The Virgin Slut

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School wasn’t for everyone, especially not Raine. She had other plans for her life, such as marrying rich and living lavishly, but her parents had other plans and sent her to the college they went to when they were younger. Now she has to cope and make it work for four years.

Romance / Drama
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Ever since I was younger, all I ever wanted was happiness, riches and glamour. I would have stopped at nothing to get what I wanted. I would have gained everything any way possible, but all that shattered when my dad, mom and a couple other people decided my fate.

College. I didn't want to attend. I wanted to marry rich at 18 years old just like those old time movies I like to watch. I wanted to have a child by 19 and be a rich widowed wife by the age 20. I didn't get to enjoy any of that since my mother thought it was best for me to enjoy being a student in college before being someone's second wife.

I beg to differ! Being someone's second wife meant I get everything. Sure, I probably wouldn't be happy with my marriage, but my life would be grand. I would never be in the house. Sadly, no.

"Just do four years and you can do whatever you want after that." My dad begged me. He literally gotten down in his knees, hands clasped together and stared up at me with his dark brown eyes. "Please Raine, that's all I'm asking."

How I knew my dad was serious is because he was wearing his white button down with the sleeves rolled up to his ashy pale elbows, his black dress pants and his suede shoes, which he was on both his knees pleading with me. His his tired from this day in and day out and his brown combover hair was now turning grey and that's probably my fault.

My mother on the other hand, in the same position my dad was, pleading with me, her long brown hair in a ponytail braided to the side. Her hands pale hands clasped together, her dull lifeless brown eyes tired from having to deal with me has worn on her. Her blue shirt with the words HELP! I LOST MY MIND AND TIME! In big bold letters on it. Her pants, denim blue jeans, on her knees staring at me.

"Fine." I sighed. "It's not like college is going to be even more exciting than marrying rich." I muttered as I plopped down in the living chair. I can see relief wash through them happy to have someone to carry on the legacy cause they knew my brother wouldn't have done it. He ran away to be something he isn't. I had forgotten what it was, but it happened.

"You have made us super happy!" They both kisses my cheek and danced to the kitchen fro a drink probably. They know they needed it after dealing with me.

High school was a breeze and I'm sure college will be too.

Or so I thought.

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