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"You don't remember me, do you?" He asked with a wince. "No." She whispered. "What else do you remember?" He pulled her close, brushing a stray lock of hair from her face, and then traced her jaw with a finger. "I don't remember anything." She replied meekly. He's a complete stranger for her. Who claimed to be her husband. And she's the love of his life, he'd been praying always, to be with. When he finally gets the chance, Will he make her realise how much she means to him? Or will she leave him the day she finds out the truth hidden beneath the layers of deception and lies. A short story of love, hope and beginnings.

Romance / Mystery
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1 . Fateful Night.


"No please, stop Carter, please don't do this." She cried, while struggling to free herself when he's trying to force himself on her.

"Please." She begged him. "Please stop. It's a sin."

"I love to commit such sins." His harsh slaps had imprinted a red welt on her soft cheeks. The more she cried the more he enjoyed.

"Please." She was begging him continuously for the last one hour. "Please."

And he bit on her shoulder, making her scream in pain, as blood gushed out of her wounds. He then whipped her with a lash on her back when she didn't stop protesting. His phone rang and he turned around to see who it was.

Seeing this as a chance, she managed to crawl near the table and grabbed the vase kept on it.

"Yes, man, I'm sure you'd love to meet her. Yes, I'm very happy for the first time. Her name is.." he couldn't complete his sentence as she stunned him with the vase forcely. He fell on the floor with a thud, as the browning blood had drizzled down his face like so much rain down a window pane.

She ran immediately. Terrified and injured.

Limping and falling all the way. Her tattered dress and her wounds made her shiver in the snow.

Blood oozing out of the fresh cuts on her flesh painted the snow, like a canvas. Running barefoot on the cold, freezing snow had numbed her legs. When she's sure she'd covered enough distance, she stopped for a moment to catch her breath.

The wintry night, and the bone chilling temperature was killing her nerves. She rubbed her hands together to bring some warmth in it, hiding behind the trees in the woods. She needs to run fast. A lift maybe, could save her. Just when she looked ahead on the road, she saw a truck rounding the corner, speedily as it drove straight into another car which was on her side of the road. The driver had lost control of his truck and ploughed into the other lane, overturning he drove towards the oncoming car into a tree.

The car skidded on a wet, snowy surface and the driver lost control, in an urgency to apply the brakes. She squeaked loudly. The car that had rammed into the tree was terribly damaged. And the truck was neither badly damaged, nor the driver. He fled off the scene, leaving the car and his truck.

She was already freezing and frightened. Everything had happened so fast before she could register anything. Also she'd no energy left to shout or to run. But her heart couldn't leave the man dying in his car.

She slowly crept out of the woods and walked towards him. His body was half out of the car, half inside, held by the seat belt. His torso and head smashed up against the windshield, his arms and legs were flailing, blood pooling around from everywhere.

He was dying!

She tried to free him, but he was too heavy for her to carry or move. He was lying on the snow in a pool of already congealing blood, so she needed to hurry.

But she'd no phone or no vehicle. She's panicking. Having no idea on how to save him, tears trickled down her cheeks. She searched his car, and luckily his phone was working. She quickly dialled the emergency number and waited for the ambulance to come.

She rushed with him to the hospital. His eyes were burning when the white lights of the hospital ceiling flashed on his eyes as he tried to open them.

"You're fine. Don't worry." She whispered.

The world must have kept flickering its figurative light switch because his vision kept flashing from bitter darkness to blinding white light. The only sound that filled his ears was the crushing of glass mixed with the distinct crackles of his bones, and the hush-hush like someone was talking.

He was fleetingly aware of the bloody coppery taste in his mouth but he couldn't figure out what it was. At times his eyelids fluttered shut as darkness engulfed him.

The doctors took him to emergency for an operation. He'd lost a lot of blood.

She was nervously waiting outside only to know if he's fine, so she could peacefully go home. The doctors asked her, who she was, and how she's related to him.

"I'm his friend." She lied.

"He's lost a lot of blood. We need to arrange blood for him immediately, or we'll lose him."

"What's his blood group?" She asked.

"Ab positive." The doctor informed her.

"Can I donate my blood to him?" She asked worriedly.

"What's your blood type?" Doc asked her.

"Ab negative." She told him.

"Well, fortunately you can!" The doc hurried off to start the procedure.

After donating her blood, she's informed that he's out of danger and safe. The moment she heard he's safe, she ran towards her home.

She's out for nearly half the day and night. He must have been freezing and starving, she thought.

"Jake?" She checked on him, when he didn't respond to her callings.

The moment she touched his forehead, blood rushed to her legs. She screamed in pain, "No, Jake! Wake up! Please don't leave me alone!"


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