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9 . Horrors.


Pain. This was her newfound friend now. The gloomy darkness had fully descended around her like a curse. She's stuck in here, in this so-called home which gave her nothing but only nightmares. Which was no less than a hell.

Serene was a timid, innocent and poor child. Her parents had died in a car accident when she's just fifteen. Since then she'd been Jake's mother, father and sister. And Jake was her everything. She worked hard day and night for him to save money for his surgery.

Everything was just fine until the real devil stepped into her life - David. The root of all her miseries.

Her pain was becoming unbearable. She couldn't share it with anyone. Beatings, abuse was fine for her, but rape? She couldn't explain how she felt anymore. The pain of your own husband raping you, willingly bringing other men to rape you was not just heinous but intolerable.

Dry racking sobs tear-stained her cheeks. She'd just lay there every time someone touched her body. Her skin would crawl back, her soul would retract into the darkest parts of her mind. Suffering with bleary eyed, nose running and distraught she'd control the urge of not killing herself everyday. In the middle of the night's she'd break into great heaving sobs which would slowly become intense.

Crying in abject misery and watching her purity burn down to ashes slowly day by day had become too much for her. Silent tears would roll down her cheeks every time David would beat her. Devastated pink eyes and a red face with soulless eyes would stare back at him each time he'd abuse her.

David had not only broken her trust, their wedding vows but also all his promises. He disrespected her everyday, he's torturing her everyday, he'd abuse her everyday but the only reason she's bound to him was - Jake.

But now he's also refraining from his duties. He'd given her a word that he'd look after Jake and his medical expenses. She's only suffering for Jake's sake. And even after bearing all this David ignored Jake.

This hurt her more than anything. If all she wanted was her little brother's life, his happiness and if that's not happening, then she'd have no reason, no bindings to stay with him. She'd to leave him. Soon. But how? That was a difficult question. Leaving David wasn't going to be easy because first - he was a cop and second - If she got caught she'd be going behind the bars for crime of murder.

And David was no fool. He's a sly, vile and a shrewd bastard. She'd to plan everything very meticulously if it came to escaping him.

She started planning everything one by one each day. Because she couldn't wait around anymore waiting for a perfect opportunity to pop up. She'd to make one for herself as Jake's condition had started deteriorating.

So one night when David came home alone and drunk, she decided to execute her plan. Grabbing some necessary stuff, Jake's medicines and his reports, a few clothes, some cash she'd saved and some she stole from David she ran.

She took David's car and left the city at night as fast and as surreptitiously as she could. She'd successfully crossed the city when it was dawn. She's knackered and sleepy. So she'd stopped at a motel which she thought was safe.

Grabbing something for lunch and giving Jake his medicines, she's all set for the bed peacefully. Only if she'd any idea what horrors were awaiting her.

Being tired and a sleepless night took her deep into the slumber. She drifted off to sleep immediately. She didn't know how she'd been asleep, but her peaceful sleep was broken harshly as the ice cold water, was splashed all over her.

"Wake up you bitch!" She heard, incensed David's voice.

Aghast and shivering, she woke up with a shudder. "Daa..vid?" She quivered. She'd no idea how he found her so quickly. She's terrified of his anger. And the way he looked right now was enough to tell that he'd kill her any moment now.

"Where do you think you're off too?" He gritted each word at her.

"I...I.." she's petrified. But before she'd say something, she realised he wasn't alone. He's with some other cops too. So maybe she's safe.

"Miss Serene Waters?" A middle aged man, who looked like David's senior, came to her rescue.

""Yes, sir." She whispered.

"You're wanted for an attempt of murder of Carter Denise. We're looking for you for too long. You can't run now. You'll have to come with us." The middle aged cop politely told her.

"I'm ready to come anywhere sir, but please save me from this man." Serene immediately broke into sobs.

The middle aged man looked at David suspiciously who in turn gave him a puzzled and innocent look.

"I don't know what she's talking about." David said.

Serene felt trapped. She knew she'd messed terribly now and the consequences will be beyond her imagination.

All she could do now was pray and beg. But only for one thing and that would be to do anything but stay away from David, even if that meant going to prison.

She'd no energy left to fight and bear his tortures. She decided to tell the officers the truth. But fate had some other plans for her.

"Sir, please listen to me once. I'll do anything you want, I'll answer all your questions, I'll tell you everything, all the truth but please, don't let this man do.." she was stopped by another officer.

"Miss Waters?" She turned around to look at the officer.

"Yes sir?"

"Mr. Roman Blackwood wants to see you. He's here for you." He informed her.

"Mr. Roman?" She was puzzled.

"Miss Waters?" She heard the most deep, soft and beautiful voice she ever had. But when she turned to look at him, she saw the most beautiful eyes filled with hate, disgust and rage in them.

The way this beautiful man looked at her, sent chills down her body. He looked at her as if he despised her, the hate evident in his eyes.

"Yes?" She timidly answered.

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