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Willow Martinez also known as "Angel of death", has a major secret that only her closest friends and family can know about. Her parents the only people she allows to give her any commands, forces her and her siblings to pack up their childhood home and move to America. What will happen when she and her family finally arrives in America? Read to find out! (Please do not copy any of my work) Hope you enjoy!

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I look around my room one last time, Mom and Dad decided about two weeks ago it was time we expand our Mafia territory to America. I really wanted to stay here in Italy where I was born and grew up, but my parents didn’t want any excuses as I’m the next one in line to take over the Mafia after they retire. My twin brother who is older than me by 10 min should be the one but as he has clearly stated he didn’t want anything to do with taking over it was passed down to me.

I have trained my whole life for that specific moment where my parents declare me the new leader. It wasn’t easy, I would have to wake up early each morning to be on time for my weapon and sparing training, which would continue for five to seven hours. I would always return to my room with cuts, bruises and sore muscles, but not once have I complained. My body has been so viciously challenged each and every day of my life for the past eighteen years, I don’t experience anymore pain, which is always an advantage when fighting against any enemy we should cross paths with.

I pick up my last bag and walk out my room, down the stairs and finally into the living room where my parents and my three brothers are waiting.

“At least you have decided to grace us with your presence, we feel so honoured” my three brothers mumble sarcastically, thinking I didn’t hear them. I pull out my Glock, flicking of the safety and pointing it at them, “What did you just say?”. All of them raise their hands simultaneously and shouts “Nothing, nothing we promise”. I smirk and say “Mmmm, that is what I thought”. After I have sheathed my gun back in my holster I look up to see my parents smiling back at me with pride, that is how I have been raised after all.

Mom and Dad finally decide to break the silence by opening the front door and gesturing for us to exit. While I am walking t0 the door I experience a wave of memories I had here like when I first held a gun and when I finally got a bullseye at like the two hundredth time and the time when I was finally able to get the upper hand on my trainer, pinning him to the ground with an arm bar.

When I finally step out of the mansion, I look one last time at the place I called home for as long as I can remember. Saying my final goodbye, I pass on my bags to the driver and climb int0 the black limo which will take us to the airport.

Forty-five min later we finally arrive at the private airport, while the limo pulls up next to the private jet, I text my two best friends Rob Wilson and Maria Lynch.

Will be in the air in plus minus 6 min, will talk again when I land. Love you guys xxx”

“Ok, Be safe. We Love you too xxx”

Smiling I switch off my phone and slide out of the limo. With my whole family behind me we climb in the jet. It is quite spacious with leather seats, 2 bedroom suites and all you can order flight attendant staff.

We all get into our seats, buckle our seat belts and get comfortable for one ass long flight.

After 10 agonizing hours we finally land in California, feeling physically and emotionally drained I really just want my bed. Grabbing my phone out of my bag I text Rob and Maria again.

“Hey, just letting you guys know we have landed and I will probably only chat tomorrow morning again. Feeling so tired, first thing I’m gonna do when we get to the mansion, take a shower and go straight t0 bed” – Me

“No problem take all the time you need, Goodnight!” – Rob

“Ok gal, Talk tomorrow, Goodnight” – Maria

Locking my phone, I climb into the awaiting limo. The whole family is already there waiting for me once again as always, but they never complain because they know what will happen if I get angry. Closing the door behind me, I look out the window and stare at the passing scenery I must admit the view is not so bad but I still miss Italy and my friends and family.

30 min later we reach our new mansion, this one looks a little bit bigger than the one we had in Italy. I was the first one to jump out of the car and run through the front door which were held open by maids. I ran pass them not even bothering telling anyone where I was going and they know also not to ask. Reaching the burgundy double doors, I twist the doorknobs and the doors open up to my king size bed that is standing proud in the middle of the room against a dark grey colour, which dominates most of my room.

Looking around my new room I spot a door and walk towards it, opening the door I come face to face with the first thing I will need my ensuite bathroom, stripping off all my clothes, I climb under the warm spray of water, the warmth relaxing my stiff muscles. I grab my loofa and shower gel, applying just the right amount I begin to scrub myself. 10 min later I emerge with a white fluffy towel around my body, rummaging through my drawers, I finally decide on a pair of leggings and an oversize t-shirt. After I have pulled them on, I climb into my bed, just when my head touched the pillows, I was gone…

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