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4 . Knowing Him.

He looked at her with an inscrutable expression. He wondered what was going on in that cute little head of hers. And she wondered what's going on in the intimidating mind of his.

His handsomely riveting features suddenly contorted into an inquisitive one.

"What's bothering you?" He asked.

"How did we fall in love?" She asked, curiously.

He thought for a moment, pondering upon what to tell her. Because truth will kill her, and lying will push her away, when she remembers everything. A pang of guilt attacked his heart. "You're my patient." He told her.

"Patient?" She shot her eyebrows up.

"You.. umm.." he scratched his nape, while fumbling for the right words. "You'd an accident before." He made up something.

"Again? How many times is it that I had the accidents?" She asked, not being able to accept his reason.

"You fell from the stairs and hit your head slightly. I was at the hospital till late that day, luckily. Or else I'd have never found my solitaire." He winked, as a cute blush crept up on her cheeks.

"It was love at first sight?" She asked while blushing.

"Yes, for me it was." He lied.

"And what about me?" She found it hard to believe that he fell for her first when she would have totally swooned over him at every chance she got. He's the epitome of handsomeness. And she wondered how come she did not fawn upon his beauty.

"You'd to be wooed." He chuckled.

"That's hard to believe." She remarked.

"And why is that?" He curiously eyed her.

"Because, you're no less handsome than Adonis." She flushed.

He wrinkled his eyebrows in annoyance. She lost her memory, didn't she? Who the fuck is this Adonis? Maybe she hid it from him all the time. "Who's this Adonis?" Menace was clearly visible in his voice.

She smiled slightly at him. Jealous. My husband's jealous, she thought. "Ummm, he's the most handsome man I've ever seen." She tried her best not to smile or laugh.

"Ohh." He snickered. Fucker. So what if he's handsome. She's still his wife, for at least she thought she's his wife. "So?" He rolled his eyes. "Where is your Adonis?" He scoffed.

"He died." She replied, feigning sorrow. She's enjoying every bit of this.

On the inside he's a happy bubble, almost about to explode. But he couldn't show it to her. "I'm sorry to hear that." He tried hard to show how sorry he was, but clearly his ebullience knew no bounds.

"Hmm." She looked towards the other side, trying to stifle her laughter.

"If I may ask, how did he die? And what was he to you?" Even if he's dead, what if he was her ex? Fuck. No, shit. Did she just compare him with her ex boyfriend? That he's more handsome than him? That bruised his ego. And does this mean she's missing him? If so, then he'd failed. No, no, no. Think of something. She'd only be missing me, thinking about me and only me!

"He died in the arms of Aphrodite." She said the words and started laughing loudly.

His expressions turned into a more perplexed one, unable to get her joke. For her, he was the cutest man right now. And he thought her amnesia had made her lose her mind.

"What?!" He asked, annoyingly. "What's so funny about your Adonis dying in the arms of Aphro.." he stopped when he realised she just made a fool out of him.

Blushing all red, he smirked, "So does this mean, you're my Aphrodite?"

"Umm, I don't know." She looked anywhere else but him.

"If you're, then I wouldn't mind dying in those beautiful arms." He winked at her as she looked at him dejectedly.

"Please don't say that, ever." She'd this urge to hold him. She ran in his arms and hugged him tight. His warmth brought a wave of tranquility to her heart.

"Hey, I'm sorry." He whispered in her hair. Embracing her tightly in his arms, he could feel her soft, warm body underneath him, and he caressed her head, with a fervent urgent need she'd never known before.

She looked up at him, and saw his eyes struggling with the flooded emotions. First pain, then guilt and then agony. She couldn't understand why. "Your eyes are like swirling galaxies." She murmured.

A faint smile curled up on his lips. He leaned his head over hers and lingered there for a moment struggling with his inner battle. Something was stopping, she could clearly see it. His lips were a hair's breadth away from her lip, but he still didn't kiss her when she closed her eyes in anticipation.

He pulled apart indecisively, thinking of whether or not he should touch her.

She felt as if he didn't want her, he didn't like her anymore. But otherwise his actions were very caring and possessive. Sometimes he'd look like an open book and sometimes he's just closed and cold, that she couldn't discern his expressions or feelings.

So she slowly touched his neck tortuously evoking endless waves of desires in him, with her tender finger. He closed his eyes shut at her each thrilling touch. "What's bothering you?" She asked.

"Nothing." He responded, relinquishing her frombuis embrace, and held her hands to kiss her palms. "You should sleep now."

"But I'm not sleepy yet." She mumbled.

"Please, it's time for your medications." He ordered her, handing one by one medicine to her.

She hated medicines, they tasted icky and disgusting. Her beautiful features scrunched into an angry one, which made him chuckle at her for childlike remonstrance. "They taste pathetic." She complained.

"I'm sorry for that. But you have to take them for your full and fast recovery. Please." He requested handing her a glass for water, unperturbed.

Seeing his care and tenderness, she couldn't refuse him just because of her taste issues and petulancy. But she always observed how he cared for her, like she's something so fragile and he's afraid of something. Something like she'll leave him. He seemed to be constantly in their weird fear, a perpetual state of worry for her. She didn't want that. She just wanted him happy, she just wanted them to be happy.

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