel even better than I remember...” I whisper, pulling her down, needing to feel her as close as I can. She starts rocking on top of me, making me growl and moan into our hot kisses, into the hot collisions of our tongues. She shudders with every thrust she makes, her fingers digging into my shoulders like she was actively trying to leave an imprint for life - and I can’t deny that it does something else to me, too.

And I guess that’s why I suddenly feel the need to spin her around, to be in charge, and she luckily doesn’t protest. Instead, she pulls me down on top of her, wrapping her legs around my waist to meet my thrusts.

She cries out when I go with more force than before, this inexplicable desire to be as close to her as I can running through my veins, fueling my passion with every thrust. “Oh, Link... Kiss me,” she begs, and I instantly give in, ravishing her tongue as keep thrusting into her, swallowing every moan and growl that escapes our throats.

Her legs tighten around me, like she wants to feel every single inch of me. The way she pulls me down, almost trying to connect our bodies in every way possible, so perfectly portrays what I feel in my heart.

“It’s not enough...” she whispers breathlessly, speaking straight from my heart. It feels like we need more, more touches, more kisses, more connections...

I wrap my arms around her and sit up, her legs around my waist when we’re still connected, our bodies aligned in every way possible. She wraps her arms around my back and pulls me in, moving on top of me while we kiss each other breathless again, chasing our highs in more ways than one.

She pulls at my hair, positioning me just the way she wants me, taking control of this entire act as she moves her hips in an almost painfully slow rhythm. It feels like we’re one, finally, like we’re finally reconnected on every level, her heart beating so rapidly against her chest that it smashes right into my own, her soft skin beneath my fingertips electrifying every single inch of me.

“Link, I...” she moans into our kiss, but I swallow that warning, knowing I’m right with her when I meet her movements. Mia cries into our kiss, the vibration of her voice on my lips sending me over the edge as well. I almost feel like I might faint from the high that overcomes me, from this avalanche of pleasure crashing down on me.

She holds onto me, the scratches of her fingers on my back burning right through me, almost igniting another fire when we steal kiss after kiss again, still not done with feeling one another.

I lean forward, releasing Mia on her back before I climb right next to her, pulling her in my arms as I study the hazy but still scorchingly hot storm in her eyes. She places her hand on my cheek, running her thumb over my skin, studying me intensely while making sure every inch of our bodies is still connected, her leg slung over my own while her other arm caresses my back.

And I can’t help but kiss her again, still feeling like I can’t get enough of her, of that drug she is. But she doesn’t seem surprised, because she moves with my tongue, my lips, my hands... She meets every movement I anticipate, and we’re dancing again, a slow but passionate waltz to calm our raging hearts.

This feeling sends another wave of affection right through me, every emotion suddenly feels heightened, and I almost feel like I can’t contain it all, like I’m about to burst. I don’t even try to suppress the tears that are triggered by this sensation, by this closeness to someone as exhilarating as her.

“I love you, Mia...” I whisper when we break the kiss, and she instantly opens her eyes to look at me, searching my own with purpose. “I know you can’t say it back, yet. But I need you to know. I never stopped loving you, how the fuck could I...”

She nods her head, her fingers wiping my tears before running through my hair and repeating that movement I missed so fucking much these past years. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to her, proving to her that she simply is everything.

“I know, Link... I know how you feel,” she whispers, and I know it’s as much as I will get. But the way she looks at me, her eyes holding so many emotions that they make me dizzy and breathless, just shows that it’s enough.

It’s all I need. To know that she feels something. That she might just love me again if I try hard enough.

And I won’t stop trying, to work to actually earn her love, this time.

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