Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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I Miss My Best Friend

Chat Song: ‘Turning Tables’ by Adele.

“So I won’t let you close enough to hurt me. No, I won’t rescue you to just desert me. I can’t give you the heart you think you gave me. It’s time to say goodbye to turning tables.”


Sunday May 17 2020

1:00 pm

Lexie’s location: Sitting on her bed.

J: Do you want to see me go crazy, Lex?

Received: 10:30am

J: I miss you, Lexie.

Received: 10:50am

J: Talk to me. You know I can’t live without you.

Received: 11:00am

J: Why exactly are you mad at me?

Received: 11:30am

J: If you don’t answer, I’m coming over.

Received: 12:00pm

J: 💔😞

Received: 12:20pm


(It is now 1 pm and Lexie has just arrived home from church, reading the messages Josh had left on her cellphone. She is thrilled to learn that he cares but she is not ready to speak with him; she is yet to find an excuse for her weird reaction last night.)

(She notices that she also got a message from Sean, and she taps it open.)

Se: Hey I’m sorry about how I approached you the other day...I shouldn’t have sent those inappropriate texts. That was a very fuck-boy thing to do. I’m not usually like that, it’s just that I broke up with my girlfriend the night before and I wasn’t in the right state of mind. I am sorry.

(Lexie twists her lips and contemplates whether to respond or not.)

L: It’s ok.

(She is about to set her phone onto her bed and change out of her dress when Sean instantly shoots her another message.)

Se: 😅Thank God. I thought you were gonna ignore me lol.

L: You could have apologized to me at school. I saw you in the halls a few times.

Se: I know, but Josh kept giving me a death glare so I tried to stay as far away as possible. Did you tell him what I did?

L: Yes.

Se: 😳

L: He’s my best friend. I tell him everything.

Se: Jesus. Do you wanna get me killed?

L: :)

Se: Lol. I like that though; best friends are hard to find. Can we go out sometimes, though?😏Me and u?

(Lexie is not sure what to say, but she figures this would be a perfect opportunity to unwind and hopefully get over Josh.)

L: Okay.

Se: How about next weekend? Next Sunday.

L: If I don’t have church.

Se: Dang, you’re a church girl?😏😏I like it, I like it.

L: .....

Se: So next weekend it is :) I can’t wait😋


The Same Day.


Josh’s location: On his living room couch, texting Sabrina.

Sa: I can’t wait to see you again😊I miss you so much, and my parents miss you too, Josh.

(Joshua can’t seem to properly concentrate. His mind is constantly traversing to the fact that Lexie has been ignoring his messages and his calls.)

J: Yea, me too.

Sa: :(

J: What?

Sa: No kiss face?

J: 😘

Sa: It’s not genuine if I have to ask, Josh.

J: Sorry I have a lot on my mind, Sabrina.

Sa: Like what?

J:’s nothing.

Sa: No, tell me.

(Joshua sighs before tapping his response.)

J: My best friend is not talking to me.

Sa: You mean, Lexie?

J: Yes.

Sa: Why? Did you two fight?

J: ....Not really...kind of.

Sa: What happened?

(He definitely cannot tell her that. “We fought because we have been sexting and mutually ‘getting ourselves off’ via video chats recently and I suddenly told her that we have to stop and she didn’t take it too well. For some strange reason.” Nope. He DEFINITELY cannot tell her that.)

J: Nothing. Maybe she just needs some space.

Sa: Then give her that. In the meanwhile, you could talk to me🙂I give great advice.

(Josh is not sure about that. Sabrina is sometimes easily distracted, and he is never able to have deep conversations with her like he would with Lexie. He misses his best friend so much and it’s affecting his relationship with his girlfriend.)

Sa: Mm, you seem to love your best friend a lot. Should I be worried about this, Josh?

J: What do you mean?

Sa: You care about her a little too much.

J: She’s my best friend, Sabrina.

Sa: I know....☹️

J: I love her, and I also love you.

Sa: Sometimes I get insecure. I just feel like one day...she’ll take my place.

(Joshua stares at the text. His fingers hover over the keypads, but for some strange reason, he pauses; thinking about what she sent. Take her place? No. He loves Lex as just a friend.)

J: I really love you, Sabrina. I’m sorry for being weird and distant❤️My mind is back here now.

Sa: It’s okay. When will I see you again?

(A text pops up at the top of Josh’s cellphone and he exits Sabrina’s chat to see who texted.)

Se: Josh😅

J: Wtf you want, Sean?

Se: 🤣🤣This guy hates my guts.

J: Are you just noticing that? How did you even get my number?

Se: How did you know it was me?😏

J: Your fucking hideous display pic. You look like a fucking burnt orange.

Se: 🤣🤣🤣🤣I am going to pretend that my feelings aren’t hurt by that statement. Anyway, you should stop being this dicky with me. I am actually your soon-to-be brother in law now😊💁‍♂️

J: ....

Se: I am going out with Lex next weekend. Give us your blessings🙇‍♂️🙏

J: What? Which Lex?? My Lex?

Se: Yeah, Lexie Simone. Your best friend. The pretty slim girl.

J: You better stay the fuck away from her.

Se: WOW wow😯Relax bro. I won’t hurt her.

J: Did you not read what I said?

Se: Why are you so against us?😴Our love will strive with or without your blessings, blood.

J: I’m gonna need you to exit my chat and stay the hell away from Lexie or I will find you and beat your face in. When I’m done with you, you’re gonna look like a beat-out battered burnt orange, you up-to-no-good asshole.

Se: .....Fierce. But that won’t stop me. She likes me already and when I’m done, she will like me alottttt more.

J: 😡

Se: Do the math. 🍑+🍆=? What’s the answer?

J: Your fucking soul is the answer. I am going to kill you. Stay away from her. I warned you.

Se: I like to do whatever I want😉

(Josh is more than furious right now. Not only is Lexie deciding to go out with Sean, but she is possibly online right now, ignoring Josh’s message and probably texting Sean. When he enters her chat, the “online” status under her name makes his blood boil red hot. How could she ignore him but respond to Sean? He decides to shoot her a message, totally forgetting that his girlfriend-Sabrina-is waiting for his reply.)

J: Sean? Really, Lex?


“I can’t keep up with your turning tables, under your thumb, I can’t breathe.”Adele.

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