Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Just For Tonight

Chat Song: ‘Weak Heart’ by Zara Larsson.

“You come over, I say slow now, this can’t go on. Grab a chair, please sit right there it’s time we had a talk. But talk leads to touching and then it’s on to the next. Body to body until I’m catching my breath. This is not what I’m supposed to do. Try to shake it off, but I’m stuck on you.”


Lexie was expecting a small peck to the lips, but when Joshua splays her tremoring lips with his and skillfully glides his tongue into her mouth, she realizes that he’s not looking for a simple smack.

He’s looking for…a lot more than that.

His strong yet soft hand grips her slender waist, need rising within him as he kisses her with a sudden urge. Lexie cannot keep up, she’s not an expert at kissing and she feels like she’s doing quite a whack job. Blame it on the fact that she has never had a boyfriend before Sean, and to be frank she cannot even consider him her boyfriend. She isn’t feeling that electrifying connection you should in a relationship, she feels like the type of girls that date guys for other ulterior motives besides love. It’s not like Sean even has anything to offer but a ton load of arrogance with a dash of self-centeredness. So far, he’s only portraying to her how much relationships sucks.

She doesn’t think that would be the case with Joshua. But Joshua is taken…

He’s taken!

Lexie is pulled back to reality just as Joshua is about to lift her dress. Her hand grips his quickly, her eyes widening in bewilderment. What is he doing?

His lips rise in a bold smile, and those eyes…

Lexie lowers her gaze, feeling a weird tingling in her stomach at the intense daze in his pupils. Her most admired feature about him would concludingly be his eyes. They are a strong brown but there are specks of grey and black inside it that makes it look gorgeously unique.

Justin Bieber sang a song about a girl’s lips being his weakness, but for Lexie, Josh’s cat-like eyes steal the cake.

“Why are you unable to maintain eye contact with me?” He whispers, and Lexie lifts flabbergasted orbs to him. So, he did notice that? Then why does he keep staring at her so directly? Does he enjoy seeing her squirm in discomfort?

Warmth spreads up her neck and burst along her cheeks. “That’s not it.”

“Really?” He smirks teasingly. “Then don’t turn your gaze away then. Keep looking at me…” He raises a hand and runs his thumb slowly along her lower lip, her pink flesh denting at each pass of his finger. “Just like what you’re doing now…”

Lexie is an endgame. She’s now a pile of nothing, lying beneath him. For years she has secretly wished she could be in this position, but now she earnestly wishes they could go back to the way things were. Why? It was less confusing and at least she knew where she stood. But now, Joshua is just constantly confusing the life out of her and it’s exhausting.

He begins to kiss her again, gathering her dress in a bunch as he slowly raises it. Lexie’s hand grasps his again as she breaks her lips away from his.

She isn’t sure about this. They shouldn’t be doing this. A friend should just be a friend.

“I think…you should go.” She mumbles.

Joshua’s smile doesn’t falter.

What a confident demon!

“You should leave…Joshua.”

“Is that what you want?” He tilts his stupidly handsome face to the side and Lexie finds herself staring at his lush lips. She’s convinced that he secretly applies makeup.

“Is it Lex?” His smile finally fades, and she swallows the lump in her throat.

She asks herself the same question. Is that what you want? For him to leave?

Her head begins to shake on its own, but she meant to answer her mental question. Joshua took it as his ‘yes,’ and his angelic smile returns as he gestures to lift her dress.

“I am not wearing a bra…” She reveals self-consciously, and he stills as a desire-filled gleam covers his irises.

“I am kind of self-conscious,” she finishes, staring everywhere else but at him.

“It’s okay…we share everything between us, don’t we?” Joshua’s tone is suddenly soft and light, but lust is hemmed within it.

Yeah, they have shared a lot of things between each other, but they have never seen each other naked. This is just way out of…the norm.

Josh slowly brings her dress to her chest, and she sucks a breath in as his eyes grace her bust.

You stupid, stupid, girl.

Lexie ignores her subconscious, but the thought did make her eyes sting. She knows she is. Everyone would say that. But is it a sin that not everyone is as strong as others? The lucky ones are born with that amount of resistance, while the chosen acquires it along the way, but the remnant struggles throughout life, battling with their subconscious and fighting to rise above their frailties. Lexie is the latter, and that freaking sucks.

“You smell so good…like cocoa butter.” Joshua kisses the valley between her breasts. “I always savor how good you smell whenever you come around. That’s why I like being around you so much.”

Don’t believe it! That’s his hormones talking!

Lexie doesn’t have a large chest, like some girls--(Sabrina)--since puberty didn’t look her way until she was fifteen. The globes on her bust are petite and pointy. Not something she’s proud of, bearing in mind the competition she’s up against.

But Josh seems to adore them, judging by the admiration shimmering in his eyes.

A soft breath leaves her as he gropes one of the young circles in his hand, flicking his finger over the rosy bud. His lips latch onto the opposite one and Lexie feels her heart coming up into her throat when Josh pulls the nub between his lips, grazing it with his teeth. Taking her entire button into his mouth, he kisses it slowly and feverously. Lexie writhes against her sheets as he lightly swirls his tongue around the small bud on her areola, before devouring it all again, making little suckling noises as he did.

Being inexperienced, for the most part, Lexie is quite sensitive to touch, and to make matters worse, Josh is the one doing this to her right now. Adrenaline is pumping through her veins.

He lowers his hand in a rush and slips it inside her cotton underwear. Yeah, cotton. She ignores the voice reminding her how childish her undergarment is as she draws a breath in. Josh looks at her with a pleased smirk on his face, salivating his lips.

“Well, aren’t you turned on.”

She resists the urge to cover her face with her hands.

He starts doing what he did the last time. Rubbing her up and down in a steady rhythm. Slow. Teasingly. With such control and power.

“You make me so addicted to you…” He reveals, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth. “So addicted, you’re fucking with my head, Lexie.”

Josh turns it up a notch this time, slipping his index finger into her. Lexie breathes out harshly at the strange feeling.

Oh, this is going too far.

The last time he kept on the outside, this time he has passed the prior boundaries. Lexie shifts a little at the small sting, and Joshua kisses her lips.

“You alright?” His brows furrow in concern.

She nods, salivating her lips. “It just hurts a little…”

“Yeah, you’re a virgin so it will…should I sto—”

“No, it’s okay…”

“Sure?” He brushes his lips against hers, and she nods again, permitting him. He begins to stroke her slowly as he claims her mouth again, his tongue gliding against her walls like the professional he is. Soon the small sting subsides and is replaced with pleasure.

Lexie’s breathing has increased, sweat drenching her forehead as Josh continues his torture. His finger rapidly moves in and out, touching passionate places Lexie has never felt before. She begins to utter his name and Josh increases his pace, lowering his head to nip her breasts while he does.

His phone starts buzzing from his jeans, and Sabrina pops into his head. He pushes the thought back, but Lexie is unable to. She attempts to break the kiss. “Your cell—”

He shoves the words down her throat with his mouth as his touch gets more demanding and fiercer. He bites her lower lip, and amidst the ringing of his cell, Lexie moans out.

He’s being hella rough.

With his lips on hers and the intense pleasure building inside, Lexie reaches a hand to his pocket, but he grabs it, pinning it above her head as he continues to thrust his finger into her. She’s panting, thrashing against his sheets as she gets closer to her peak. Josh shifts onto his side and the ringing finally stops as he speeds up, whispering into her ear.

“Ready to cum for me?”

She nods, moaning immediately after.

“Then do it.”

He presses his thumb at the top of her sex, rotating his finger wildly. Moans after moans bounce off her walls as she utters his name repeatedly, her eyes screwed shut as she begins to tremble. Josh keeps stroking her until she’s biting her lips hard, wanting to scream.

“Don’t stifle it.” He says, and Lexie lets her cries and whimpering springs free. He claims her lips in satisfaction as she trembles against him, waves and waves of pleasure washing over her like a rush of fever. She has never felt this before, her orgasm came faster this time but more intense than ever before. She breathes out sharply as she slowly comes down from her high.

He strokes her hair as her sweat wets his white T-shirt. She is quaking and shivering as he plants a kiss on her forehead.

“You alright?” He wipes her forehead with his palm, swaying away wet strands of hair.

She nods, her eyes heavy and squinted. Josh smiles at this; she looks effortlessly cute.

A feeling springs within him, one he has never felt before. He blinks his eyes, unsure of what it means. It isn’t a bad feeling…just an odd one.

He swallows hard as Lexie looks up at him. “Your cell was ringing…” She says weakly.

Oh, yeah! Josh forgot.

“Oh-ah, yeah.” He clears his throat, easing up to slip it from his pocket. Biting his lip, he stares at his caller’s list and his brows knit together thoughtfully.

Lexie watches him and a wave of dread washes over her. The last time they did this, he left right after.

“I’ll see you around then…” She mumbles. She figures it’s less painful if she says it first.

Josh looks at her, seeing the hurt in her eyes.

For the first time, he is finally seeing that hurt in her eyes.

His forehead puckers as the weird feeling he got earlier comes back. He shakes his head. “No…I was wondering if I could spend the night. We could sleep next to each other…like what we do sometimes.”

Lexie stares at him in awe. He wants to stay?

“But Sabrina was calling.” She says, and Josh sighs.

“It wasn’t Sabrina. It was Selene.”

Lexie feels a wave of relief and a strong chunk of guilt. She just got intimate with Sabrina’s boyfriend. She is going to hell and without a doubt, Josh will be coming with her.

He lays down with a tired grunt, smiling as he pulls her body into him. She tries to hide the blushes on her face by pressing her head against his chest, inhaling the divine scent of him. He kisses her head, and Lexie softly smiles. She is not sure what all of this is, but she just wants to savor it for tonight. Tomorrow things could go back to normal and she could be shoved right back into that dark, lonely place called the friendzone, so right now she just wants to feel what it’s like to be Sabrina.

Just for tonight.


Same Night

It’s not a secret that Selene has a massive crush on Josh, and so as she’s here lying in bed in just tiny lingerie, she decided to call him. After a never-ending series of ringing, she thinks he is finally picking up but what she hears is moans and groans from a female’s voice. Selene is thrilled as she sits upright, smirking in delight as she listens on. The thing is, she knows it’s not Sabrina, the reason being she was just snooping on the girl’s Instagram a second ago and noticed that she was on some Insta-LIVE, doing some vlog about how to moisturize your skin before bed.

Josh is cheating on Sabrina. This is good news. Hopefully, she can sneak her way into his heart. After sending him that nude picture, she was convinced that he would never be able to resist her. She just hasn’t gotten him cornered at the right timing yet. That’s what she thinks.

But when this mystery girl on the phone begins to utter his name, Selene narrows her eyes in realization. That voice sounds a lot like Lexie’s.

“No, fucking way…” She thinks.

Her speculations are confirmed when the whole intimacy is over, and the girl speaks a full sentence.

“Your cell was ringing…”

“Holy fuck.” Selene mouths, covering her lips as she gasps. She quickly ends the call before Josh could get his phone and tucks her cell beneath her chin, chuckling softly. An evil smirk rises on her lips as she taps the phone onto her palm.

“Oh, Lexie. Oh, you fucking idiot.”

She titters as she opens her cell, clicking onto Whatsapp. She sends Sean the recorded audio with a giant grin on her face. Fortunate for her, she’s a weirdo who finds joy in recording Josh’s voice. Normal girls collect pictures of their crush, Selene collects voices. So, whenever she phones him, she clicks that red record button for future purposes. This being one of them.

Sean responds after he has listened.

Se: Why didn’t you just send a flat-out porn video? I prefer seeing the action. You’re so weird.

S: Ugh! It’s not porn audio you dumbo! Well…it is, but anyway you didn’t recognize those two voices?

Se: Uh…nope. Should I?

S: Yes! Why do I text you sometimes???? Sheesh. I swear, your brain is probably the size of a pea.

Se: But my ‘d’ isn’t.

S: ….

Se: Lol! 😋🍆

S: Anyways, the stars of that sex audio is none other than Josh and Lexie Simone.

Se: What? Noo. You liar.

S: Cross my heart.

Se: Shitttttttt. You little stalker, how the fuck did you get this?

S: I have my ways.😏

Se: No wonder!

S: No wonder what?

Se: I called her earlier tonight, and guess what, Josh just straight up grabbed the phone from her and told me not to call her back.

S: Really?

Se: Yes, really. So, I guess he was so eager to fuck her, that he just couldn’t wait for me to get off the phone with her as a real gentleman would. Gosh, no manners at all.

S: This makes me so mad.

Se: I can’t believe they have been doing these friends with benefits thing I see in the movies. I just knew it; I knew they were playing around with each other.

(Selene feels her blood boiling red hot. Josh belongs to her, and only her.)

Se: Anyway, keep that audio buried deep in your cellphone lol. It could potentially ruin the guy’s relationship.

S: That’s the aim.

Se: Lol…what?

S: You read right.

Se: You’re the devil’s child.

S: I know.

Se: You’re going to hell.

S: I am already in hell.

Se: You fallen angel.

S: Think whatever you want. But I am sending this audio to Sabrina. Right now.


“I’ve a weak heart when it comes to you. It’s like I want it but I can’t stop” -Zara Larsson.

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