Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Don't Do It

Chat Song: ‘Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend’ by ayokay.

“Such long days and longer nights. Visions running through my mind. How’d it feel to be with you. So much easier to hide than to face what we might find. There’d be so much less to lose.”


“I love you...more than a friend.”

Joshua can’t seem to forget the words Lexie uttered last night. He is feeling inconsolable, ruminating on the fact that she mustered up so much courage to confess her feelings and yet he had to turn her down because he is currently attached to someone else. If only Sabrina were not in the picture, he would have taken a shot and given them a chance.

He can’t deny the fact that when she said those words, the odd feeling he got in her room that night came back in full force as he felt a burst of warmth spring up from the pit of his stomach.

Her soulful eyes have been plaguing his mind—like a saint who has sinned—crowding his thoughts and disabling him from thinking about anything else.

To make matters worse, Lexie has been ignoring his messages all day. It is now 8:00 pm and he is yet to get a response from her. Her ‘last-seen’ on Whatsapp reads ‘6:30 pm yesterday’ which means she has not returned online since the whole audio conundrum. Josh is still puzzled about how their voices got recorded. The enigma only raises the hairs on his skin since it seems rather ghostly and paranormal.

He grabs his remote and abruptly switches the Tv off, reaching for his cellphone from his nightstand. He enters Lexie’s chat to gaze at the messages he sent to her.

J: Lexie?

J: Are you alright?

J: I hope we can talk.

J: Whenever you’re ready.

J: I’m missing you.

J: Wish you would talk to me.

He sighs and scratches his temple. He misses her like crazy and not talking to her is like getting a limb amputated. Shifting against his bed, he begins to type a new message.

J: If only Sabrina weren’t—

He stops and shakes his head, erasing it to write another.

J: I think I love you too, but with Sabrina—

“Fuck.” He throws his phone down, rolling his head back against his room wall. “Damn...”

His phone vibrates and he lifts his head to retrieve it, releasing a breath of frustration.

S: Joshua.

(He rolls his eyes when he sees it’s a message from Selene. The girl just won’t leave him alone.)

J: Selene I am not in the mood to speak with anyone.

S: But I’ve been here waiting for you all day. I miss you.

J: ...

S: Josh😞

J: It’s not the night for this. I have a lot on my mind and your antics are just making it worse.

S: Josh, please.

J: I can’t talk right now.

S: I bet you’re texting Lexie.

J: 🙄

S: I heard what you guys did. 😒If you were so eager for sex you could have come to me.

J: Wtf. Don’t come to me with that rubbish. Lexie and I didn’t sleep together, so erase that thought from your mind.

S: But I heard it for myself. I know Lexie’s voice and I also know yours.

J: Whoever’s spreading that bullshit doesn’t have a life. It’s fake news. You all need to grow the fuck up.

S: Don’t tell me bullshit Joshua, I heard you both for myself! I am the one who called you that night and I heard every freaking thing so stop lying!

J: it was you??

S: 😔

J: You’re the one who sent that audio around??

S: Sorry. Didn’t mean to put your sex life out into the open. But I wanted to shoot at Lexie, and you were in the way, so you got a stray bullet and I am sorry.

J: What the hell...

S: I care a lot about you, but I don’t care about her, her image can be tarnished for all I freaking care.

J: So because you have a reputation of hoeing around you want to ruin Lexie’s? Is that it?

S: No. She’s standing in my way. I want you and she’s in the way.

J: You’re sick.

S: Joshua😟

J: I can’t understand why someone would do something that cruel. Lexie has always been good to you, why did you do this to her??

S: You know why.

J: I don’t know shit.

S: I like you Joshua. No, I love crazy.

J: ...

S: Josh.

J: Don’t waste your time liking me. It won’t happen.

S: Why?? Is it because of Lexie?

J: I have a girlfriend and even if Sabrina weren’t in the picture it wouldn’t happen either way. I’d choose Lexie over you ten times.

S: It’s always Lexie. Lexie this, Lexie that!

J: I didn’t know you were such a jealous person.

S: Jealous when it comes to what’s mine.

J: When have I ever been yours?

S: Since we met.

J: You’re delusional.

S: Territorial is the correct term.

J: I’ll be telling Lex to stay away from you. Don’t text me back.

(Josh has gone offline.)

(Water gathers in her eyes, and she lividly exits Whatsapp and clicks onto Instagram, finding Sabrina’s profile before sending her a message.)

S: Good night, Sabrina.

(Thirty minutes later...)

Sa: Sorry but who is this?

S: My name is Selene, Josh’s friend?

Sa: ...sorry he didn’t tell me about you, my apologies.

S: That’s fine, dear. I just thought I needed to share something with you.

Sa: Oh my God, is he okay?? He has not replied to my messages all day and I am worried sick.

S: He’s fine. He’s probably just ignoring your texts but responding to Lexie’s.

Sa: 😕

S: 😏

Sa: They’re best that’s fine, I guess.

S: No, girl. Best friends don’t fuck. I’m sorry can I curse profanities? Not sure if you’re Christian or not.

Sa: Yeah cursing is fine. What do you mean by that statement??

S: There is this audio clip going around with Josh and Lexie getting it on.

Sa: Getting it on? As in?

S: Having sex.

Sa: What? No, I don’t believe that.

S: Lucky for you, I happened to have it on my phone, care to listen?

Sa: Yes.

(Audio file attached.)

(Five minutes later...)

S: Did you listen to it?

(Two minutes later...)

S: Are you there?

(Ten minutes later...)

Sa: Oh God, I am crying so hard right now😭😭😭😭It’s Josh’s voice, she even said his name🥺🥺💔💔💔💔💔💔How could he do this to me??????

S: No don’t blame Josh, blame Lexie. We used to be friends and she told me that she’s crazy about him. Without a doubt, the bitch seduced your man.

Sa: I trusted them being alone, but I always felt like something was off about their friendship. I am just so broken right now....why would he do me dirty like this. We don’t have any problems, I thought we were fine....🥺🥺

S: Don’t cry. Just cuss her out, she’s thin-skinned. Tell her a piece of your mind. If he were my boyfriend, I would physically and verbally abuse her sooooo bad.

Sa: I always thought she was cool, I guess I was wrong💔💔💔💔I feel so stupid.

S: She didn’t like you this whole time. She told me that you are a barrier to their friendship. She keeps praying for you guys to break up so she can snatch him away. What girl steals another girl’s boyfriend right under her nose? She’s so damn barefaced.

Sa: She said that about me??

S: Yes😌

Sa: I can’t believe this☹️😦

S: Well the audio is there, so you have no choice but to believe.

Sa: My heart is broken. Beyond repair.

S: Aww. I’m sorry💔

Sa: I’ll never get over this, and Lexie won’t get away with stealing my boyfriend😣

S: Ditto😏

(Selene is currently smiling her face off. Hopefully if this all works out, Josh and Sabrina will break up, Lexie will be too wounded to remain as friends with him and then, he’ll be all hers.)


(Sabrina decides to text Josh to seek validation. Despite hearing the audio for herself, she finds it hard to believe that her boyfriend of three years would cheat on her.)

Sa: I heard what you and Lexie did💔

(Joshua sighs. He knows it’s full time his girlfriend hears about this propaganda.)

J: We didn’t have sex.

Sa: I heard the audio. It makes no sense you lie.

J: So you don’t believe me then?

Sa: I want to but hearing a girl moaning your boyfriend’s name is enough to cloud your judgment.

(He suspires. He is fed up of hiding and decides to tell her the truth about what happened.)

J: Fine, let me come clean. You want the truth, right?

Sa: Yes.

J: Are you sure?

Sa: Yes.

J: I fear you won’t be able to handle it.

Sa: Just tell me Joshua.

J: Okay. We didn’t have sex...but we kissed and I touched her.

Sa: ...

J: Sabrina.

Sa: 😞💔

J: I am sorry.

Sa: 😔You are so mean, Josh.

J: You wanted the truth, Sab.

Sa: How many times have this happened????😞

J: Why must you dig so deep? Don’t, it’ll only hurt you.

Sa: Just tell me.

J: We have kissed...a few times....and I touched her twice now. I am an asshole, I know and I am sorry.

Sa: Your apology doesn’t sound sincere.

J: I don’t know how to make a ‘text’ sound sincere.

Sa: You said she was your friend.

J: She is.

Sa: They why did you kiss her?!

J: ...I don’t know. It just happened.

Sa: And touching her just happened too.

J: Yes.

Sa: So what did you hope to you achieve from all this?

J: Nothing. She made me feel some type of way and it just happened.

Sa: “Some type of way”

J: Yeah...

Sa: What type of way?

J: I don’t know. I can’t explain it. I feel something around her, but I don’t know what it is.

Sa: You’re a real asshole.

J: I just want to be honest with you. Thought that’s what you wanted.

Sa: Whatever it is that you’re feeling, get rid of it. You’re mine, Joshua and I am not handing you over. Which is why I will be sending her a text, to warn her to stay away from you.

J: Woah, nooooo. Don’t do that.

Sa: Why not?

J: Leave her alone, please.

Sa: No. I’m sending her a text.


Sa: Are you yelling?

J: Just leave her alone.

Sa: Seriously Josh? Are you saying this to me right now?

J: She has a lot on her plate, and she doesn’t need all of this.

Sa: You’re taking her side.

J: She’s not as strong as you. She’s delicate. Just stay away from her.

Sa: And if I don’t?

J: ...

Sa: And if I don’t then what??

J: ...

Sa: Joshua!

J: Then we are over.


“Cause the more that we fight it we drown. The more we deny it, it comes out. The more we stay quiet it gets loud. ’Cause I don’t wanna be your friend. I’m so tired of pretending we don’t have feelings.” –ayokay.

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