Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Between A Rock & A Hard Place

Chat Song: ‘COFFIN’ by Jessie Reyez ft. Eminem.

“Boy, I love you to death, just like a fool. We’ll need a coffin, handmade for two cause I love you to death, just like a fool.” —Jessie Reyez.


Josh is between Lexie’s thighs, kissing her intensely while his hand ventures all over her svelte figure. As usual, the petite girl is no match for a muscular boy of his caliber, and so she is unable to tie his fiery passion. She gives up trying to kiss him back equally and just allow him to take control while she lies flushed beneath him.

It feels good. Kissing him feels good, and though it isn’t right for them to be doing this, she can’t find the power to stop.

He’s kissing her so hard that her neck begins hurts from lying in this position, but she isn’t paying attention to that. The boy is an expert when it comes to this act of intimacy, his mouth is commanding and dominant, devouring all of her.

Josh’s lips leave hers and begin to skim her cheek, all the way to her flushed neckline while his wandering hand begins to tug at her panties. Her heart hits against her rib cage because she realizes where this going, and she isn’t ready for that.

“J-Josh.” She is unable to get a word out because of his skillful mouth on her skin. She feels the thin fabric of her lace underwear sliding along her thighs and she jerks, attempting to speak again.


Josh immediately obliges and lifts his head to look at her, his lips are red and swollen and his eyes are hooded with lust.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes...I just think we are going a little too far.” She swallows to moisten her parched throat. “I am not ready for that.”

He closes his eyes and nods apologetically. “I am sorry, I just got carried away.”

“It’s okay...” She whispers, as his eyes reopen to reunite their gazes.

“Um, can we still kiss?”

She smiles a little. “Yeah, I guess.”

His lips quirk up at her response as he lowers his mouth to hers again, resuming his onslaught.

“Lexie, I am back—!”

He pulls away from her in a swift, laying onto his back as the door to the room thrusts open. Lexie manages to tug her skirt down fast enough so that her mother wouldn’t catch onto the canoodling that was just taking place; her breathing ragged and uneven.

The two teens prop up onto their elbows, looking awkward in the semi-lit room with only the light of the moon seeping through the cream curtains.

Her mother tilts her head to the side, her amber eyes narrowing. “Oh, Josh. You’re here?”

“Y-yeah.” He clears his throat. “Yes, Ms. Cole.”

She nods. “Oh...okay.”


“Okay...” The adult blinks her eyes awkwardly. “Why are you two in the dark? Turn the lights on.”

Josh quickly grabs a pillow and holds it at the front of his jeans while Lexie’s mother flips the switch at the side of the wall. The room lights up and Lexie tries to eradicate the redness in her face as she gulps uneasily. Not uttering a word for the fear that her voice will sound cracked and suspicious, she stares at her mother guilt-stricken.

“Anyways, Lola fell asleep so I put her to bed. I brought some food so if you guys are hungry it’s on the kitchen counter.”

“Thank you, mom.” She finally manages to utter a soft reply.

“Sure.” Her mother smiles and looks at them both again before pulling the door back up with a gentle snap.

Josh wastes no time to eagerly propel into Lexie again but she wards him off with a palm, shaking her head.

“No, we have to stop, what if she comes back?” She fixes her hair and sits up straight, coiling her feet beneath her. “No more kissing for the night...”

Josh smiles at her last statement, his honey-colored eyes gleaming with content. “For the night?”

Lexie smiles a little, her cheeks flushing. “You should get home, I am tired.”

Josh titters, getting down from the bed and placing his palms on either side of her, leaning into her. “I’ll text you as soon as I am home, okay? We have a lot to talk about.”

She nods in agreement, her heart pumping even faster at the proximity. They do have A LOT to talk about.

Josh gives her one last peck to her lips and moves over to her window. She smiles and waves at him as he slides it up and climbs over, using the ladder by her window ledge as his exit.

When she hears his car pull out of the driveway, she lays back on her bed with a huge smile plastered on her face. But it soon fades away when she remembers what has been stopping them from being together in the first place.



|| Same night.

Time: 11:50pm

[Lexie took a shower, now waiting in bed for Josh to text her]


Unknown: Lexie.

(Lexie sighs, wanting to cuss out whoever this is already but she recalls that earlier tonight her speculations had been wrong when Ian had texted her, so she decides to respond with a more humble approach. )

L: Hi, who is this?

Unknown: Sabrina.

L: Oh, hi

(Lexie feels her palms already sweating. Why is she texting her?)

Sa: What’s up?


L: Um, just lying in bed.

(Waiting for your boyfriend to text. A rude voice adds in her mind. She feels a huge chunk of guilt growing within her.)

Sa: Oh, what a coincidence, me too!🙂So, I wanted some advice.

L: Go ahead.

Sa: What would you do if you found out a girl was trying to take your man?

(Lexie stiffens.)

L: Huh?

Sa: So Josh and I know this girl and she has been trying her luck with him a lot lately.

(Lexie is uncertain of what to say. All of this makes her anxious.)

L: Trying her luck as in?

Sa: Trying to steal him from me.

L: Oh.

Sa: I mean, she must have no self-respect or dignity, right? Taking what belongs to someone else makes her so low, like who would do that? And the thing is this girl pretends to like me and behind my back, she’s coveting my boyfriend. She smiles when she sees me and acts so innocent but deep down, she is jealous of me. People can be so envious of what belongs to other people.

L: Yeah...that’s really low.

Sa: I know right. Sheesh, I can’t imagine myself being so desperate and pitiful. She’s so sad and I feel so sorry for her. Especially since she’ll never be able to get him. Josh tells me every day how much he loves me. We are already planning our future together, so I hope she knows she doesn’t stand a chance.

(Lexie’s eyes gather moisture at the words on her screen. She can’t say any of it is a lie.)

L: Yeah, you both have been dating for a while now, nothing or no one can come between that.

Sa: Not even the heavens above. I love him to death; he loves me too. Lol, he says it like a hundred times in one day. If only that girl knew. What she feels for him won’t lead her anywhere, she’ll only end up hurting herself because no matter what, Josh will always love me. He has loved me since he was fifteen. Fifteen. He’s now seventeen, almost eighteen, that’s a long time.

(A tear streaks down Lexie’s face and she wipes it away with a hand.)

L: I know.

Sa: 😌😌

L: Is that all you wanted to talk about?

Sa: Actually no. We are planning on video chatting later and I wanted to know which color lingerie to wear. What would you suggest, the pink lace or the black lace?

L: I have no idea; I have never worn those before.

Sa: Josh sees me in the black lace a hundred times so I may try the pink tonight. Lol, they both are so skimpy, I think it’s better if I just go naked tonight. Although he has also seen that a hundred times😂 But nude it is! 🤗

(Lexie wishes this conversation would end now.)

L: Okay.

Sa: Do you have a boyfriend Lexie?

L: No.

Sa: Oh when you get one you will see how amazing it feels. Especially Sexting! Do you know what that is?

L: No.

Sa: Oh, it’s sex via texting. Josh and I do it quite a lot. But it’s definitely not better than the real thing. Don’t tell him that I told you this but, he’s a stallion in bed😏😍

L: Oh.

Sa: Yeah, Lol. He’s skilled with his hands too. Trust me.

L: ...

Sa: I am sorry, not that you would know that, lol.

L: ...

Sa: Anyways, thanks for your time. I hope I can text you as often as I like. I know Josh is your best friend, but I hope we can be friends too? I want us to be closer! It would mean so much to me! Well, goodnight and we’ll talk again soon!♥️

L: Goodnight.

(Lexie sniffs and wipes the last of her tears as a message pops up onto her screen from Josh.)

J: Hey, I am home!🙂Just got in. My dog took a dump all over my carpet. Look at this!

(Image attached and sent to Lexie.)

L: Eww Josh, why would you send a picture of your dog’s poop??🤮

J: Sorry😅I just had to show you. Nasty little fucker, I should let him sleep outside after this.

L: Lol.

J: So what’s up?

L: Nothing.

J: What you doing?

L: Nothing.

J: Stop doing that.

L: Stop doing what?

J: Stop saying ′Nothing.′ It makes me feel like you’re not okay.

L: Saying ‘nothing’ means that I am not okay?

J: Yesssss. You always do that when you’re feeling sad about something. What did I do this time?

L: Nothing.

J: 😐

L: Lol, I genuinely needed to reply with that right there.

J: Alright, you’re forgiven. I miss you already.

L: Josh.

J: Lexie?

L: What is this?

J: What is what?

L: This. What are we doing?

J: Texting.

L: No, you know that’s not what I meant. What are we?

J: ...

L: ????

J: I am going to tell her. I am going to tell Sab that I love you, give me some time alright?

L: No, you don’t need to do that. She’s your girlfriend, stay with her. It isn’t right, this isn’t right.

J: Lex, come on. I thought we were past this?

L: Past what? Kissing me doesn’t make this less complicated, Joshua, you know that.

J: Lexie I want you. Don’t you want me too?

L: Yes.

J: Then just don’t question things. Let’s just go with the waves, let’s see where life leads us. I will deal with Sab.

L: Don’t break up with her. It makes me feel bad.

J: ...

L: Don’t do it.

J: Don’t worry about that. I will deal with that.

L: K.

J: I don’t like ‘K’ It makes me feel like you’re not alright with all of this.

L: Sorry. Won’t use it again then.

J: Sigh. Are you okay?

L: Yeah. Kind of.

J: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

L: Lol.

J: 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

L: I get the point.

J: I want you.

L: You have me.

J: Lol not in that way.

L: In what way then?

J: I want you under me.

(Lexie’s face reddens at the meaning of the words.)

L: I am not ready.

J: I know, I am not rushing you. Can we sext?

[Josh just received a message from Sabrina]

J: Give me a second, Lex.

[He slides out of Lexie’s chat and opens Sabrina’s]

Sa: Baby.

Two minutes later.

J: Yeah.

Sa: I miss you like crazy. What are you doing?

J: Lying in bed, about to take a shower.

Sa: FaceTime me while you do.

J: ...

Sa: ??

J: My phone will get wet.

Sa: You have an iPhone 11, Josh. It’s waterproof.

J: Alright then.

(Josh sighs softly and slides out of his Sabrina’s chat to enter Lexie’s.)

J: Lex.

L: Mm?

[Josh just received two messages from Sabrina.]

J: Are you lying onto your back, Lexie?

L: Yeah.

[Josh just received one message from Sabrina.]

J: Good. Now, undress.

L: 😳Undress??

J: Yeah, take your clothes off.

[Sabrina sent Josh a voice note.]

[Sabrina sent Josh two messages.]

(Sabrina keeps blowing his phone up, and Josh curses under his breath and leaves Lexie’s chat to open hers.)

Sa: Baby.

Sa: Are you in the shower yet?

Sa: Josh?

Sa: •—(voicenote: 0:20)

Sa: Joshua.

Sa: 😔😔😔😔😔😔

Four minutes later.

J: Sab.

Sa: You are being different.

J: Sighs. How am I being different? What did I do now?

Sa: You’re being distant😞

J: It has only been four minutes Sabrina.

Sa: Your status said that you were online.

J: WhatsApp malfunction sometimes.

Sa: 😒

J: Why are you being like this? You’re being insecure.

Sa: Can you blame me for being insecure?? I just found out that you’re feeling ‘some type of way’ about your best friend! How do I know you’re not texting her at this moment while ignoring me? This is the worst feeling ever😭

J: Sighs. I said I was sorry, I don’t know what else you want me to do.

Sa: Give me your attention. That’s all I want.

J: Alright. Here I am. What do you want to talk about?

Sa: Today I was thinking about the first day you told me you loved me.

J: Oh...

Sa: Do you remember?

J: Yeah...

Sa: It was the most amazing day of my life. My parents know this too. Josh, I don’t know how I would live without you. If you were to leave me...I don’t trust what I would do.

J: What do you mean?

Sa: I would probably end my life.

J: Wtf. Don’t talk that way, Brina. Jesus.

Sa: I am being serious. I love you to death, and life would never be the same without you. If you leave, there will be no more of me. I would end it all.

J: Sigh.

Sa: Promise that you won’t leave me.

J: Sab, stop being like this. Please.

Sa: Just promise me😭

J: You’re acting like you don’t trust me.

Sa: I don’t. But I am trying to. I am trying to because I have no other choice. You were the first and only boy I have ever slept with and I gave you everything, all of me. I gave you all of me and I invested so many years of my life and I can’t give you up because it’ll drive me crazy. So just tell me you won’t ever leave me. Or I will give it all up😓

J: Sabrina.

Sa: Tell me, Josh. Or I’ll go inside the bathroom and end it right now.

(Josh is beyond flabbergasted. Why is she being so psycho?)

Sa: Joshua.

J: I won’t. I won’t leave so stop talking so suicidal. Please.

Sa: Okay. I love you.

J: ...

Sa: Josh.

J: Love you too.

(Josh utters a profanity before sighing in distress while pressing a palm to his face. This is becoming more difficult at each passing day. What the hell is he going to do now?)


"I love you to death. Just like a fool." — Jessie Reyez.

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