Friendzoned | A Dialogue Story

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Are You Really?

Chat Song: ‘Bored’ by Billie Eilish.

“I’m not afraid anymore, what makes you sure you’re all I need? Forget about it. When you walk out the door and leave me torn you’re teaching me to live without it.” Billie Eilish.


|| June 30, 2020

Time: 7:30pm

Location: Lexie sitting in bed.


L: Ian😟

I: Lex?

L: I am done for good this time😪

I: What happened??

L: I know it’s not my place to be mad, but he did some intimate stuff with Sabrina yesterday, and I think I have finally realized how much time I am wasting. :(

I: Sighs. I am sorry, Lex.

L: I don’t want anything to do with him anymore.

I: When you say intimate stuff, what do you mean?

L: He went to pick her up for ballet practice and then she gave him a hand job in his car. And lord knows what else they might have done. :(

I: Oh😮Damn.

L: He says he’s sorry and that he didn’t mean for it to happen, but I just want to forget about him.

I: Well, to be honest, guys are somewhat weak when it comes to hormones. I mean, allowing Sabrina to do that doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you.

L: ...

I: What?

L: You’re saying that because he’s your friend.

I: Lol! No way. Josh and I haven’t spoken since he caught us kissing that night. So I doubt we are still friends.

L: Oh.

I: Yup. So, I am not taking his side or anything. Just stating the facts. Guys have to be extremely strong not to succumb to temptation. You know my first girlfriend and I broke up for the very same reason.

L: Really? What happened?

I: She caught me kissing her sister.

L: 😳

I: ...

L: Seriously??

I: No, I am kidding😂

L: Not funny.

I: But I bet you’re smiling😏

L: What, you can picture it again? How my eyes smile with my lips?😌

I: Actually, I know you’re not smiling this time. You’re fed up with Josh and it’s taking a toll on you.

L: You have no idea😔I’m done for good this time though.

I: Are you really?

[Lexie just received a message from Sabrina.]

(She sighs and exits Ian’s chat to open Sabrina’s.)

Sa: Please leave my boyfriend alone!😣

(Lexie blinks her eyes.)

L: What?

Sa: Don’t act like you don’t know what I am talking about!😫Leave Josh alone, please!

L: I don’t understand.

Sa: What don’t you fucking understand?? I know what has been going on! Stop playing innocent! You’re a girl, have some sympathy for another female! You can’t just go around destroying people’s relationships! That’s a very bitchy thing to do!

L: ...

Sa: Cat caught your tongue, huh?? Josh broke up with me yesterday! And it is all because of you! You little relationship-crasher, man-stealing wretch! You little sad case, go find your own man! There are so many boys out there and you chose my boyfriend! You’re so covetous, you’re a snake in the grass and your friend was right about you!

(Lexie tries not to get emotional at the words on her screen, but they are cutting her deeply.)

L: What friend?

Sa: Selene! Even she found out what a total nutcase you are! Even she saw how hopeless and fucking pathetic you are! Do you like people’s seconds?? Do you like what belongs to others?? What, did your mommy not let you share the food off her plate when you were a baby? So you grew up so spoilt, wanting what belongs to other people?! Josh and I have been dating for three years and you just stepped right in and ruined every frigging thing! What’s so special about you?!

L: ...

Sa: Answer me!

(Lexie has gone offline.)

Sa. Yes, run away you slimy man-taker! That’s all you’re good for!

Two minutes later...

Sa: If you can’t manage the heat, then why’d you barge your way into the kitchen? You were so brave stealing my boyfriend, where has all your bravery gone?

Five minutes later...

Sa: You had so much mouth moaning on that damn audio clip that was circulating, now all of a sudden you’re quiet as a lamb.

One minute later...

Sa: No self-respect having b*tch.

Two minutes later...

Sa: Run away like what your father did when you were little, you sad case.


Sa: 😳

L: Stop harassing me about ‘stealing your boyfriend’ and work on how to keep one. I don’t want the trouble so please block my number, and never text me back.

Sa: 😳

(Lexie blocked Sabrina.)

(Feeling extremely irritated, she scrolls down her contacts to send Selene a message.)

L: You’re fake Selene, and I am happy it didn’t take me long to realize.

S: *sneezing* mantaker.

L: Smh. You’re a sad case.

S: Me???? Check yourself, honey. I wasn’t the one who took someone’s boyfriend.

L: I am sure if you were able to, you would.

S: Sorry??

L: You’re not worth a guy cheating on his girlfriend. You don’t have anything rare to offer. You act like a slut and your body count speaks for it.

(Lexie isn’t sure where all this bravery came from.)

S: What the hell did you just say????

L: We are texting so just scroll up and you’ll see what I said.

S: You little b*tch.

L: 😌

S: So you’re proud after ruining someone’s relationship?? Ha. You aren’t the only one who likes Josh, but you just had to be the one to try to make a move on him. I like him too, but you don’t see me pushing myself on him.

L: Because you can’t😂 Josh doesn’t like you, Selene. He told me that a few years ago.

S: ...

L: In ninth grade, he said you’re sneaky and I should be careful around you. Now that I look at it, he was right.

S: Fuck you!!

L: Have a great night.

(Lexie blocked Selene.)

(Feeling a little lighter after handling that, she returns to Ian’s chat and decides to respond to his ‘Are you really?’ text.)

L: Yes, I am really done.


“Can’t you see that I’m getting bored giving you every piece of me?” Billie Eilish.


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