Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Unblock Me

Chat Song: ‘Sorry’ by Nordia Mothersille. (Theme song #2)

“Lost all motivation, can’t blame me. How can you? Locked in my decision; I’m leaving you. Nothing left to say, I have said it all, tried it all, done it all for you and I. As I walk away, don’t follow, don’t tell me that you’re sorry. Kiss me goodbye, the lies in your eyes they tempt me. But sometimes it’s hard to be strong, I’ve been loving you for oh so long. Smiles when I’m broken, Smiles when I’m mad. I’m okay.”


Sunday May 23 2020

10:00 pm

Joshua’s location: Lying on his bed, texting Ian.

J: I miss her.

I: 👀Didn’t you see her yesterday?

J: Nooo, not Sabrina, Lexie.

I: Dude are you sure you are not falling in love with her?

J: I am not. She’s my best friend, we talk every day, it’s just hard not talking to her, Ian.

I: I go days without talking to you and I survive.

J: You’re a guy.

I: Exactly. And I thought you didn’t see Lex in an intimate light? So, what’s the difference?

J: ....

I: Cat caught your tongue? 😏

J: Look it’s different. I can’t explain how but it is.

I: You love her, that’s why.

J: I don’t. I love her but not in the way you’re thinking.

I: Yet you kissed and touched her.

J: I have hormones and my junior tends to do a lot of things without my permission. She was in this cute little dress, a blue one, she had no idea how tempting that was.

I: You’re confused and indecisive, you know that right?

J: I am not confused. I love Sabrina intimately, and I love Lexie as a friend.

I: How do you touch someone but not see them intimately???? I don’t get it, enlighten me, Joshua. Because you’re making zero sense.

J: Look I am just fucking confused right now, alright?

I: That you are.

J: But I know that I don’t like Lex that way. Sabrina and I have been dating since the ninth grade. We have gone through a lot of things together.

I: Mm.

J: God, I shouldn’t have touched Lexie. I think it’s fucking with my head. You wouldn’t believe what the hell happened to me yesterday.

I: You saw a dog flying through the air.

J: 😐No Ian, No.

I: Lol, educate me.

J: Yesterday I was kissing Sabrina, my eyes were closed and bam, Lexie’s face popped up.

I: 😂😂🤣🤣

J: It’s not funny. Why are you laughing?

I: Dude, you are smitten.

J: Noooo.

I: Then you smoked some weed before going by her place.

J: No, I wasn’t high or drunk. I was sober and level-headed. But for some strange reason, while making out with my girlfriend, Lexie’s face just flashed before me. I was so shocked, I almost jolted away from Sabrina, I had to take a few minutes to head to the bathroom and wash my face. Sabrina kept knocking, asking if I was fine, I told her I was, and she insisted that I come out so we could continue. But I couldn’t kiss her again, my head was just messed up. I think I need to see a fucking doctor.

I: 🤣😂You are one hell of a confused m’f. So, what happened when you see Lex at school? On days like these, I wish we attended the same high school, the awkwardness between you two would be a sight worth watching.

J: I haven’t been to school all week. Not because of Lex, I just need some ‘me’ time, that’s all.

I: If you don’t want Lex, I will take her.

J: What? What’s that supposed to mean?

I: Lex is pretty Josh, and she’s like a flower. This untouched rose that smells heavenly. Innocent and pure. I’d date her; I’d date her any day.

J: ….

I: What?

J: Just stop talking about her that way.

I: What way? 😏

J: You’re a player, stay far away from her, Ian.

I: Lol, yeah but I would love and cherish her. She’s rare. Pretty and rare; like a gem. God, I should probably slide in her dm’s right now.

J: You should just stop talking if you want us to remain friends.

I: Lol, alright, alright. 😏😏😏😏

J: ....

J: 😏😏😏😏

J: Stop sending those bloody smirk faces. You smutty asshole.

Ten minutes later...

I: Oh shit! 🤭😲😱😬

J: What?

I: Sean beat me to it!

J: ????

(Image attached and sent to Josh from Ian.)

I: I saw this on Sean’s WhatsApp status. That’s a picture of him and Lexie, at the Love Cottage Park in town. That is like a place for dates and such, did she go on a date with him?

(Josh loads the image, then zooms in on the face of the beautiful slim girl standing next to a grinning Sean, who looks as if he has just won the lottery. Lexie is dressed in a red summer dress, her short hair caught into a small ponytail and a pair of black flats on her tiny feet. Josh can tell that she is dressed for a date and he feels the tension building up inside of him as he squeezes his phone tightly.)

I: It seems she is now going out with Sean, damn.

Two minutes later...

I: Dude? You still there?

(Josh is now scrolling down Instagram to find Lexie’s dm. She blocked him on Whatsapp and Instant Messaging, so he has no choice but to message her here. His fingers are tapping his screen so fast and fiercely that they begin to ache, but he’s not paying attention to that right now. Lexie went on a date with Sean, after he clearly warned her not to. That hurts far worse than his bruised fingertips.)

J: Lexie.

(Lexie is lying on her bed, her cellphone perched up to her face as she watches a hilarious video on YouTube of a man attempting to fight off a raging bull. Her phone dings and a notification pops up onto her screen. Her smile fades immediately when she sees Josh’s name, and her mind swirls with the events of that regretful evening in her room. She is happy he is reaching out to her, but no, she will not let him close enough to hurt her. Never again. She decides to ignore him and resumes her video, her chuckles returning almost instantly. But then Josh sends another message.)

J: I need to talk to you.

(She sighs and decides to put her phone down, seeing his name at the top of the screen is not only stirring up her emotions but also subtly tempting her to respond. She has not seen him for over a week, and she misses him more than anyone could ever tell.)

Soon, there is a small knock at the door. Lexie sits up, folding her legs beneath her as her Mom nudges the door open and waltz into her room.



“Josh just called me.” Her mom tilts her head to the side and Lexie feels her whole body becoming stiff, anxiety immediately raging through her bones. Her mother regards her with utmost curiosity and Lexie desperately hopes that Josh did not tell her what happened between them. He would not be that revengeful and petty, right?

She swallows. “Mom—”

“He says you’re ignoring his messages, and he isn’t sure why. Is something going on?”

(Josh is going all out with his maliciousness. He is being childishly petty right now. Lexie opens her mouth to fabricate a response but her cell dings from her bed once again. She reaches for it, buying time to mentally conjure her reply. But when she sees the text Josh sent, her body shivers.)

J: Answer me…or I’ll tell your mom what we did in your room that evening. 😏

Lexie swallows hard, gripping the phone tightly while her mother stands there, waiting for an answer.

“I didn’t know he texted,” she mutters. “I dozed off a bit.”

Her mom slowly nods, but her eyes prove that she is not quite buying her daughter’s response. “Oh…he says he’s a lot worried about you because you haven’t been responding. Alright, since it’s nothing serious, I’ll be downstairs okay?”

Lexie smiles and nods, as her mother turns around and leaves the room. Her smile fades as soon as her door closes. She cannot believe Josh could be this vindictive.

She knew he had a slight nature of it since he’d sometimes tease her about the smallest of things and would take every shot at executing his constant playful revenge, but now she’s seeing that he can get extremely petty. Her small fingers aggressively tap her reply. He cannot use that incident against her like this. Why won’t he just leave her be so she can get over him?

L: You are manipulative and evil.

J: 😏

L: I wish I didn’t allow you to touch me, you’re a devil.

J: Unblock me.

L: No.

J: I’ll come over then.

L: Don’t come here. I don’t want you near me. You said you wouldn’t text me anymore, then why are you texting me?

J: Why did you go out with Sean? You promised me you wouldn’t.

L: It’s not your business.

J: He’s going to hurt you.

L: No more than you already have.

J: ....

L: Don’t text me anymore.

J: Lex. I am sorry. I should not have touched you. And I shouldn’t have said all those things to you the other day. I miss you, please stop ignoring me.

L: You hurt my feelings, Josh.

J: I know. I am sorry. You hurt mine too when you said you hated me.

L: I do.

J: You don’t.

L: I me.

J: 😔Unblock me.

L: No.

J: Lexie.

L: I said no Josh.

J: Then I’m coming over right now. I can use the ladder by your window to get into your room, maybe I can somehow convince you in person.

L: Noooo. I don’t want you here, don’t come here. I don’t want to be in a room alone with you, I don’t want to see you.

J: Then it’s simple. If you don’t want me there then unblock me, Lexie. Please.

L: No...

J: Lex, come on. I love you and you know that. And I know you love me too and you know we can’t go days without talking to each other because it’ll drive us crazy. I need you; I feel empty without you. Just unblock me.

L: ….

(Lexie sighs, pressing a hand against her forehead. This boy will be the death of her.)

J: I miss you like crazy...and I know you miss me too. I can feel it. You have punished me enough. I need you now😔💔So I am earnestly asking you: Unblock me, please?

(Lexie stares at his message. She shuts her eyes tightly and takes a deep breath. Why is he doing this? She can’t understand why he won’t just leave her be. It’s as if he doesn’t want her to get over him. He has no idea what he’s doing to her.)


“Not you again, I left you but you’re still in my head. Call on decline, get out of my mind. I’m tired.” Nordia Mothersille.

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