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7 . Horrendous First Night.


For every girl her wedding is the most memorable day of her life. Her first night is the most special night of her life. But for her, this wedding and this night was definitely unforgettable but for all the bad reasons. This was the day of the start of her nightmares. This day had changed her everything. This night had broken her.

David had raped her. He came home drunk, on the first night of his wedding. He repeatedly raped her, turning a deaf ear to her pleas. She begged him, cried and whimpered, but he didn't listen.

But this was just the start. Just the beginning of something horrible to come. And she was trapped horribly into it now, with no means of escape.

"Where the fuck is my bed tea?!" David yelled.

She shivered at his voice. "Coming." She tremblingly walked up to him with his tea. "Sorry." She whispered.

"Sorry? You whore," he grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her harshly close, biting her lower lip, "next time you're a minute late, consider yourself dead." He warned her.

She gulped, licking the blood from her lip.

"Ready my clothes and things, I'm running late for the office." He ordered her.

She quickly gathered herself and ran to the kitchen muffling her cries. "God, why me? All I ever wanted was my brother's happiness."

"Hey, hey, hey," David walked in while she's preparing his tiffin. "What's my beautiful wife doing?" He whispered and she shivered.

"Ti..ffin." She stammered.

"For me?"


"Oh my lovely wife," he gritted through his teeth while ripping her skirt.

"Please, noooo.." she whimpered, and received an onset of slaps.

"Don't you ever deny me for anything. I'm your fucking husband, and I'll fuck you whenever I want." He rubbed her butt before hitting her hard.

After the painful and rough sex he pushed her on the floor. "Clean the mess." He ordered while zipping his pants and left.

She lay still on the floor as blood dripped from her different parts where he'd hit her. Yesterday night's bruises and wounds hadn't even healed yet and now she'd fresh ones.

She couldn't move, her body trembled and her limbs hurt. She's sore and bruised. Somehow gathering herself she shakily walked to the bathroom and cleaned herself.

One by one salty and hot tears warmed her cheeks. What's her mistake? What did she do that her own husband was treating her this way?

After cleaning her wounds and treating them she heard the doorbell ring. Dashing towards it in the fear that her husband might beat her to death if she took long to open the door.

Opening the door she thanked heavens that it wasn't David. But who's this man, she curiously wondered.

"Yes? Who are you?" She asked.

"Hello beautiful." The man smiled lustfully at her.

She quickly covered her top with a jacket. "I'm sorry, do we know each other?"

"No beautiful, you don't but I do." He said pushing her inside.

"Excuse me, my husband's a co.."

"Hmm, David did brag about your beauty, but I had my doubts, which are now cleared." He pondered over something looking at her body nastily.

"Yo-you know him?" She fumbled under his gaze.

"Of course sweetheart. Who do you think asked me to pay a visit to you? I was even told to enjoy the delicious meal if I liked it." He wickedly licked his lips looking at her.

She felt her blood boiling, "What do you want? You think David will let you live if he finds out.."

"Darling, David sent me here. If everything works out just fine, we're planning a group session with you." He told her.

"Wha-whaat? What group session?" She felt horrified by his intentions, while shivering.

"Wouldn't it be selfish to have you all for us both? We believe sharing is caring, now that we have our own beautiful personalized whore." He said the words and her eyes went wide. Before she could even react he grabbed her by her hand and forced himself on her.

Ripping her clothes apart one by one, he pushed his manhood into her delicate and wounded womanhood roughly. Caring and paying no heed to her cries and pleas, he recklessly and shamelessly touched and assaulted her.

She whimpered under his every touch. Tears of pain flowed down her cheeks and her insides churned.

Her every part started aching and she felt besmirched.

She cried and begged him relentlessly as he pounded on her like a hungry wolf. Once, twice, thrice, she lost the count. After some time she even stopped reacting. Tears dried on her cheeks as this ugly animal devoured her.

She felt disgusted and blank. Her body went numb, and her mind went blank.

That night, they stripped her innocence and purity. They burned her soul and integrity. They. Her husband and his friend. Her own husband, who yesterday vowed to protect and cherish her till death. Who took vows in the god's presence to keep her happy and healthy, to respect and honour her.

But neither David nor his friend stopped even after she'd started bleeding. Taking turns they killed her will to live.

She crawled to her bathroom and took the blade. Feeling nothing but darkness, and abyss, she put the blade to her wrist. She could never live this way.

This wasn't just rape, this was the death of her soul. Of her happiness, of her dreams, of her body. She touched the blade, and red, thick and warm liquid rushed down her pale white skin into the tub.

Drop by drop.





Slowly she closed her eyes, when she heard, "Are you in there, sister? I'm hungry."

And she sucked in a long breath before snapping out of her darkness. "Jake." She whispered.

How could she be so selfish to forget about her brother? How could she kill herself without thinking about him?

"Ja-kke-e." She said in a croaked voice.

"Yes, I'm in he-here. I'll make something for you, till the time, wait for me in your room." She said wiping her tears and blood.

Quickly dressing her wounds she ran out of the bathroom into the hellhole she supposed was going to be her home.

For Jake.

Only for Jake. She whispered.

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