Damned Love

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MAFIA book. "I've been cursed by the devil." --- Kaia Thomas was kissed by devil the day she was born. All she ever knew was death, loss, pain. She never expierenced love and when she did, they would leave her. This all changes when she ends up meeting someone. Little does she know that they'll end up changing her life for the better. ✴✴✴ !Warning!- Suicidal thoughts, Death, Sexual scenes, Blood, Drug use

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1- Kissed by the Devil

"Alrighty love. Which one?"

I snapped myself from a daze as I turned to face my roomate Evie. She held up a beautiful halter top black sequined bodycon dress. It definitely called my name but the second one just begged to hug my body.

I glanced down at my arm that held the scars and then back to her. "I'll take the second one please."

"Alright. I was going to take the black one anyways." She gently scrunched up the dress, making sure not to wrinkle it and handed it to me with a pleased look.

"By the way," I muttered,"Give your mom a thanks from me. I definitely owe her for all the clothes." She laughed in response and let her Australian accent rumble through the two story apartment. Of course I always had a thing for foreign accents.

Her mom was a popular fashion designer back in Australia and would often gift us with her dresses back here in the U.S. I would only be a fool to turn them down.

"Are you sure you'll be able to pull red off?"she questioned with her eyebrows scrunched together.

"Yeah. I'll be able to pull it off. Trust me."

She grunted quietly still in a questioning tone. "I guess we'll have to see won't we." I smiled back at her and got ready to get up from the plush carpet in her room.

Just before I made my way I made sure to say, "I'm gonna shower quickly and then we can leave in about an hour and a half." It was already 7:00 o'clock and we would be able to reach the club around 9:30.

"Sure. But make sure to take your time stinky."

I smiled despite the fact that deep down it was all emotionless.

Shutting her door quietly, I made my way down the corridor to my room. I was blessed to live her as I had no relatives and only stayed here by the grace of Evie's family. After all, they were the ones who fostered me after I lost everyone. And I mean everyone.

I hung the dress on a stray hanger lying in my closet and began to strip my clothes right on my bed. It was my room so I could even sleep naked if I wanted too. I grabbed a clean new towel, one that wasn't covered in blood from all the cuts and shut my king sized bathroom door.

I was too afraid to face myself in the mirror. Many of my scars, both on my arm and thighs were ugly and were starting to form scabs that indicated they were beginning to heal. But I didn't want them like that. I wanted them open and bloody like my soul.

Rummaging through my sink caddy I pulled out a fresh new blade. Razor Blade to be precise. Then came out some alcohol and I began to clean the blade and my skin to make sure everything was sanitized. I may have been suicidal, but I definitely didn't want to die from some crazy infection like tetanus.

I closed my eyes as the blade sliced against my upper thigh. I threw my head back as a way to relish in the pain. It helped me feel human as I could feel the pain. Almost as if I wasn't cursed and just normal. Almost as if I wasn't kissed by the devil.


The silky bodycon dress hung to my curves perfectly. Its thin straps getting ready to slide down and expose my scarred body. I was glad that it was low enough to show just the right amount of cleavage, yet still happen to cover my scars in the perfect places except my arm. Of course I was insecure about the places it didn't cover but I didn't want to let them ruin my night out.

I threw on the red lace strap on heels Evie had let me borrow from her collection and made my way back to the mirror. It made me tower to height of 5'8 as it raised me 3 inches. I had to make sure everything looked perfect

My view was breathtaking and I looked surprised at my own appearance. It didn't look like how I usually was. Simple, boring, glum, ready to leave this world. I may have had all the riches but one I never really had and would never have was happiness.

Turning away, I made my way out of my room to Evie's where I watched her throw on her last couple makeup touches. When she was finally finished, she examined me and the moment her eyes passed on me, I watched her jaw drop. I might have looked nice but definitely not that nice.

"Holy fuck Kaia. You look nice. Sorry. I mean hot. Like super fucking hot. If I could I would totally bang you but I'm already taken so no can do." I laughed to everything she had just said. Honestly, I felt the laugh to be quiet genuine and it was definitely something that hadn't happened to me in a long time.

"Should we go," I asked ready to get drunk.

"Of course. By the way Nick's joining us." Just as she finished her sentence, I heard her phone go off with a ding. Nick was probably here. I was happy for her of course as they were dating. I never wanted a relationship because they always ended up the same way. Dead and broken. Not only the relationship but the people. That would probably mean I would stay alone but I was alright with that. Better alone, than losing someone you might just end up falling for. I would know

"Ahh he's here." She shut off her phone and I followed her out the building to Nick who was waiting to pick us up.

I watched his eyes light up when he saw us. Specifically Evie who was a real goddess with her dress and shoulder-length blonde hair. Of course my hair was a simple dark brown. Almost black. Not that I even really cared. He grabbed her body with affection and lust. It made me look away. I've never really experienced that and I doubt I ever will.

They began making out and at that time as I was already in the car. My dress had ridden up a little and I began to trace the beautiful scars. It was a way to relieve me and I always found myself doing it whenever I was on a verge of a panic attack.

The closing of the door pulled me from my haze. I really have to stop zoning out. It made me question whether or not that was a sign for ADHD. Hm. I wouldn't be surprised.

Evie and Nick were still holding hands as we started driving.

"You look good Kaia." His head shifted back and he flashed me a smile. "You both do." I watched him give Evie's hand a squeeze. I felt my heart restrain for a few seconds. I could already tell they were in love. Like actual love.

I remember when it was like that for me.

"Ready or not here I come." I waddled behind the curtain hopping mommy wouldn't see me. This was the best hiding spot so there was no way she would catch.

I watched mommy search around the kitchen through the curtain. "Where are you baby." She jumped behind a plant and screamed boo.

Of course I wasn't there silly. I was behind the curtain. I tried to hold in a giggle but I accidentally let it out.

I watched mommy's pretty grey eyes look at the curtain. Oh no. I hope she doesn't find me. She stalked quietly to the living room and she looked funny the way she tiptoed. She looked like the lions from the animal show.

I shut my eyes hopping she wouldn't see me but then I felt her hands pull the curtain to the side and she grabbed me. "Got you baby." I screamed in surprise and began to laugh as she tickled me.

Her hands tickled all over my stomach and armpits until I was crying from laughter.

That night, I cuddled with mommy as she rocked me to sleep. I was a big girl since I was 5 but mommy still liked doing that.

I remember mommy whispering how much she loved me before I fell asleep.

I felt the car lurch and I glanced out of the car only to be welcomed by the entrance of the rich club. I've been here plenty of times to say that I was quite expierenced with the place. At the entrance, stood a tall bouncer and I remembered last time how he had let us in the a bribe. Unless someone bribed him again, we would probably be waiting in line for some time.

I opened the car door and made my way out. I waited for Evie and Nick to follow suite which they did seconds later.

"Evie. How long are we going to have to wait?" I pointed to the boucer and gave her a look.

"Trust the process love. Just trust the process."

We made our way past the long line where Evie started talking to the boucer. All I heard was, "Matteo knows we're here." Evie followed her saying by handing the man a large wad of cash which he snuck in willingly with a smile.

I had never heard her say that before and the name Matteo was new to my ears.

A simple wave of his hand and we were in. I guess Evie was right. Trust the motherfucking process.

I grinned to Evie as a thanks and grabbed the two. I made my way to the massive bar and took a seat on the plush stools.

"Drinks anyone," I muttered with a hope of getting drunk. This is my chance to get drunk before we go back to school on monday.

"Duh," Evie said in response and called the

bartender over.

"Can we get a line of shots please." He noffed and within minutes, the shots were layed out in front of us. Evie offered them to Nick but he refused as he would be the one driving us back.

I grabbed a shot and waited until Evie had one in her hand as well before tossing my head back and feeling the burn run down my throat.

"Fuck." Sure Evie was a pussy but not me. I've had my fair share of alcohol to say that I'm used to the feeling. I can't exactly handle it though since I get drunk pretty easily. I've also be known to do crazy things while drunk. One of them including streaking around our apartment building. Just thinking about made me want to blush from embarrassment. Whatever I guess. I threw my head and pushed down two more shots.

The feeling of the burn was like a drug and I smiled. The gaping mouths of Evie and Nick were pretty noticable but I shook it off from the corner of my eyes. Pussies.

Evie gave me a look before dragging Nick to the dancefloor. I watched their bodies twirl with each other and the affection that leaked from their hearts.

Turning my head away, I ordered a long island iced tea. One of my favorite drinks. Not only did it have a kick to it but it also had some cola in it which I loved. I fiddled with the ring on my finger as I sat quietly drinking.

Finally finishing it I handed it back and prepared to order another one but someone beat me to it. The bartender placed a vodka soda in front of me. With a curious face I made sure to ask him why. He simple pointed to a man sitting a couple seats away from me before walking away to help another customer.

I smiled at the man who simply looked to old for me. I mean it's not like I was going to sleep with him or anything. My smile was full with disgust that clearly showed through it.

"Sorry man. Not a big fan of vodka soda." That was big lie but I didn't want to accept it.

He moved to the closest seat to me that was two away from me. "That sure looked like it when you were drinking your long island iced tea babygirl." He licked his lips and stared at me with desire. I cringed at his choice of words.

I peered at the middle aged 30 year old. "Listen man. You look two times my age so I'm not accepting it." I went to check my phone but it was grabbed from my hand by the man.

"Excuse me but I used my money on that."

"Well that's not my problem grandpa. Now fuck off."

I went back on my phone ready to scroll through instagram but it was snatched from my hand one again. This man was pissing me off quite a lot. He needed to learn how to keep his hands off of other's personal things.

He slammed my phone down on the surface of the bar and with just enough time, I snatched it back.

"Bitch!" I watched him raise his hand angrilly in response that it almost seemed like slow motion. I screwed my eyes shut waiting for his blow but its never came.

Nearly five seconds passed before I opened them again. A young man stood in front of me blocking me from the upcoming blow. From what I could he wore a black loose button up shirt and had tossled chocolate brown hair.

Roman's POV

I watched the stripper dance from the pole. I loved how her long legs twirled around the pole before sliding down. That simple movement was enough to get me rock hard.

I grabbed the blunt from Dean and inhaled deeply.

Fuck it was strong. I didn't have any this strong but I needed to get some.

"Who's your supply man."

"I got it from Azule." He followed his response by sniffing up a line. He grabbed the whore from his lap and followed her to another room.

I had heard about him from plenty of my buddies. According to all of them, he sold all the hardcore stuff. I often felt as if that was just exactly what I needed. I was glad that my dad didn't really care about any stuff I did as long as I ended up taking over his line.

"Yo Roman."

I followed my gaze towards Zane. He had his phone out scrolling through.

"Ben's in the hospital." His fingers stopped moving and he showed me an image from his gallery. "Some guys jumped him. They took everything he had on him. Thank god it was only about a couple hundred. Imagine if they found out he was a billionaire. Probably would have taken him for ransom."

Thank god for that.

I grabbed his phone and began to enlarge the picture. Ben was lying in a hospital bed with casts on and machines all around him. God damn. They must have really beat the living crap out of him.

I handed his phone back. "What about his girl. Is she ok?"

"Oh yeah about that. Sarah is in bad shape. She found him in the alley behind his place. When I talked to her, she was crying and all."

I could only imagine what she was going through. Sarah and Ben really loved each other and it was sad to see her that way.

"I'll pay a visit tomorrow after school. That reminds me. Tomorrow's the fist day of my senior year at a new place. Daddy devil transfered me after the fight."

I scowled at the thought of going back to all my boring fucking classes. I would drop out in a blink but my dad wanted to see me make it through college at the most. Despite the fact that I would soon end up leading his mafia, he was adamant about it all.

Zane chuckled at my expression. "You'll do fine man. Just don't beat up any more kids." Zane thought it was all funny as he was already in his third year of college but I could asuure you, it wasn't.

He was talking about the time last year when I beat a kid at a football game who had come at me. He ended up in the hospital with multiple broken bones. At that moment, everyone learned not to fuck with me.

I made my way to the edge of the top floor. The only private level designed for only my pleasures.

It overlooked the rest of the club and I could easily make out the bar. I needed a drink. Preferably a strong one with extra alcohol.

I glanced over to the dancefloor. Many womens had already noticed me and were handing me flirty looks. Let me rephrase that actually. Many puttanas were looking at me. Their cakey makeup made them look like actual pigs.

[transl.- whores]

My eyes skimmed over a specific figure. I had noticed her here before a couple times. She wore a small red dress. Her figure was mouth watering from the distance I was looking her at.

She sat near the bar sipping some sort of drink. Plenty of men around her looked like they wanted a piece of her. It's not like I could argue.

I watched her talk to someone. A scowl was fixed on her face and she looked good angry. I couldn't tell what could possibly be making her this mad in my club. Technically my father's but equally mine.

She was talking to Tucker. The greasey old man that would often find his way at my mafia's doorstep begging for money. He was good enough to be the trash that littered the streets. The way she looked made me want to find out what could possibly be making her this mad.

"I'm getting a drink," I muttered. I heard Zane grunt in response and I practically ran down the stairs.

The downstairs level was musty and filled with sweaty bodies. Women with their skimpy dresses and men with their fake designer shirts. It did honestly miss me off. My club was highend. It was not for all the low lifes.

I made my way through the crowd as the techno music blasted from the numerous speakers throughout the club.

I was so close to the bar that I could practically taste the alcohol on my taste buds.

Suddenly I heard the sickening noise of a slam on the bar's marble countertop. My eyes flashed to the mysterious girl who was perched on her chair. I couldn't tell what exactly caused the sound. Maybe a glass or the slam of a hand. Who knows?

Tucker raised his hand in a threatening motion before screaming bitch. I was surprised no one was paying attention to them over the music but no one batted an eye besides me.

I watched her eyes screw in fear just as I made it there. With a simple flip of my hand, Tucker was lying on the floor moaning in pain.

Kaia's POV

The man's back was to me. I couldn't really make out what was happening despite the fact that it was all in front of me.

I titled my head to the side only to be confronted with the image of the man lying on the floor. Did the mysterious man do that to him? I wasn't sure what to say.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing Tucker!"

I watched the guy pick him off the floor before slamming his fist straight in his face. I gasped in horror as many more punches followed. All around many people stopped to look at the commotion before turning around. Almost as if they were afraid of the man before me. Blood was streaming out of his nose at a steady rate. I was surprised I could even see it as the light in the club was quite dim. Deep down I know that I the guy deserved it for forcing himself yet it felt wrong to watch this all.

My hand flew to the man's perfectly pressed shirt.

"Stop oh my god."

I felt his muscles relax under my pressure making me feel as if I should move away. Yet, something compelled me to keep it there as a way of comfort.


His hand released the hold on the pervert who had tried to assault me earlier.

"Don't ever come back here or I'll slit your fucking throat!"

I watched him get up in daze from what had happened. He took dizzy steps to get up, nodded his head towards my savior and practically ran out the entrance. My hand was still carressing the man's shoulder. Looking at him right now I noticed things I hadn't before. He looked tall. Maybe about 5 or 6 inches taller than me. The thing about it was that I was in three inch heels.

I watched his shoulders rise and fall in jagged breaths. It was astonishing how I could hear anything over the loud music. It snapped me back and immediately I released my hand and drew it back to my side.

"Thank you." I was so glad I hadn't stammered while saying that. My heart was racing.

The man's chocolate locks shook as he turned to look at me for the first time. The man's eyes finally came into contact with mine. The man was literally the epitome of hotness. Looking at him made me want to drool. His dark grees eyes watched my hazel ones with curiousity before finally he replied.

"Of course amore."




Hi author here. So I just finished the first chapter. Yay!! Congrats to me. I think I'm going to give myself a pat on the back.

In this chapter I introduced the first two character that are Kaia and Roman.

Some other minor characters are Evie, Nick, Dean, Zane and Ben.

Incase you were confused, Evie is Kaia's friend. She's being fostered by her family since she has no one else to care for her.

The next chapter will take some time cause I do write a lot. This chapter itself was 3000+ words. I expect each chapter to be like 3 to 4 thousand. Or even more. Depends really. Because of this, it takes me more time to write and think. So I expect to release a chapter ever week or 2.

Sorry if I do any later cause sometimes I feel really bored of writing or get writer's block.

Btw. I'll be adding a lot of music. I love ghostemane, scarlxrd and basically trap music in total. So you will be seeing a lot of it.

Ok hope you liked this chapter.


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