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Never Have I Ever

Chat Song: 'Give Me Love' by Ed Sheeran.

“Give me love like her. ’Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone. Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt, told you I’d let them go.”


Saturday May 09 2020
10:04 pm
Lexie’s location: On her bed watching TV.

J: Fuck!

L: 🤨R u okay?

J: No, my parents are fighting again.

L: I am so sorry Josh. ☹️

J: Yeah.

L: What can I do to cheer you up?

J: Idk

L: Let’s play ‘never have I ever.’

J: How do we play that via phone?

L: Okay, if you haven’t done the deed, you send a thumbs down, if you have then a thumbs up, r u in?

J: Sounds solid. I guess that's a lot better than sadly masturbating.

L: Lol. What?

J: Who’s first?

L: I’ll go first. Never have I ever drank liquor.👍

J: 👍

L: Your turn.

J: Never have I ever watched porn. 👍

L: 👎

J: You liar!😂😂

L: 😐I’m not lying.

J: You have never watched porn?? You’re such a liar Lex.

L: Josh I really have never done that before, you’ve known me for six years yet you don’t know that.

J: Have you ever touched yourself then?

L: Ew. Can we stop? This isn’t even a part of the game.

J: It is. Never have I ever touched myself. 👍

L: .......

J: 👀Send that emoji

L: 👎

J: You are officially a liar🙆‍♂️

L: I’ve never done it before.

J: Really?

L: that weird?

J: For someone your age...I guess it’s a little weird. But you don’t really have anyone to fantasize about while doing it so I guess it’s understandable🤷‍♂️

L: Who do you fantasize about while doing it?

J: My girlfriend.

(Lexie’s heart misses a beat as she reads the text. She swallows hard as another text comes in)

J: Or Meagan Good. Lol

L: That’s cheating.

J: Nope, she’s a celebrity so it doesn’t count. Speaking of which you could definitely fantasize about Harry Stills, a lot of girls seem to like that guy.

L: His name is Harry Styles Josh and no, I am not that pathetic to fantasize about someone I would never have a chance with.

J: You are not pathetic at all and why do you think you wouldn’t have a chance? You are awesome❤️

(She stares at the heart emoji, then shakes her head. It means nothing, and she knows that. The first half of his text does not convince her however, because here she is secretly pining over her best friend. That is more than pathetic. Suddenly, a thought comes to her mind and she decides to act upon it, no matter how crazy it is.)

L: My turn. Never have I ever thought about sleeping with my best friend.

(Lexie felt like throwing the cell at the other corner of the room. What on earth had possessed her to send that text? She throws the phone onto her pink sheets and covers her eyes, then quickly picks it up to delete the message but Josh is already typing his reply. Shit.)

J: You mean, ‘you?’

L: Am I not your only best friend?

J: Derrick and Ian are my friends and you're my best friend so I guess you meant ‘you’ then.

L: Scrap that question, I’ll ask another one.

J: No, I’ll answer. But not with an emoji.

L: Ok...

(Her heart thumps in her chest as she waits for a reply.)

J: I have thought about us doing it...but I can never act upon that.

L: ....why?

J: Lol. Are you asking me why?

L: Just for conversational purposes🤷‍♀️

J: Because we are friends. It will make things weird between us, plus I love Sabrina. I wouldn’t do her like that.

Two minutes later...

L: Oh...okay.

J: Did I hurt ur feelings?

L: Nooooo, I would never ever think of sleeping with you, that’d be weird and strange. I just wanted to spice the game up!😉

J: Okay. Hey, I think I know who you could fantasize about😏

L: Who?

J: That guy you like. That may get you off.

L: Actually that’s fine, it makes no sense. I’ll just be hurting myself emotionally.

J: I’m sorry.

L: For?

J: I’m sorry you’re not able to get who you really want. You deserve everything you want, you’re very amazing.

L: Thank you Josh.

J: ❤️

(Lexie can feel the tears welling in her eyes and decides that it’s time for some sleep.)

L: I’m going to bed. Gn.

J: 🙁You okay?

L: Yeah, what?

J: You say ‘Gn’ instead ‘Goodnight’ when you’re mad.

L: I’m fine, just reallllly sleepyyyy😴

J: Lol okay goodnight. I love you.

Ten seconds later...

L: I love you too.

(She closes her eyes and lays her head to rest. Thinking about the last words he said to her, a small tear drop escapes and slides along her cheek.)


“Give me love like never before. 'Cause lately I've been craving more. And it's been a while, but I still feel the same. Maybe I should let you go.” —Ed Sheeran.

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