His Imperfect Smile

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"Why do you always fall in love with the bad boys?" Taylor questioned as a canny grin was drawn onto his face.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

“Kayla... Kayla, I know you hear me... Kayla, please just listen to me.”

I drowned out the desperate calls for my attention as I continued to walk down the path, my eyes glued to the pavement below me.

“Kayla, can you just listen⎯ ”

I spun around towards Hudson, a deadly glare tracing my movements. “Listen? Listen? I have been listening to your countless excuses, your dumbass and phony little lies, your complaining, and your fucking groaning about every damn thing, and you’re seriously going to tell me to listen? Hudson, leave me alone before I file a report for harassment.”

“I’m not harassing you.” Hudson bit out.

“Then leave.”


“Because I’m going to fucking choke you out if you don’t!” I shouted, just wanting to be left alone.

“That’s a threat.” He crossed his arms.

“Threat? Thre⎯” I calmed myself down before I completely lost it. “What more do you want from me, Hudson? I just want to go home.”

“I want you to give me a second chance.” He pleaded.

“A se⎯ a second chance?” I repeated. “Do you mean your ninth chance? Because, if we’re counting the previous times you’ve cheated on me, this is your fucking ninth chance.”

“Fine, ninth chance, whatever it takes to prove to you that I love you and I can’t lose you.” Hudson took a few steps closer to me.

Every step he took, the more steps I took back. “You should’ve thought of that before you decided to lay in bed with that... that fucking bitch.”

“Kayla, please⎯”

“Whatever, go fuck yourself,” I told him before strutting off.

I’ve had enough of being cheated on, harassed, used, and sexually referred to. You might think this is just another case of me overreacting, but it was not. I hated my life to an extent due to the actions of my ex, and the past exes before him. I didn’t even know if relationships were worth it anymore ⎯ not with how things were looking for me.

Here’s how things went down, just in case you’re wondering why I’m on the verge of tears.

Me and Hudson, my boyfriend, ⎯ now ex ⎯ thought to pair ourselves up for a History project we had. I could’ve paired up with my best friend, Aliyah, instead but I wanted to spend time with my boyfriend. He offered to give me a ride to his place, but I told him that I’ll be coming somewhat later instead ⎯ considering how I wanted to shower, wash up, and throw on some cleaner clothes before I thought to settle next to him. So I went home and did those exact things. It was around 5:00 when I decided to come over. I considered calling him in advance to let him know. He didn’t pick up the first time I called, so I called a second time and he still didn’t answer. I shrugged it off, assuming that maybe his phone wasn’t on him at the time. So I just sent him a text, telling him I would be there in about 10 minutes. I told my family I was heading out to Hudson’s place and they said their goodbyes as I left the house. The walk wasn’t long ⎯ in my opinion. I always enjoyed the walk to his house, considering I was going to have a great time there like always. Well, I believe the gods weren’t on my side today. I knocked on his door, and I’m very familiar that he only lives with his dad which sometimes is out late working, so I wasn’t expecting an instant response. After what felt like 5 minutes of waiting, I knocked again, only to be met with the same results. I turned the knob slowly, surprised to see the door unlocked, but came in nonetheless. I locked the door behind me afterward. What is he thinking? I thought to myself. A weirdo or some type of robber could just come in and kill him! I considered scolding him a bit later but decided to find out his whereabouts first. After scanning the downstairs for some time, I heard loud thumping upstairs. I followed the noises, and as a result, I started to hear a woman’s voice. It was moaning, yelling Hudson’s name. I couldn’t help but flinch, telling myself that it was absolutely not what I made it out to be and that this was nothing but a very, very bad hallucination of mines. I cracked his bedroom door open, only to be met with him literally fucking the soul out of a woman who I didn’t even recognize. He kept going for some time, the woman did the same with her moaning. I didn’t know whether it should be confronted or I should enjoy the live porn show I was receiving. I grunted nonetheless, walking up to the duo and crossing my arms. “So, I’ve been calling you, wondering where you’ve been, and then see that you’ve been fucking this whore?”

Hudson didn’t even have time to respond before I slapped both him and the slut he was making love to. Hudson hadn’t done anything in return, shamefully looking at me as he was completely speechless. Meanwhile, the whore he was fucking wasn’t having any of it. She tried to put up a fight, clawing at my face and pulling my hair at times, but she was no match for what I had to bring to the table. In the end, I put the bitch in her place and left her crying. I still have no idea who she is ⎯ let alone where she even ran off to, but my concerns weren’t plastered on her for long. I gave Hudson a long lecture about loyalty, trust, and lying to my fucking face. Then I stormed out, he followed regardless, then the showdown I just displayed happened. And now I’m here; knocking on the door to my home, ready to give in to life and allow drama to take its course.

I was greeted by Taylor, my twin brother. “It’s only, like ⎯ 5:30? You’re done already?”

I pushed past him, not even stopping to hang up my coat. I marched upstairs, slammed and locked my door, settled down on my bed, dug my face into my Hershey pillow, and let out the most pitiful cry. It didn’t even sound human ⎯ more like a disabled goat who lost its way to their family.

The disgusting feeling I felt for my cry didn’t make it any better, it probably worsened it. I couldn’t help but want to let go of everything inside of me ⎯ I’ve attempted to stay strong for so long, but I just want to die now. Not die, no, that’s too emo. But I would love for all of these unnecessary feelings to be numb.

I heard a door open and close before I felt someone sitting down on my bed. “Taylor, get. Out.”

I could basically hear his fucking smirk. “Nah, I’m good.”

“How’d you even get in? I locked my door⎯” I raised my head from the pillow, then noticing the door that connected both of our rooms. Fuck.

We had it built in when we were little, just in case one of us got nightmares or needed comfort for something, all we had to do was enter each others’ room through that door. We haven’t got it knocked down since, sometimes it can be a burden, but other times I don’t mind it being there. I just wish we could lock that one too.

I groaned. “Just get out.”

“Kay, what happened?” He asked, tousling my hair as he analyzed the tears strolling down my cheeks.

“I broke up with him,” I mumbled.

“Hudson?⎯ Wait, why?”

“I caught him cheating when I went to his house, he tried to make excuses for it again, but I just left. This is the ninth time, bro⎯”

“Ninth? How come you didn’t tell me of those other times?” Taylor growled.

“Those other times was just me catching him calling and texting other girls ⎯ nothing serious. This time I caught him having full-on sex with some bitch. It’s my fault for trusting him.” I groaned, slamming my head back into my pillow.

“I’ll deal with him,” Taylor mumbled before fishing his phone from his pocket, typing at a rapid pace.

“Tay, you don’t need to⎯”

“Oh, but I will. I enjoy seeing your boyfriends get beat up,” he gave me that toothy grin.

“So, you’re just going to hire one of your friends to beat him up?” I tilted my head.

“Nah, this time I’m going to do it myself. I’m going to love seeing this asshole suffer.”

“So fucking sadistic, dude...” I mumbled.

He laughed. “Maybe so. Anyways, it’s handled. We’re now partners on the History project.”

“Wait what?” I shot up.

“Me and Hudson ⎯ we’re partners. And let’s just say he’s about to get what’s coming to him.”

“Then who am I going to be partners with?”

“My old partner, don’t worry ⎯ he’s a great friend,” Taylor reassured me before getting up.

“Jesus fucking Christ, Tay. If you end up catching a case⎯”

“Awe, thanks for worrying, sis, but I’ll be fine.” I rolled my eyes to his statement. “Anyways, I’m going to head to the store to get you a Snicker bar.”


“Because you’re not yourself when you’re hungry,” he grinned.

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