Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Let's Do What Lovers Do

Chat Song: ‘All I Ask’ by Adele. (Theme song of the entire story.)

“I will leave my heart at the door. I won’t say a word. They’ve all been said before, you know. So why don’t we just play pretend, like we’re not scared of what is coming next, or scared of having nothing left? Look, don’t get me wrong, I know there is no tomorrow. All I ask is if this is my last night with you, hold me like I’m more than just a friend. Give me a memory I can use, take me by the hand while we do what lovers do. It matters how this ends cause what if I never love again?”


Tuesday May 12 2020

1:00 am

Lexie’s Location: In her room, on her bed.

J: Is your sister still in your room?

L: No, she left a second ago.

J: Good.

L: ....

J: Close your room door.

(Lexie knows where this is heading and she also knows that this is very dangerous, but she seems to have zero control over her feet as she rises up from the bed and presses the notch on her door as if she’s being mind-controlled by Josh. He certainly has too much power over her. She returns to her bed and lay onto her back, responding to his message.)

L: I am not sure if this is okay.

J: I think it is.

L: Why do you think that?

J: Because we don’t like each other, and we are just friends. We joke about a lot of sexual stuff sometimes.

L: But this is different. We are SEXTING. It is a little intimate.

J: But it’s not real.

L:’re right.

J: We don’t have to do this.

L: No, I want to. I’m bored anyway.

J: I’m bored too. But I hope you’re down for it Lex, I don’t want to impose something you don’t agree with.

L: I’m down.

J: Good because I’m actually beside you right now.

(Lexie is confused until she recalls what he had said earlier today. ‘You are supposed to pretend I’m there.’)

L: I see you.

J: 😏Someone’s catching the hang of it.

L: Lol. Whatever.

J: 😂. My hands are on your bare thighs. I know you’re wearing a dress; you seem to like wearing dresses to bed. Very convenient...

(She can already feel the arousal rising and she clamps her thighs together, salivating her lips.)

J: I can also tell that you are already aroused Lexie, you’re pressing your thighs together right now because the need is rising.

(She is appalled that Josh could be so accurate. She has to glance beside her to confirm that he isn’t actually there. How can someone sense this via texting? Lexie can’t help thinking about the fact that he is without a doubt, experienced. Then her thoughts traverse further to the fact that he probably does this quite often with Sabrina. She is at the brink of calling this off when he sends another text.)

J: I am kissing you right now, sinking my teeth into those soft pink lips of yours.

(She is flushed, blushing her face off. It is fortunate that he is unable to see her.)

J: My hands are now in your panties, touching you at places you’ve never been touched before.

(Lexie is unable to withhold this any longer. She feels like a mess already and he has barely begun.)

(Suddenly, Josh begins to video-call her. She almost gets a heart attack as she freezes; blinking rapidly at the screen. Why is he calling? She’s a blushing mess right now and her face is enough to reveal her feelings for him. When he notices that she refuses to answer the call, he hangs up and shoots her a text.)

J: Lol pick up.

(She swallows sharply as his ID appears on the screen again, signaling that he’s making a second attempt. She clears her throat and attempts to bring forth a neutral expression as she presses the green icon.)

Josh’s toothy smile is the first thing that catches her attention, then the fact that he’s without a shirt as he comfortably lies on his back. His room is slightly dim, with just his bedside lamp offering a faint yellow glow. His white teeth and the silver chain around his neck glistens on the screen as she tries to keep the blushes at bay.

“Why were you scared to pick up?” He’s tittering as he says this, and Lexie can’t hide the blushes anymore.

“I wasn’t scared.”

“Yeah, right.” He smirks, and she’s wondering how he can take this all so casually. She’s dying from anxiety.

“You’re wearing a dress, I see. I was right.” He locks her gaze after saying this and she slightly shifts, noticing the clear look of lust in his orbs. Josh never used to regard her with such sensual eyes, she’s not sure what door she opened unintentionally and is not able to close back. She cannot decide if what is happening between them is good or bad.

“What else was I right about? Did I turn you on?”

Lexie can manage to admit that over text but being vocal about it is something she hasn’t mastered yet.

“I thought you wanted us to sext, Josh.”

“Yeah...but I want to see your face as well.” He smiles, and she offers a nervous one back.

His cellphone shifts as he sits upright against his headboard, one of his knees drawn up while his other leg lies flat. “You remember you said you have never touched yourself before?”

Lexie nods, a little confused as to why he brought that up. “Yeah...what about it?”

Josh shrugs. “I want to see you try it right now.”

She isn’t sure she heard correctly. “W-what?”

He smiles. “I want to watch you, is that uncomfortable?”

Lexie swallows. This has suddenly escalated from sexting to a whole other level.

“You could keep the camera up to your face, I wouldn’t see past your chest.” He simplifies, but Lexie is still staring at him blankly.

He chuckles. “If you don’t want to, you don’t have to. I’m sorry.”

“I’ll try it,” she concludes. “Though I don’t know how to.”

Josh’s lips quirk up. “That’s the most sensitive place on your body. Do it however you want to, you’ll still get the same result.”

She’s not sure she gets what he means but she decides to oblige. Laying flat, she keeps the camera up to her face, while her hand falls below. Josh leans his head against his headboard as he watches her, a smile stuck on his handsome face.

“I have no one to fantasize about,” she mutters.

“How about that guy you like?” He suggests and Lexie shakes her head disapprovingly.

“I’ll only hurt myself.”

Josh’s face softens sympathetically, and he nods in understanding. “Oh, yeah. could think of me.”

Lexie’s face reddens. Josh is so unaware that he and the mystery guy is the same person.

“Although I know you aren’t attracted to me in that light. But you could.” He half-smiles.

Lexie slightly nods. She takes a deep breath and her eyes move to her room door cautiously.

“Did you lock your door?” Josh checks.

“Yeah.” She clears her throat.

“Then you’re fine. This will just remain between you and me. Just as everything we have ever shared with each other.”

Lexie nods her head as she let her hand slip inside her undergarment. Although Josh is not able to see past her chest, she can’t help feeling sheepish and insecure that she’s doing something like this right in front of him.

This guy really has the power to brainwash and mentally control her.

She begins to rub small circles against herself. She isn’t educated on the subject, but she takes Josh’s advice. Do it however you want to, you will still get the same result.

Soon she can feel a foreign feeling growing in the pit of her stomach and her eyes are unable to keep focus and so they fall shut. Rapidly, her hand speeds up its blissful pattern as she thinks of Josh. His smile, his laugh, everything. Then it all comes crashing down; a strange explosion that rips through her entire body and leaving her shaking uncontrollably. She tilts her head back against her soft pillows, her chest moving up and down with each sharp breath she takes. She has no idea what is happening to her, but Josh is silent so maybe it is not something detrimental.

She is finally able to catch her breath as she returns to earth. When her eyes slowly flicker open, Josh is watching her with a satisfied smirk on his face. Her face is red, and her pink lips are parted while she tries to catch her breath. She’s still not sure what just happened to her, but the wet feeling between her thighs is enough to confirm that she just orgasmed.

She hopes this doesn’t mean that Josh is now aware of her feelings for him. She suddenly gets the urge to end the call and hide beneath her covers. But Josh’s words stop her.

“That was the most beautiful sight I have ever seen...” he whispers, and Lexie’s face takes on a brand-new shade.

“I am the first person to make and watch you orgasm,” he continues. “Don’t forget that, Lexie.”

She won’t.

She never will.

She is fighting to regulate her breathing as she stares at him. She will never forgive herself for what she just did. She pulled herself further into the web of Josh and farther away from freedom. She will never get over him now, so she can kiss her hopes goodbye.


“I don’t need your honesty, it’s already in your eyes. And I’m sure my eyes, they speak for me. No one knows me like you do and since you’re the only one that mattered, tell me, who do I run to?”—Adele.

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