Secluded Devotion

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Why do you follow me? She asked You amuse me. He said She is what they say who gave everything but received no love She only has one small gift with her for which she survived ********** He is on the top of the heirarchy He is heartless but will do anything for his friends *********** And one day they both meet What has fate written in their destiny.

Romance / Other
Tulika Tewari
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Chapter 1

"Originality thrives in seclusion free of outside influences"~

Nikola Tesla

Siera's Pov

"Siri"I heard a shouting from outside my room

"Siri you said you would be ready by 9 am and it's already 10 now wake up"

"Alright alright I am up Elie no need to shout" I said

I get out of my bed, do my business and get showered.

I go downstairs to the kitchen to see my little sister drinking milk

Elie is my 10 year old sister, she is the only family I have heck she is the only person I have in world.

It's not my choice to be secluded it's what they did to me. No matter how much love I gave them they returned it by breaking my heart by betraying me. And now I am scared to show any emotions to others

My parents died when I was 15 years old and Elie was 4 years old. Since then I took care of her.

My aunt became legal guardian of us. She was nice to us for 2 years but then started mistreating us . She would use me as a servent and didn't give us proper food. As soon as I was 18 and Elie was 7 we moved out.

We later came to know that she just wanted our money and that betrayed my heart cause I loved her so much

So to sustain I started working and with the help of little money we had we rent a small apartment it is compact and cozy

Back to present I have to drop my sister at her school rehearsal and I have to go to dance studio where I work as well. Salary is quite remarkable and I can rehearse in extra time.

Did I tell you my hobby and passion is dancing infact I won many awards in contemporary I have even made few steps of my own

So I quickly drop Elie to her school and went to studio


Author's Note:

Guys it's my first book I request you all to give it a try

Do write your opinion to tell me & thanks for reading my work

I won't keep it long and boring so tata

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