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8 . Panic.

"Good morning baby." He kissed her forehead as she rolled over him lazily.

Grunting loudly and stretching her body even more on him, she smiled. "Good morning my sweet cheeks."

He rolled her over in such a way that now he was above her. Brushing his nose over her, he kissed her cheeks and then whispered in her ear, "I've a surprise for you today."

She quivered under his hold, and goosebumps sprang over her arms. "Whaa-at?" She stammered.

His lips brushed across her cheeks, ears, near her eyes, making her suck in a deep breath. This was the first time he's ever making any move towards her.

He was so close to her lips that for a moment she thought they're going to kiss for the first time. Her heart stopped and goosebumps flooded her skin, but to her dismay he pulled back and sat uptight.

She felt dejected and daunted by his actions. She ignored him and pulled her blanket up to hide her embarrassed face.

"Don't you wanna know the surprise?" He asked, puzzled by her sudden change of behaviour.

"No." She replied stiffly.

"Why?" He asked.

"What's the point anyway? If it's a surprise shouldn't it be surprising? If you're telling me now, you can't call it a surprise." She grumbled.

"Smart one." He chuckled.

"Yeah, unlike you." She ignored his chuckle.

"What did you say?" He asked.

"I said, I'm smart, unlike you."

"Oh really, are you?" He said and she felt her duvet being slowly pulled from over her.

Her heartbeats started rising slowly and she clutched it more firmly in her hands, but he was obviously stronger than her. And in one fast and strong pull, she's out of the warm blanket, revealing her devilish of a husband smiling wickedly at her.

"Now, what did you say?" He asked her again.

"I said," she was telling him the next part when he slowly crawled towards her. "I said," warily eyeing his actions she got up and sat in a defense position.

"Yes, you said?" He teased her to continue.

She quickly jerked off the bed and ran to the bathroom. "I said, you're not as smart as me." She yelled from the inside victoriously which was short lived as he dared her again, "It's not like you're going to stay inside forever. You've to come out one day my love. And I'll be waiting for you here."

What's wrong with him today? He's never so playful with her ever. She scratched her head in bewilderment.

"I-I think I'll take longer than usual for the shower."

"I can wait, even if I've to wait for you my entire life." He said this extremely sincerely, and met with silence.

She didn't quite understand what he meant by that. Definitely not about the shower though, he was talking she knew. "Okay, I'll be out in sometime." Not sure of what's gotten into him, she decided to have a nice hot shower to tempt her handsome husband, who's apparently waiting outside for her.

And like she thought, he indeed was. Crossing his arms on his chest, he was standing at the door, like he's her some sort of bodyguard. Quirking an eyebrow in question he looked at her lopsidedly as she peeked through the bathroom door.

'God, so much of resolution for tempting when I'm not even able to come out in front of him wrapped in a towel.' she huffed. "Umm, can you turn around please? I've to change, or maybe you can wait outside.."

"Not happening wifey. Even though you don't remember, we'd shared some really steamy moments before, so I'm definitely not moving from my place." He teased her.

"Whaa-aat?" She gaped at him. Suddenly feeling bold, she cleared her throat and walked out of the bathroom nonchalantly as if she didn't care he was there, as they both couldn't the effects they're having on each other.

"Damn." He cursed under his breath.

She smirked when he cursed, definitely enjoying his awkward moment. "I thought you're okay with this?" She gloated at him.

"Of course I am." He smirked and before she could move, he speedily got hold of her hand and pulled her close with a jerk.

For a moment she's frozen and when her back touched the wardrobe wall behind her, and his breath fanned on her cheeks, she started shivering.

Sweating profusely, she felt like she's choking. He was nuzzling his nose in the crook of her neck and mumbling something, but she's way out of her mind to understand a single word. Her mind started whirling and she felt her legs giving up on her.

She immediately clutched onto his waist to hold herself straight from falling. That's when he noticed that her breathing was faster than normal and she's almost on the verge of blacking out.

"Hey, hey, hey, breathe. Breathe. Baby. It's fine." He tried to calm her while brushing her hair from her face and carried her to the bed.

"Calm down, calm down it's fine." He tried to comfort her as he held his hands more tightly and clenched his finger.

"I-I ca-ant brr...eathe." she huskily replied.

"It's okay, it's okay. It's fine. Close your eyes. Calm down, my love. I'm here. I'm here by your side. Always." Comforting her with his soft whispers he tried to calm her down.

But she's still in a daze. She felt deja vu, as if this had happened before. She had a glimpse of her past for a fleeting moment, where something like this had happened before but in a horrible way.

She closed her eyes, and whispered, "No, please don't, I didn't do anything, I didn't.. I didn't kill him." She continuously chanted these words precipitating him to panic.

He panicked, and he remembered why exactly she's reacting this way. Because the last time he'd pulled her close with such a jerk, was when he'd tortured her that night. She's so scared that just a simple jerk triggered the most horrific memory of her past.

Closing his eyes, he grabbed her medicine and injected her with a sedative which made her go to sleep.

Tears pooled in his eyes as he watched her calm down and drift to unconsciousness.

She'd a panic attack today. One that could've triggered her unwanted memories. And that could've been disastrous.

He closed his eyes with the thought of something even happening to her.

With a panic he climbed next to her and pulled her close to his chest and buried his head in her neck.

After a few minutes of being next to her, his nerves calmed down and his breathing was normal. He's so close to this today. So, so freaking close to the truth.

This is bound to happen one day. She will remember everything one day, he thought. But until then, he had every moment he could cherish with her. Because he felt happy and serene with her.

Just like her name.

Kissing her forehead, he whispered, "Goodnight, Serene."

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