Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Author Note

Heylo everyone!! :-)❤️I hope you’re all doing well✨

Just some quick pointers before we proceed.

•This book literally revolves around Lexie and Josh. If I don’t pitch in much emphasis on their surrounding lives that’s because it is literally about Josh and Lexie. Literally, lol.

•This book or piece doesn’t follow the normal rules of writing. It is not a novel so to speak, but a quick, free writing that may not follow a definite plot.

•Remain open-minded. This book isn’t serious and is being written just for fun.

•Don’t think too deeply about it. Even if it makes no sense sometimes...don’t think about it. Just read and enjoy. If you feel as if you may not like it, you can always check out my other story: ‘Then You Look At Me’, as it probably has a more developed plot.

•This piece doesn’t focus on grammar. It is raw and written quickly as a hobby.

•Finally, just enjoy. If you may. It isn’t serious ;-)✨

Lots of love,


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