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Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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A short texting/dialogue story in which a girl falls in love with her boy best friend. “I pray my love will be like cherry blossoms, that wither and fall with time.” —Tiffanyluvss❤️ What to expect: •Texts/Calls •Emojis •Dirty Conversations •Heartbreak •Love

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Who's the Unlucky Guy?

Chat Song: ‘When The Party’s Over’ by Billie Eilish.
“I’ll only hurt you if you let me. Call me friend but keep me closer and I’ll call you when the party’s over.”

This book was written first; if you find anything too similar let me know asap.

Friday May 08 2020
Lexie’s location: On her bed, in her room.

L: Hey Josh.

Two hours later...

J: Hey! I went to pick Sabrina up from dance practice, sorry for the late reply.

L: That’s okay :)

J: You sure? Are you okay? I didn’t see you after school.

L: I left early. Had a stomachache🤒

J: Aww, must be hard being a girl :(

L: U have no idea...
Sean asked me out today.

J: 😄Really? That’s awesome news! I mean you like him, don’t you?

L: Well....

J: Well?

L: Not anymore. I kind of like someone else right now.

J: 😱

L: Lol

J: 😏You didn’t tell me this. Who’s the unlucky guy?

Five minutes later...

J: Lexie?

L: Yeah.

J: Who is he?

L: You.

A minute later...

J: Lol. What?

L: Sorry my sister wrote that text!

J: Which one of the texts?

L: “You.”

J: Lol how did your six year old sister manage to snatch your phone?

L: I went to pee. So sorry about that XD

J: Alright...

L: Anyway it’s a boy from school.

J: What’s his name?

L: You don’t know him.

J: I probably do, does he play football?

L: Nope. It doesn’t matter whether u know him or not Josh. It won’t work out.

J: Why??

L: Because you have a—
(Lexie quickly deletes the text before sending)
Because he has a girlfriend.

J: 😕Ouch.

L: Yup. Sucks to be me.

J: No, it doesn’t suck.

L: Huh?

J: You’re pretty and smart, there isn’t anything that sucks about you. You’ll find the perfect guy one day😘

(Lexie stares at the emoji for over a minute, her face a bright shade of red.)

L: You’re just saying that because we are friends😒

J: Bestfriends* and no, I am not. Look in the mirror and you will see what I mean.

L: Thank you. :)

Fifty minutes later...

L: Are you there?

J: Yeah. Sorry...I was caught up😅

L: With?

J: You don’t want to know.

L: I want to.

J: Your virgin ears won’t be able to handle it😏

L: 😕??

J: I was having sex with Sabrina. Don’t ask for details, I don’t kiss and tell😉

(Lexie feels a sharp pain in her chest as she reads the words)

L: Ew. I think I just pictured a traumatic sight.

J: Lol! And what exactly did you picture?😏

(She laughs to herself as she types a response.)

L: A veryyyyy small weenie. 🥕

J: Haha. If you saw it for yourself, you would change that perspective, love.

L: 🙄

J: ...do you want to?

L: To what?

J: See it.

L: See what?

J: What do you think? Lol.

L: Be straightforward Josh.

J: 🍆

(Lexie almost gets a heart attack when she sees the symbol, knowing exactly what he’s hinting at.)

L: God, no Josh!🙈

J: Lol I was kidding, Lex.

L: Not funny.

J: Well I’m laughing hard😂I can imagine how red your face is right now😋

L: 😒

J: 😝

L: You’re an idiot

J: But u love me anyway ;-)

(She smiles to herself and mutters “more than you know.”)

L: I don’t.

J: Hate is close to love. I got to take Sabrina home, so I’ll text you tomorrow.

L: Okay.

J: Goodnight, Love u.

(Lexie reads his last two words a few times. She knows Josh doesn’t love her more than a friend but she likes to pretend he does in the delusional world of her own little mind.)

L: I love you too. Best friend.

(She watches as his status changes to ‘Offline’. She presses the home button on her screen and lay her head against her pillow. She closes her eyes and drifts off to sleep, thinking about her best friend who she may never be able to call hers.)


“Tore my shirt to stop you bleeding but nothing ever stops you leaving”—Billie Eilish.


••Soo what do you think? This is a sample chapter so if you like it, let me know. I can continue updating it while working on ‘Then You Look At Me.’ Since it’s quite an easy write, I don’t mind. Lots of love!❤️••

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