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6 . Trust.

Everyday was just the same. She'd wake up, go for a walk with him, he'll make her have her breakfast followed by her medicines, then he'll leave for the hospital. It didn't end there. He'd call her at least ten times a day to make sure she'd her lunch and dinner. To check if she'd taken her medicines, and sometimes join her for dinner if he's late. But in all this routine she wasn't allowed to go anywhere. She can't step her foot out of the threshold without him.

It's been more than two months now. She felt suffocated staying in the same place and doing nothing all the time. She's not even allowed to watch tv, or anything else, except for the movies in her phone which had nothing in it. She's no idea about the past, present or the future. She'd no idea about the outside world, because her world was limited to this house.

She's bored and tired. She wasn't even aware of which year this was. It's like she's born yesterday. And so whatever he told her was her only source of information. And for her that was the only truth.

He's extremely caring and loving, no doubt. But she felt like he's hiding something. Not something actually, but her. From the world, or from someone. He wouldn't let her go anywhere and he wouldn't even tell her everything. He'd just talk in riddles or circles, always leaving her to her own thoughts and imaginations, clueless.

She's starting to wonder various things, she wanted to see what was in the outside world, she wanted to know about herself more, she wanted to know about him, about them. Every time she'd bring this topic, he would either avoid her, give evasive answers, or dodge her questions. He wouldn't give her anything.

She knew nothing about herself except her name. Which was also told by him. There were no photos of them of their wedding, their dates, or any other couple photos. He'd told her they were a happy couple, so how come they never clicked any photos? Sometimes she felt caged, depressed and other times she felt sick. Too much exhausted. Simple activities or even watching movies more than one would give her a headache.

"What's wrong?" He asked.

She's in no mood to talk to him if she wasn't getting any answers. "Nothing." She replied ignoring him.

He wondered what's bothering her. "Please tell me, are you okay? You're having headaches again? What did you do? I had told you not to exhau.."

"I'm fine." She scoffed.

"Then? What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Just like you tell me nothing about my past, about us, I'm also not going to share anything with you. I'll also hide everything." She complained.

He sighed. "Baby."

"What?" She argued.

He walked up to her and tried to pull her close when she resisted. So he hugged her from behind. "Baby, I'll tell you everything. Please understand. First you've to get better. Your condition is very fragile, you cannot handle stress even in the slightest."

"I don't know that." She told him firmly.

"Alright. I understand why you want to know everything, I can see your desperation but understand my predicament please. What if anything happens because you're not able to take in whatever I'll tell you?" He questioned her seriously.

"Don't worry, nothing will happen. In fact this darkness that you've kept me in is bothering me. It's messing with my mind. Sometimes I feel like you don't trust me, sometimes I feel like not trusting you." She told him.

"I can understand. But too much information can be dangerous for your mental health. A small attack can also be a huge blow for you. I can't lose you, not now, not ever." He said turning her around.

When she looked into his eyes, she'd see a longing for her. "Please." She requested. "What's so harmful in knowing about my life anyway? What's so terrible about it? Has something traumatic happened in my past that you think will hurt me and affect me?" She asked.

He winced when she asked him that. He wondered how he was supposed to tell her, how cruel of a person he was, how terribly he'd treated her, how he'd tortured her. "Umm, no. I'll tell you a few things. You can ask me three questions everyday. One at a time. Okay?"

Her eyes brightened with hope. "Okay." She nodded happily.

"Shoot." He smiled.

"First question, why aren't there any photos of ours? We did marry between our family and friends right? And what about our family and friends? Why do we have none? Why don't I see anyone?" She fired at him with her doubts.

"Hey, hey, what did I tell you about three questions at a time? Calm down. I'll start with first." He told her, taking in a deep breath. "We used to live in the city before, not in the woods. We shifted here when our house burnt down with all our memories, and you're injured too." She almost gasped after the revelation.

"Second, we both are orphans. We don't have any families. And about friends, you didn't have any. I have one or two, who work at the hospital. They're surgeons too." He felt extremely guilty for lying so blatantly.

"And third, I'd told you, your brain is so weak right now, because you'd suffered serious head injuries. Your brain needs time to get back to its full potential functioning. Until then anything related to your past can bring back traumatic memories resulting in an anxiety attack leading to brain haemorrhage or coma." He explained everything to her in one breath.

She looked up to him sheepishly with guilt in her eyes. She felt pathetic for not trusting her own husband who loved her, cared for her so much.

"I'm sorry." She sniffled.

"Hey, please don't cry. No crying please. It breaks my heart to see even a single teardrop in your eyes. Please." He said, wiping her tears. "I love you." He said kissing her forehead softly.

"I love you too." She whispered.

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